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Become a Stud–Get in Touch With Your Manly Side subliminal MP3 suggestions

I’m super-masculine

I’m in charge

I’m a stud

Women flock to me

I am decisive

I am potent

I am powerful

I always know what to do

I’m a leader

Women are drawn to me

I’m always self-assured

I’m very confident

I have authority and I use it

I’m driving

People turn to me in times of crisis

I’m very optimistic

I’m magnetically attractive to women

Others see me as in charge

Others see me as a leader

People respect me

Women see me as “the man”

I’m very popular

People like me

Women love me

Beautiful women adore me

I’m very well respected

Others want to know my opinion

I’m seen as a stud

I lead others

Women know I’m the guy they want

I’m always poised

I’m brimming with self-confidence

I stand up straight

I’m always feeling on top of the world

Women see me as a great catch

Women will do anything to be with me

People believe in me

I believe in myself

I have unshakable confidence

I always know what to say

Women dig me

Women look at me and think, “Stud.”

I’m a chick magnet

Women can’t get enough of me

Women want to be near me

Others respect me

People appreciate my opinion

Others see me as successful

I am very attractive to women

I’m the leader of the pack

I’m always at ease

I’m a funny guy

I speak my mind

I always do and say the right thing

I have incredible self-confidence

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