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Become a Chick Magnet–Easily Attract Beautiful Women subliminal MP3 suggestions

I am becoming a woman magnet

I have a way with women

Women love me

I easily relax around women

A wave of relaxation comes over me when approaching pretty women

I am a woman magnet

I always generate more attraction

Women dig me

I’m worth it

Women just love me

I like making women laugh

Hot women are attracted to me

Women can’t get enough of me

I easily talk with pretty women

I find it easy to interact with women

Beautiful women are my friends

I’m smart and funny

I’m confident and charismatic

Women see me as a leader

I drive women wild

I am commanding with women

I am assertive with women

I’m very comfortable with women

I love approaching beautiful women

I always say the right thing with women

Women admire me

Women think I’m clever

I naturally pick up beautiful women

I’m a great catch and women know it

I easily maintain eye contact with women

Pretty women want me

Women think I’m a great time

Women can’t get enough of me

Women want to be with me

I’m strong and powerful

I’m always poised

I always act self-assured

I feel incredible self-confidence around women

I am always secure with myself

I have a lot to offer women

Pretty women love me

Beautiful women enjoy being with me

Women feel fortunate to be with me

I offer a lot of value to women

I attract beautiful women easily

I’m always at ease and in control

Women appreciate me

Beautiful women love me

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