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Destiny and Free Will Column

by identical twin brothers Scott Petullo and Stephen Petullo

Spiritually inclined, yet grounded, Scott and Stephen adhere to
ancient spiritual tenets, and expose New Age myths.

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A Spiritual Approach to Addiction

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Most people associate a spiritual approach to addiction with relying on a higher power for help. We do too, but based on our work with the hidden or spiritual side of life, we believe there’s another vital part of the addiction puzzle that most people miss.

Unfortunately, traditional drug and alcohol rehab doesn’t address it. We believe rehab success rates would dramatically improve if they did.

If you or someone you know has unsuccessfully tried to kick a habit or treat an addiction, it may be time to consider the concept of spiritual hitchhikers, or spirit attachment. We’ve found that those we’ve encountered who have a hard time quitting almost always have them onboard.

What are spiritual hitchhikers? After the physical body dies, it is natural for souls to go to the ”Light” or other side. Sometimes they don’t and if they died an addict, they’ll attach to a living human to feed their addiction. Addicts can unknowingly have huge groups of lost souls using them to get a fix.

How do you know if you’re harboring lost souls? One sign is the sudden urge to use drugs, drink, or smoke, or tasting it, when you haven’t used for a long time or never have. Another sign is hearing voices or thinking thoughts urging you to use, which can be easily misinterpreted as your own. If you pay attention, you might notice that it wasn’t really your idea to smoke, have that drink, or use.

Another sign of spirit attachment is a cynical reaction after reading about the phenomenon. If the aforementioned information triggered a negative emotional reaction, disembodied souls might be with you and attempting to control your behavior.

Other signs include feeling blocked, personality changes while under the influence, unexplainable depression, anger, or fears, feelings of being followed or watched, dreams of being chased, and feeling drained.

The most common way lost souls join living humans is through a weakened energy field. This can be the result of drug or excessive alcohol use, extreme negative emotions, illness, sex, or surgery. Lost souls can be anywhere, but hospitals, cemeteries, and bars tend to have more than average.

A Spiritual Approach to Addiction

Always seek professional treatment if you can’t quit on your own. The following are tools you can use before, during, or after treatment. If your will to quit is strong enough, and you are especially spiritually sensitive, the tools below might be enough to kick the habit for some addictions without traditional treatment. These also work for over-eating, excessive shopping, and any other habits you want to curtail.

Spiritual Detox

In addition to releasing spiritual troublemakers, a spiritual clearing expert, script, or MP3 can also remove dark energy and spiritual clutter, which is easy to pick up even for non-addicts. It can also heal emotional scars from this life and past lives.

Past Life Regression

We’ve found in our work that addiction usually started lifetimes ago. For addicts who don’t believe in reincarnation, viewing past lives as a metaphor is just as effective. Uncover and let go of the past lives associated with the addiction or habit with a past life regression expert or past life regression MP3 audio.

Take Responsibility

We might sound like we are contradicting ourselves when we (partly) blame addiction on entities, and then tell you to take responsibility, but we believe both are important. We agree that some people are more prone to addiction, but they also have free will to take responsibility, seek help, and stay sober.

Depicting addicts as helpless victims encourages them and others to avoid taking responsibility, empowering themselves, and kicking the habit for good. From the perspective of reincarnation and karma, addicts created the problem in past lives and now they need to resolve it.

Hypnosis and Subliminal MP3s

These valuable tools can help overcome addiction with positive programming that changes your perception of the habit, and replaces vices with healthy habits. With regular listening, they can be like the wind at your back, giving you an edge to conquer the habit once and for all. 


Go inward and overcome the urge to use when you have a craving, and overcome stress. The Let Go MP3 will easily help you reach a meditative state.

The White Light Trick

When you feel a sudden urge to use, try this:

1) Imagine yourself surrounded and permeated by white Light or sunshine.

2) Tell yourself that it’s not your desire to use and let it go.

3) Tell the entity that wants to use that he’ll have to find someone else to feed his addiction. Also tell it to go to the Light (and point upwards). Even if there isn’t an entity present, this exercise will help you detach from the urge to use.

Deciding you want to quit is half the battle. Reaching your goal will be a challenge, but addressing the spiritual side of addiction will make it easier.

The Spiritual Detox™ MP3 or Spiritual Detox script can make quitting a habit or addiction easier, and help you let go of depression, anger, and fear.

Copyright © 2017 Stephen Petullo, Scott Petullo

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Spirituality and Betrayal–Controversial Viewpoint

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The concept of betrayal from a spiritual viewpoint is controversial. Since the dawn of time, many forms of betrayal, particularly romantic betrayal, have caused much emotional anguish.

Everyone knows from experience that betrayal isn’t pleasant. Nobody likes to be on the receiving end of deliberate disloyalty, including failing to honor business agreements, familial obligations, or a marriage contract. You have a legitimate complaint if you’re wronged in such a way.

How Betrayal is a Spiritual Lesson

However, there’s more to the story when you rise above the mundane circumstances and consider the theory of karma. Also, the dichotomous nature of this dimension assures life will always be a contrast in differences (war/peace, hate/love, pain/pleasure, etc.) and utopia only exists on the other side.

The spiritual law of karma states that everything you do or say (or think) comes back to you in equal measure, even if it takes lifetimes for the consequences (both challenging and rewarding) to return to you.

Karma is like an invisible companion linked to your soul that remains until it is balanced. In most cases, the only way you can shed it is to experience it directly. Possible exceptions include your soul agreeing to work out some karma while on the other side by assisting those still incarnated, such as in a guardian angel role.

Almost every time this topic comes up, we’re asked, “Does this mean I was a bad person in a past life?” Simply stated, probably, and you’re not alone; everyone has been horrible in past lives at some point, some much more often than others. It’s the core reason most souls are still here instead of basking in bliss alongside the ascended masters on the other side.

Even the most seemingly saintly individuals today have been nasty pieces of work at some point in the past. “But, she is so nice! I can’t imagine her being an evil witch in a past life!” Well, that’s exactly what she was as a black magic priestess in Atlantis 100,000 years ago. It’s the reason she fears all things religious and metaphysical today, because they remind her of her dark days.

This doesn’t mean that everyone has been an absolute demon in his or her past lives, but you’ve likely been what you resent today, relatively speaking. For example, a son may be annoyed at his father’s bad behavior, until he recalls a past life in ancient India where he was a ruthless merchant who treated his son terribly.

Note: Betrayal and other “bad” things that happen aren’t always about karmic retribution; sometimes the soul needs (or chooses) it as a learning experience for other reasons.

Basically, we believe planet Earth is a clearinghouse for troubled souls to balance the karma they’ve incurred over innumerable lifetimes. Although we conclude many (but certainly not most) on planet Earth at this time have balanced their heaviest karma already and have better things to look forward to in the future.

We’re merely stating our long-term empirical findings involving past life research, and karma as symbolized by comprehensive astrology and numerology. Seeing predetermination manifest time and time again, clearly represented in the astrology and numerology patterns, makes you reconsider conventional wisdom with respect to victimhood.

Next time somebody wrongs you, besides rightfully attempting to remedy the situation, it may accelerate your healing process if you ask yourself, “How is this perceived injustice a reflection of my past actions, or what am I meant to learn from this?”

Also, ask yourself if you could have avoided being the target of somebody’s bad behavior if you had simply avoided demanding another live up to your expectations. Expectations of another person’s behavior are the root of much suffering.

True, you have a right to call out a villain, but it’s wise to acknowledge that expecting reasonable behavior of others isn’t always reasonable considering the shocking nature of human behavior throughout history. Drop your expectations of others behaving as you want them to behave, accept that betrayal is unavoidable sometimes, and life becomes easier.

Our Direct Your Destiny e-package helps you become a better mystic and make the most of your fate.

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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Are Your Vices Causing Spirit Possession?

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Possession and spirit attachment can be very tricky, both in identifying the problem and removing it. Sometimes people know they’re being spiritually attacked, but don’t realize their vices are making the situation worse.

The theory is simple and has been acknowledged by various cultures all over the world since the dawn of time: after death sometimes souls don’t go to the Light, which can cause problems. The secondary issue involves dark entities targeting individuals.

A client told us she feels she has been spiritually attacked for years by entities, and also attacked by people around her who are influenced by the entities.

That may sound crazy to someone who has little knowledge of the subject. But to us, after practicing Spiritual Detox for over 20 years and experiencing spirit possession and attachment, we believe it’s a very common, misdiagnosed, and misunderstood problem.

She told us she feels like a magnet for negative entities; every time she goes to public places where there are a lot of people she walks away feeling terrible and that the constant bombardment by entities is causing physical health problems. She tries to be positive and uses visualizations and other self-healing methods, but it’s draining to deal with all the time.

Those of you who are spiritually sensitive know what it’s like to feel awful just from walking through a crowd or sitting next to a depressed or angry stranger. Add spiritual attack from nasty people or spiritual entities and life can seem unbearable, at times.

Her way of coping is to take valium, smoke pot, or drink wine. These are popular ways to relax in our society, and for people who aren’t spiritually sensitive, they might not be too harmful (but they still lower resistance to psychic attack for anyone) for very occasional use if consumed with caution.

Based on what this client told us, we do believe she’s being attacked by dark energies, and that she initially opened the door to them with black magic in a previous lifetime. We’re not blaming her; we’ve all been “good” and “bad” in past lives and we too dabbled in the dark side many lifetimes ago (and thus we know how dangerous it is and why we tell people to avoid it all costs).

Unfortunately, once you open that door and unite with them to get what you want in the short-term, you’re indebted to them for the long-term– many lifetimes– and it’s not easy to extract yourself.

Also, the more potential you have to be a shining Light in our world and do a lot of good, the more dark energies will try to keep you down.

The good news is that she can overcome this, and it won’t be as difficult as it may seem.

However, she needs to avoid the pot, any other drugs, and excess alcohol. Why? Because the use of those substances poke holes in your protective energy field or aura and Light, and lower your resistance to negative energies and draw them to you.

Dark energies relish excess alcohol and drug use, and encourage alcohol consumption and drug use because they make it easy to control people, especially spiritually sensitive people like her and us. They also get off on working through drug and alcohol (or sugar) abusers to mess with others. We used to party a lot in the late 80s, so we’re very familiar with this problem. It’s much easier to avoid excess alcohol and drugs completely when you are fully aware of the spiritual side effects and accept responsibility for your protection.

How to protect yourself from dark energy:

Dark entities are like dirt; they’re everywhere and you need to clear yourself regularly to avoid complications.

Diet and daily exercise is very important. Swimming in a salt-water pool or the ocean is very beneficial, but not required. You can’t fend off the bratty energies if you’re not feeling well. Avoid sugar as much as possible and eat enough quality protein for strength.

Belief and intent: You can protect yourself, and your confidence about it will help a lot. Before we did this kind of work the dark side scared us. Now that we’re more aware of it and how to protect ourselves, they’re just annoying, like bratty children who need to be controlled. They still occasionally bother us, but so do cockroaches and we know what to do to get rid of them.

Avoid all drugs permanently. This is required if you want to feel better, increase your resistance to dark energy, and fulfill your potential. Also, pot and other drugs will cloud your intuition for days, even weeks after use. Use meditation, reading, sex, exercise, art, and other healthier ways to escape instead.

Renounce any contracts (known or unknown) with dark energy from the present and past lives. The free Spiritual Detox script includes this step:

Call in help from powerful, benevolent spiritual helpers. The free Spiritual Detox script will help you do this. We recommend using it daily until you’re feeling better, then at least once a week to clear yourself of the spiritual clutter you pick up daily. It only takes 10 minutes to read. You might find yourself resisting and making excuses (we’ve experienced this before when we’ve had troublemakers onboard who didn’t want to leave) but do it anyway. Also try it as an alternative to pot, a pill, or a drink when you’re feeling sadness, anger, or anxiety (you should feel more relaxed afterwards).

Remember that your spiritual helpers are always there for you when you need them.

If you’re feeling depressed, angry, fearful, or having a tough time quitting bad habits and addictions, our Spiritual Detox™ MP3 can help.

Copyright © 2017 Stephen Petullo, Scott Petullo

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Spiritual-self vs. Ego-self Intolerance — A Tale of Two Different Outlooks

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Your spiritual-self, or higher-self sometimes contrasts with your ego-self’s expectations in everyday affairs.

According to the theories of reincarnation and karma, your soul selects conditions and circumstances prior to your birth in order to learn and understand.

But after incarnating, due to societal conditioning and the natural disconnect between here and the other side, the never-ending series of tests on school-house Earth commence and makes life forever interesting, even grueling at times, for your personality.

Below we outline two distinct outlooks, ego-self vs. spiritual-self, as they relate to intolerance toward two people of different religions in a relationship.

1. Ari and Raphael met through friends and soon became an item, though they are from different backgrounds and of different religions.

From the start they both realized they needed to keep their relationship secret from their families.

Ari’s father disowned his own sister and hasn’t spoken with her in over a decade because she married someone of a different faith. “That’s crossing the line, and she is threatening the existence of our people,” said her father. “Please promise me you will avoid doing what my sister did,” he said to Ari. Ari complied at the time, but it’s been rough balancing the devotion to his family, and love life.

Ari’s father and grandparents were openly discriminated against in earlier decades, so it’s understandable how Ari’s father feels like he must keep his tribe together to survive. But times have changed, and that type of discrimination (e.g., Ari’s grandmother was fired from her job in the late 1940s once they found out her faith) today is almost unheard of.

Raphael’s parents have a similar viewpoint, even going so far as to tell their children others of a different faith aren’t welcome in their home. Raphael knows for certain his parents would turn against him forever if they knew he was dating someone of a different religion.

Ironically, both families, in striving to maintain the dignity and longevity of their ancestry, are practicing the same type of intolerance they have fought against for generations.

Our findings show that intolerance, in its many forms, is the basis of many spiritual tests, ones that your higher-self arranges before you incarnate.

Accept people unlike yourself and treat others as you want to be treated, then you pass your tests. Refuse to, then you’ll have an even tougher time the next time around.

2. From a spiritual perspective, Ari and Raphael have already passed an important test: tolerance of another religion and willingness to date someone of a different faith.

Unfortunately, their parents aren’t doing so well spiritually, particularly Ari’s father in how he cut ties with his sister. Their initial biased positions may well be fated, but how they deal with the idea of the relationship between Ari and Raphael may be one of those things where they could go either way–reject their child, or accept them and their partner’s religious differences. Then again, so much more in life is fated than it seems, based on our findings; their parents welcoming the relationship between Ari and Raphael is about as likely as a blizzard in New York City in July.

It also could be a test for Ari and Raphael how they deal with the relationship once their parents find out. Do they break it off, or stay?

Considering they feel strongly enough about each other to stay together, remaining in the relationship, despite the protests of their families, likely means they would be successfully passing that specific spiritual test.

Everyone has an ego-self that is fully active most of the time, no matter how spiritual and devout they appear. Life’s most important tests can be a fierce battle between your ego-self and spiritual self. Though striving to be tolerant, to express unconditional love, and to accept that which you can’t change can make life much more rewarding and help align your ego-self with your spiritual-self.

Our Direct Your Destiny e-package helps you increase your self-awareness and make the most of your fate.

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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Mysticism — Recipe For Success

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While we embrace the concept of personal predetermination, we’ve always maintained everyone has the ability to make the most of their life within the bounds of their personal fate. Practical mysticism is one of the best ways to optimize life’s rewards and limit the challenges.

Our view is that mysticism doesn’t have to involve complex protocols and severe sacrifice. You can have mystical experiences every day through regular, deep contemplation, meditation and, or prayer. As little as ten minutes a day can get you started on the mystical path.

Prayer, to be effective, is more than simply asking whomever you pray to for what you want. That’s part of it, but additional steps are required to manifest your desires that are within the realm of your personal destiny.

The additional steps, aside from taking the right action at the right time to reach your goals, are spiritual, and you may already include them as part of your routine.

The following information is adapted from our Direct Your Destiny e-package and is a valuable addition to conventional praying and going after what you want.

Mystic’s Magic Formula

Applying the Mystic’s Magic Formula allows you to reach your objectives, if those desires are within the framework of your personal fate. If they aren’t, your efforts are probably still part of your predetermined path, though may be instead for a learning experience. Everything has a purpose, and the lessons learned from failed attempts at success are vital. The journey is what matters most, though making your aspirations a reality are of course important too.

Please note: this formula is nondenominational; anyone can use it for any area of life, regardless of religious beliefs.

1. Pause and consider your circumstances from a metaphysical perspective. Review your expectations and presumptions and let them go. When you drop your expectations, such as ceasing to attempt to control others, you more easily accept what comes your way in life, and it’s easier to see optimum paths to success.

2. Accept what has occurred, what is happening, and where you are in life. This is essential to move on. You can’t progress to your potential if you carry around the past like a huge weight on your back. Stop resenting and resisting what you can’t change, such as how other people act and what they do.

3. Make it a habit to express gratitude every day, as often as you can. Express it for where you are in life, everything you have, all the good that has occurred and that will be, and strengthen your faith by continuing to emotionalize the desired, end result. We believe regular, productive use of gratitude is one of the most potent spiritual tools available to you.

4. Ask for help from your guides of the Light, higher-self and, or (your) God, or whomever you pray too, as long as the entity isn’t of the dark side. You want to avoid, at all costs, asking for help from demonic entities, for example, because the price to pay is service by your soul to those dark lords after you die. Don’t sell your soul. Alternatively, beings of the Light, such as archangels, are willing to help you unconditionally.

Ask for help accepting what you can’t change and moving on, or improving the situation if it’s within your fate. Ask and you will receive what you need, but maybe not exactly what you want. Trust that the end result will be to your ultimate benefit.

5. Meditate to detach from fear, be in the moment, and to awaken your awareness. You can’t stop your subconscious mind from the constant stream of impressions, but you can detach from it through regular meditation.

6. Ask every day, what’s the next step? Remain receptive to clues, even from the most unlikely places, such as from words overheard from a passing stranger.

7. Take full responsibility for yourself and your circumstances and avoid blame.

8. Utilize spiritual tools available to you, such as numerology, astrology, past life regression, and others (but avoid black magic). If you don’t want to take the time necessary to learn such spiritual disciplines, consult with an expert instead.

9. Do what you need to do, when you need to do it. Avoid procrastination. Do ”the right thing” in all situations.

Implementing this mystical formula in your daily life will allow you to optimize your rewards, yield greater peace of mind, and lead a more fulfilling life.

Our Direct Your Destiny e-package helps you become a better mystic and make the most of your fate.

Our FREE Spiritual Detox Script can help you get rid of dark energy.

If you’re feeling depressed, angry, fearful, or having a tough time quitting bad habits and addictions, our Spiritual Detox™ MP3 can help.

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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What Everyone Should Know About Demonic Energy

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Whenever we address the topic of demonic energy with others, we encounter one of four reactions: Disbelief, fear, contempt, or understanding.

Although you can’t see dark energy, our long-term empirical research shows us that it is as real as day turning into night every twenty-four hours.

We can understand why people don’t believe in evil energy. In our early years we, too, thought of it as the stuff in Hollywood horror movies and didn’t give it much credence.

Contempt about the topic is entirely different, and fear is commonly behind it. We can appreciate the desire to avoid mythical notions, but what you can’t see can hurt you in this case.

Below we list some things we believe everyone should know about demonic energy.

1. It’s non-discriminatory. No matter what your belief or religion, dark energy can interfere with your life and cause problems. You’re just as likely to encounter it whether you’re an atheist, Catholic, New Ager or of other spirituality.

2. The conditions that make you susceptible to evil energy include some of the following: extreme stress; depression; abusing alcohol and, or taking any sort of mind-altering drugs; sex while being in a negative frame of mind; sex while intoxicated; sex with someone who is possessed by dark energy; avoiding sunlight; lack of sleep on a regular basis; and poor nutrition.

3. We believe it’s common for demonic energy and lost souls (a different, but related matter) to be passed on from parent to child. Unfortunately, the child has little choice but to attempt to deal with the influence of the dark energy and carry it throughout life until he or she becomes aware of it and clears it away.

4. Select individuals are more susceptible to wicked energy than average if they possess a unique spiritual make-up (symbolized by their comprehensive astrology and numerology charts), including a tremendous amount of other-dimensional energy. Those with a lot of natural psychic talent, along with extreme empaths and others are part of this group. Until they regularly practice spiritual protection techniques, they struggle with psychic attacks from outside energy and even individuals who don’t realize they are conduits for harmful energy.

5. Without even realizing it, you’re capable of directing dark energy at another human being, at least to some extent, even if that person is thousands of miles away. Intense and, or regular ire directed at another person is enough to affect their energy field, and should be avoided at all costs for two reasons: It’s potentially harmful to the other person, and you get the exact amount of sinister spirit forced upon you in return, in time, due to the law of karma.

We’ve been tempted to reflect such nastiness (like we sometimes receive when we send out a controversial column) back to the source with vengeance, but this, too, invites karmic blowback. Thus, we tend to deflect it into the Light and send back peace and awareness.

6. Regular meditation will allow you to recognize your own energy compared to outside energy, thus when you’re under attack. Sometimes it’s from another human being, and other times it’s by dark forces that target you for whatever reason, such as seeing you as a threat to their overall agenda. Regularly asking Archangel Michael for protection and envisioning yourself surrounded by bright white Light is helpful to diffuse and deflect dark energy, as is exuding compassion to those who oppose you, and gratitude that you are protected.

7. What seems like negative forces sometimes isn’t. Not reaching a particular cherished goal at the time you desire may be part of your personal fate; the forces of predestination can be easily confused with demonic energy.

Our FREE Spiritual Detox Script can help you get rid of dark energy.

If you’re feeling depressed, angry, fearful, or having a tough time quitting bad habits and addictions, our Spiritual Detox™ MP3 can help.

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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Five Things That Seem Ungodly But Are Really Spiritual

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You may wonder sometimes what is spiritual and what isn’t. According to New Age and religious standards, ”spiritual” has to do partly with worship, meditation, compassion, and grace.

We agree that regular prayers, meditation, and other devout and paranormal activities are spiritual. But many things that seem non-spiritual aren’t.

Below we list five things that seem ungodly but are really spiritual.

1. Constructively venting your frustrations is healthy, and mystical. That means you won’t incur any negative karma if you occasionally yell expletives while pounding your fist against your bed, for example.

Go ahead and scream at the top of your lungs in private if you’re having a bad day. Suppressing negative energy and painting a perma-smile on your face to display to the New Age community and everyone else is phony and unholy, along with being physically unhealthy. We’ve found that having a conversation with your guides or God, expressing your frustration or sadness, can be very fruitful, especially if you ask for help and solutions.

It’s perfectly normal to be frustrated, despondent, and even angry, at times. As long as you deal with it constructively, and take responsibility for your actions, you are still acting saintly.

2. Vulgar humor isn’t sacrilegious, despite what you may have been told. Go ahead and joke with your adult friends all you want. On the other side you’ll find out that you aren’t docked points for swearing or crude humor.

3. Sex before marriage, or having multiple sexual partners can enhance your awareness considering each intimate relationship offers opportunities for personal growth. As long as you avoid lying, deceiving, and emotionally and physically hurting yourself or anyone else, there’s nothing wrong with responsible, mutually agreed upon non-monogamy between consenting adults. Just be honest, make sure to avoid making promises you don’t intend to keep, and play safe.

Are you the type who prefers a long-term monogamous relationship, perhaps even life-long monogamy? That, too, can offer tremendous chance for growth, as long as you don’t resist relationship transitions and endings, or expect strict monogamy of someone whose nature is the opposite. Each person has different intimacy needs, and one type of relationship style doesn’t suit everyone.

4. The abundance of money and material possessions can be mystical, as long as it’s acquired legitimately and the focus isn’t entirely on insatiable acquisitiveness. The greater resources you possess, the greater good you can do, for yourself and others.

Piousness throughout history has been equated with vows of poverty and austere living. We can understand the notion, as it denotes you generally try to put others first, and living simply is a key to happiness. But living like an ascetic can be physically unhealthy, and the undercurrent of treating yourself badly doesn’t score good karma points. It’s acceptable to indulge yourself, even live opulently.

5. Loosening up and having a few drinks once in a while won’t negate your supernatural endeavors. We frequently go long stretches of time without any alcohol because it helps us maintain the endurance and discipline our work demands. Also, we are more sensitive to disincarnate and negative entities than the average person, and even one drink can make us a target. But as the old saying goes–if the strings are too tight, you can’t play. Then again, if they are too loose, such as through overindulgence, you can’t play at all.

Ultimately, there’s one test that makes behavior spiritual or not; does it hurt you or others? Does it significantly hurt the progression of your spiritual growth? If not, go for it. So much in life is spiritual beneath the mundane exterior.

Our Direct Your Destiny e-package helps you become a better mystic and make the most of your fate.

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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Clearing a Haunted Home– Case Study

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After removing discarnate entities from people and places for over twenty years, it’s as natural for us to perceive them as it is for you to spot a bird in the sky. What follows is a recent example when we visited our sister.

Our sister and her family have lived in their current home, built decades ago, for eight years. During one of Stephen’s first visits, he was standing alone in the kitchen and saw someone across the room, out of the corner of his eye, at the top of the open stairway that leads to the basement level. He turned and instead of seeing one of his family members, he noticed a dark cloud of energy descending the stairs.

Our sister said she was once in her walk-in closet and heard a subtle voice laughing behind her. She turned around and no one was there, but she could feel the presence of negative energy.

Her oldest son, who is eight, was scared to sleep in his room because he said something was in there at night. That bedroom was also where the “troubled” daughter of the previous owner of the house slept. Whatever the entity was it seemed to roam the house and we sensed it had been there before my sister and her family moved in.

This past October, when we visited our sister and other family members, we slept in the finished basement. Scott had the bedroom, and Stephen slept in the open area on the couch. The morning after the first night, Scott asked Stephen if he sensed anything.

Stephen said, “Yes! And it wouldn’t leave me alone!” As soon as he turned off the light and started to go to sleep, he felt a presence standing next to him. He tried to ignore it because he was tired (he’s used to such occurrences, which are now annoying instead of scary). But he kept getting major chills up and down his body from the entity and the thing wouldn’t go away.

He tuned into it and sensed an angry, rebellious young man who died young. He also suspected drugs, and a car accident because Stephen could see impressions of blood on the man. The previous owner had four kids who grew up in the house, and the entity may have been a friend of theirs, or followed them home after partying. Stephen was finally able to fall asleep after drawing down intense white Light for protection, which kept the entity away from him.

Scott also sensed a troubled entity approach him as he was drifting off to sleep. He offered his name that started with a J–John or Joe. Scott also shooed him away with white Light.

In terms of numerology, this sort of event isn’t surprising at such an address. The home is a 22 (total) house address, which symbolizes a portal to the other side.

In addition, the neighbor’s house across the street is also a 22 address, and the house next to that one is an 11 address (plus 6 addresses on either side–6 is also a dual number), which also symbolizes a gateway to other dimensions. In effect, there’s a massive triad of other-dimensional energy among the five properties. Perhaps 2000 years ago a migrating tribe spent time on that exact spot doing tribal magic.

We did a Spiritual Detox clearing which removed a lot of spiritual clutter (which all homes have, just like dirt), but the second night we both sensed the entity still hanging around. This time Stephen sensed it hiding across the room instead of right next to him.

The next day, we knew we needed to do a more powerful clearing to get rid of the stubborn entity. This time we used our intent to bring down a larger, more powerful tornado of white Light. We sensed the entity trying to hide and stay outside of the Light, but eventually he was escorted safely to the Light by spiritual helpers of the Light.

Since then our sister hasn’t sensed anything in her home, and our nephew isn’t scared to be alone in his bedroom anymore. She told us she mentioned the clearing to her neighbor and was surprised to learn that some entities have been tormenting her, too. We told our sister to suggest to her neighbor to try our free Spiritual Detox script to clear the spiritual clutter.

Our experience and confidence from years of clearing people and homes of lost souls and negative energy makes our free Spiritual Detox script more powerful for us. But even a novice can use the script to clear spiritual clutter since It calls upon omnipotent spiritual helpers that are happy to assist when you ask. Try it here:

Copyright © 2017 Stephen Petullo, Scott Petullo

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25 Magic Affirmations to be More Intuitive and Have Psychic Dreams

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You’ve probably heard about how affirmations can improve your life. Some people claim that you can achieve anything you want with the power of positive thoughts.

Anything? Does that mean you can become an NBA superstar, even though you’re 5’5”, 50 years old, can’t jump or run, and aren’t a team player?

Perhaps not. But certainly, your thoughts and focus influence your reality, within the confines of your fate (much of which is set before your birth).

Your fate has a lot to do with your abilities and what you can achieve.

For example, in our many years of empirical research, we’ve found that one’s psychic ability is mostly inborn, just like other talents people possess, such as athleticism, business knowhow, interpersonal skills (including good parenting ability), and musical talent.

Are inborn abilities just chance in a chaotic universe, completely random? Are they “gifts” from some higher power? We don’t believe so. Instead, we’ve found that everything you’re good at now, you’ve practiced many times in past lives. Your inherent skills (and those in which you are deficient) are part of your fate (which is the same thing as destiny).

Fortunately, we’ve also found that everyone has free will to make the most of their fate and their lives. You may not have what it takes to be a professional athlete, but you can still enjoy the game. It may be that your desire to be a star, if strong enough and you practice enough, will carry over into future lives where you’ll finally have your chance.

It’s up to you: you can focus on negative thoughts and life’s problems that you have no control over, or you can do the opposite and use the power of your mind to transform your life.

Below are 25 magic affirmations to help you be more intuitive and have psychic dreams. The more you repeat one or more to yourself, the more your mind will accept them and play along since the subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

Note: affirmations or subliminal MP3s work using “you” or “I.” But, “you” can be more effective for skeptics, and ”I” can produce better results if you don’t like following direction. Repetition, which is one of the keys with affirmations and subliminal MP3s, will overcome either hurdle.

I am recalling my psychic dreams

I am remembering more of my dreams as time goes on

I write down my dreams as soon as I wake up, which helps me remember them

Remembering my dreams is fun

I am remembering detailed information from my dreams

My dreams are easy to understand

I am able to distinguish between psychic dreams and nonsense dreams

I’m becoming more and more psychic

I’m trusting my psychic impressions

I am accepting my psychic abilities

I am developing my intuition by meditating daily

I am making time to meditate daily

I enjoy meditating

Meditation calms me

Meditation centers me

Meditation rewards me

I am improving my focus in meditation

I trust my intuition

I pay attention to my intuition

I am getting better at reading people

I sense energy from other people

Answers to my questions come to me

I am seeing, hearing, and sensing answers

I am always protected by white Light

I remember to consciously protect myself with white Light

Now that you know your thoughts influence your reality, you can use these affirmations to be more intuitive and have psychic dreams

Similar affirmations and more are included in the Be More Intuitive and Psychic Dreaming Soundless Subliminal™ Just press “play” and let this powerful MP3 do all the work!

Copyright © 2017 Stephen Petullo, Scott Petullo

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Good Karma and Bad Karma–Past Lives of Celebrities

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Most people don’t realize that you can’t have karma without reincarnation, and the theory of reincarnation dictates you are the sum total of all your prior existences.

Even though you don’t consciously remember, all your actions in past lives, negative and positive, created the challenges and rewards you experience today, along with your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being.

While our findings show there may be some exceptions (such as select souls choosing to incarnate with challenges they didn’t earn with the intent of helping humanity through their trials), you are a sum total of all your past lives.

Although we acknowledge that reincarnation is a theory we can’t prove as fact, we’re convinced it’s a natural part of the evolution of the soul. We also accept that some prefer to view reincarnation as a metaphor. Either way, the concept helps to understand humanity, which leads to more compassion.

Over twenty-five years of empirical research involving this topic along with countless past life regressions (our own and others’), allows us to perceive spontaneous past life insight of family, friends, and strangers. Sometimes we perceive a general past life theme, which is always related to the current life circumstances, instead of details like who or where.

Past lives of celebrities:

This Hollywood star earned an academy award while still in his twenties. Critics say his famous director uncle helped his career, but we see him as a 1920 film star whose career was unjustly cut short, as well as a talented actor in several other past lives (spanning back to ancient times) who didn’t yet get the rewards he had earned. Thus, he was born into the perfect circumstances this time to reap the benefits of lifetimes of hard work. His connections are an example of how things that seem “undeserved” or “unearned” on the surface, sometimes aren’t.

This socialist dictator of a South American country who died with a net worth of 2 billion USD told his citizens regularly, in so many words, that rich people are bad and socialism is good, while the country’s economy deteriorated to desperate conditions. A key past life of his was as a ruthless crony capitalist business titan. Based on his life in South America, he still hadn’t learned his lessons about treating others as you want to be treated. He’ll have to come back and balance a lot of karma, considering his actions that resulted in millions suffering in poverty.

Although it’s only rock and roll, this legendary rocker has used his savvy business sense to reap huge profits from his and his band mate’s talents. He’s enjoyed a decades-long career and it’s difficult to imagine any young band today matching their longevity. We see him in past lives as someone who was forced to endure long-term solitude, perhaps as a prisoner, which led him to having to balance, in future lifetimes, the lack of sensual gratification. Depravation of one’s sensual appetite can manifest as too much of a good thing in following lives. We also see him as a successful merchant in more than one lifetime, as well as a well-known performer for the court in renaissance times.

His top rated cable news political show makes him a star on the political right, yet excessively rigid positions on abortion and the failed drug war (he’s in favor of it) may point to subconscious, hidden guilt from one or more past lives where he abused his power relating to these two issues. Perhaps he advocated the killing of innocents pertaining to the opium trade in ancient China.

She’s a star on the left and has her own cable TV news show. An out of the closet Caucasian lesbian, she makes no secret of her disdain of conservative, white males. We see her as a bigoted white male in a past life, one who treated women unfairly. She has returned to balance her karma, and her current career helps her to do this.

This NBA star retired in the 1990s and is recognized as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, to ever play the game. We believe he’s enjoying power and glory this time from many lifetimes involving military, spanning back to ancient times. His prominence goes back through the Middle East, including ancient Egypt and Babylon. We sense he subconsciously, while on the court, experienced the game as doing battle like he’s done successfully so many times in the past.

We believe it’s uncommon for a person to be famous in the majority of their lifetimes. Instead, souls rise and fall on the fame (or infamy) meter throughout their various incarnations. Even though you’re not famous now, you may have been in one or more past lives, or you may be in a future life. Famous or not, what ultimately matters most is how you handle your important life lessons.

You don’t need to be a celebrity to benefit from our Spiritual Detox MP3 and, or free script.

Copyright © 2016 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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