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Attract Abundance subliminal MP3 suggestions

I am allowing more abundance into my life

I am working towards financial freedom

I intuitively know what to do in order to reach my dreams

I am attracting more money into my life

I’m becoming better at saving money

I am open to new money making opportunities

I see myself as wealthy now

I am becoming more successful

I am working intelligently

I am achieving my financial goals

I am committed to creating more prosperity in my life

I am working towards more abundance

I am becoming financially free

I am making smart financial decisions

I am attracting help in reaching my goals

I am deserving of wealth

I am attracting larger sums of money

I am becoming aware of profitable ideas and opportunities

Money is flowing to me now

I am becoming more and more successful

I know what I want and I’m asking for it.

I’m doing what I need to do to reach my goals

I am creating wealth easily and effortlessly


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