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Be More Intuitive and Psychic Dreaming subliminal MP3 suggestions

I am remembering my dreams

I am getting better at remembering my dreams

I am writing down my dreams when I wake up

I enjoy remembering my dreams

I am remembering details from my dreams

I am understanding my dreams

I am becoming more intuitive every day

I am accepting my intuition

I am developing my intuitive ability

I am disciplined to meditate every day

I love to meditate

Meditation is very calming for me

Meditation is very centering for me

Meditation is very rewarding for me

I am focusing very intently in meditation

I am trusting my intuition

I am listening to my intuition

I am reading people very well

I feel energy from other people

Answers just come to me

I see answers

I hear answers

I am open to receiving answers

I am protected by White Light at all times




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