The Best Evidence for Reincarnation

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Cynics say there is no evidence for reincarnation. Based on the presumptions and angry reactions we sometimes receive about the idea of past lives, it seems like some people don’t want any evidence to exist. Maybe they don’t like the idea of having to come back and suffer the consequences of their bad behavior.

Hardcore skeptics of reincarnation who commonly accuse believers of lacking intelligence, usually base their narrow-minded viewpoints on little to no research about the topic. Who is being gullible?

Science-minded skeptics want tangible proof. Do they also discount love, compassion, and other intangible components of the human condition, which are void of physical evidence?

Some people are critical of the concept and people who believe in it because they perceive it as make-believe like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny; they don’t want to appear silly for giving it much thought. Some of these types believe in what they are told to believe in by their parents or others, from a very young age. They adhere to groupthink because there’s safety in numbers. They lack the courage, ability, or interest to think for themselves and consider non-conventional viewpoints.

Others are taught by their religion that it does not exist, so they accept this.

Still others fear what happens after death, which is natural, and they don’t want to think about it. We’re not surprised since so many religious leaders have added fuel to the fire by warning their followers of severe punishment in the afterlife if they don’t follow the prescribed interpretation of right and wrong.

Thanks to 2000+ years of misunderstandings and misinformation about reincarnation and karma, most people don’t give it much thought.

We’re both naturally skeptical and like to look beyond the surface of issues. Instead of accepting the standard view, we like to form our own opinions based on careful consideration. This is the approach we’ve always taken with the topic of reincarnation and related metaphysical subjects, since we began reading about past life regression case histories in the mid 1980s, then began our own regressions in the late 1980s.

We’re confident that if you objectively explore the evidence it will seem logical to at least consider it as a valid possibility for what happens after death.

One of the best collections of evidence for reincarnation was compiled by the late Dr. Ian Stevenson, MD of the University of Virginia. He studied over 3000 cases of the past life memories of children over the span of more than 40 years.

Walter Semkiw, MD and Jim Tucker, MD discuss the reincarnation research of Ian Stevenson, MD in this video.They also mention two famous cases, one of which is a woman who was born into a different religion than in her previous life (which is common). As noted in the video description, if everyone accepted this as a possibility, wars over religious differences would end.

The best evidence for reincarnation: Your past life memories in your subconscious mind.

Even if you’re not spiritually sensitive you may have had a past life dream or vision, but didn’t recognize it as such because most people are conditioned from birth to disbelieve in past lives.

We recommend you don’t take our word for it and instead use one of the best methods to explore the subject: past life regression.

Past life regression, when approached correctly with a trained expert or good quality MP3, can give one an intense and healing emotional experience, which is one indication your perceptions might be of real events.

You won’t bring back physical evidence from regression, of course. But if you remain objective, follow the directions, and allow the process to work, it will be difficult to brush off your perceptions as “only imagination,” especially if you’re able to confirm some of the details, such as cultural idiosyncrasies, names, associations, or even addresses for more modern-day lifetimes.

Everyone is entitled to their own personal beliefs and it really doesn’t matter if you can prove spiritual concepts valid or not. However, accepting the possibility of reincarnation is likely to make you more responsible and a better person because you’re more apt to treat others as you want to be treated.

Our Direct Your Destiny e-package includes a special audio MP3 to safely explore your past lives and other subconscious memories, plus many other beneficial spiritual tools and tips.

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Three Stages of Practicing Meditation

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Thirty-five years ago, the idea of daily meditation seemed foreign to us. But today, it’s a normal part of our daily schedule, even if it means getting up thirty minutes earlier or skipping TV to do so.

People of all walks of life practice meditation now, unlike in the past when it was mainly for stereotypical radical spiritual devotees.

The scientifically documented health benefits may surprise you: improves regulation of emotions; decreases depression, inflammation, and stress; improves brain health and memory; increases peace of mind; releases a natural, healthy, feel-good brain opiate, and much more.

Three ascertainable stages exist in committing yourself to regular meditation. First, you wonder if you’re doing it right because nothing seems to happen. Next, you notice subtle changes in your perception of yourself and your life and you realize there’s really something to it. In the third stage you find the regular habit of meditation includes all the benefits listed above and it becomes as normal as going to bed and waking up in the morning. There’s no reluctance to do it, like you encounter in the first stage–you just do it to get your daily feel-good fix.

Don’t worry if you’re struggling to get past the first stage. Maintain discipline and you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

To the skeptics, we understand your cynicism because we’ve been there, but the science behind it is so overwhelming that we urge you to consider it.

In some cases, entering the second stage can be scary; don’t worry, you won’t become a vacant-minded zombie. Instead, you’ll learn to disengage from daily mind-dramas and monkey mind. Have you ever walked along a beach and the waves lulled you into a peaceful state of mind? That’s the feeling you can generate on a daily basis, anywhere–all you need is a little discipline.

We list five tips below to help you get started, or to go deeper if you’ve already started.

  1. Keep in mind that meditation is best approached as a long-term discipline. You may feel at first that you’re just going through the motions. But if you stay the course, you’ll reach a point where you’ll know exactly when you’re (easily) entering a meditative state of mind. It may take you weeks or even months, but you will get there if you continue.
  2. Drop your expectations. The reason that nothing seems to be happening at first is that nothing is supposed to happen, in a manner of speaking. The practice involves detaching from your mind, so of course it’ll seem like nothing is happening because you’re used to mind-chatter all the time.
  3. Expect your subconscious mind to rebel, as it can do with major changes in your life. Your collective subconscious (fears and defenses) may react while you are attempting to detach from it, so recognize the ever-so creative impressions (e.g., an itch or “you forgot to turn off your oven”) generated by it to resist your efforts.
  4. To avoid falling asleep in this discipline, get enough sleep and sit upright instead of lying down because your mind is conditioned to sleep lying laying down. You’ll find with practice that you’ll feel refreshed after meditation. Scientific studies have found that the process of meditation actually replicates many of the benefits of sleep, so you may need less sleep. In our long-term experience, waking up thirty minutes earlier for a meditation session before a busy day doesn’t seem like losing sleep due to the natural health benefits.
  5. Sit comfortably (you don’t have to sit like a yogi), close your eyes, breathe deeply, and focus on your chest-plate (or third eye). You can also try laying your arms away from your sides and focus on letting all stress drain away. Or pretend you’re facing a wall of rock while mountain climbing, where your intense focus is vital. That’s all there is to it, along with the discipline to avoid quitting. Other helpful tips include slowly counting from one to 100 or 1000, doing it on an empty stomach such as first thing in the morning, trying it after exercise, and asking for help from your guides of the Light.

We encourage you to practice regular meditation to reap all the wonderful benefits, especially peace of mind.

The free version of our Direct Your Destiny e-package includes a Psychic / Meditative State Script to help you get the most from your meditation sessions and our Let Go MP3 audio recording utilizes brain-mind technology to effortlessly guide you into a meditative state.

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Seven Signs Your Mate is Possessed by Demons

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The first thing that comes to mind for most people after hearing the words demonic possession is the Exorcist movie, Halloween, or perhaps your in-laws.

We understand the reluctance to embrace the concept of ghosts and dark energy.

Many years ago we were unsure about the notion of demonic energy, and particularly about it influencing human behavior.

Today, we believe it’s a real epidemic that makes life’s difficulties worse, and creates additional problems for countless unsuspecting people.

Our long-term investigations into the phenomenon along with direct experience show us that it’s real, even though you can’t physically see it or touch it.

First, people deny it, just like we did. Then they’re surprised to find out that realty doesn’t end with the mundane world; there exist other, unseen dimensions that are just as important. They discover that a whole range of entities exist on the unseen planes, from benevolent guides and angels to malevolent, evil demons (even worse than that horrible neighbor of yours). Eventually, they learn to protect themselves from dark entities.

One way dark energy terrorizes people is through a significant other. Although demonic possession isn’t as common as harboring lost souls, both are serious problems and the symptoms are similar, though much worse for demonic possession.

Below we list seven signs your mate may be possessed by demons.

1. Your mate ridicules and, or denies the concept. Embedded, hidden disembodied souls, or demonic entities easily sway a host’s thinking to that of cynic.

2. Drug use and, or excessive alcohol consumption is a strong sign your mate being influenced by sinister energies. Which comes first, the drug use and, or excessive alcohol consumption, or the possession? It depends on each individual case, but you can be sure that someone who is overdoing it on a regular basis is accumulating dark energy. Addicts can have hundreds of demons and lost souls, literal colonies, within their energy field, feeding off of them and not even know it. Some appear to be under the control of their unseen masters.

3. A person who hadn’t previously used drugs or alcohol suddenly imbibing heavily like there’s no tomorrow is a hint he or she has someone onboard.

Of course, we recognize that demonic possession may not be the root cause of bad habits and addiction, but our findings show it’s much more difficult to stay sober while hosting a non-stop party of dark energy in your energy field.

4. Demonic energy can be extremely persuasive, such as through voices in one’s head, simulated sensory impressions (e.g. tasting booze and sensing the high from it, even though you’ve never imbibed), or mistaking feelings for one’s own that encourage specific behavior. Subtle coercion by sinister entities is common and shouldn’t be mistaken for a guardian angel, for example. Guides of the Light only impart encouraging, uplifting, positive messages.

5. Volatile emotions and particularly intense anger is a strong sign your mate is struggling with demons. While we recognize that vitamin and mineral deficiencies, along with hormonal imbalances, for example, can also be the physical root cause of such symptoms, extreme emotions open the door to dark energy possession.

6. A sudden shift in sexual appetites can indicate that your significant other is hosting an invisible demon party. Dramatic decreased or increased sexual desire (apart from the result of boosting one’s health through natural means) is a strong clue.

7. Depression is common with people who are hosting demons and lost souls. Regular sunshine, avoiding sugar, drugs, and processed foods, and limiting alcohol, along with getting enough sleep, can help improve moods. Regular Spiritual Detox (which you can do yourself, at no cost) helps tremendously.

You can’t control what another person does, but at least you can protect yourself. If you’re feeling irritated or angry, beyond normal circumstances or for no good reason, reading a protection script (Spiritual Detox) can do wonders.

Our FREE Spiritual Detox Script can help you get rid of dark energy.

If you’re feeling depressed, angry, fearful, or having a tough time quitting bad habits and addictions, our Spiritual Detox™ MP3 can help.

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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Why the Law of Attraction Still Doesn’t Work

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Here’s a recent email we received about the law of attraction and fate:

Hi guys, despite all your interesting findings on fate and destiny, of which I firmly believe, I am stunned at the amount of new age information out there concerning the LOA, whereby, so many people, particularly in my Facebook group, who seem to espouse continually how we can create our reality moment to moment, and that fate doesn’t exist. I’ve even mentioned your research but it doesn’t seem to get through. I know the task is for us all to form our own beliefs, but can’t help think why kid ourselves also. Anyway, just wanted to share that with you, keep up the good work! Regards, Chris

We’ve noticed the same epidemic for years, Chris. It’s not easy to face that a lot of things in life seem to be fated, no matter how much you try to create a different reality.

Our long-term empirical findings firmly support the theory of immutable personal fate (for everyone), certain circumstances in life that can’t be changed no matter what you do. We believe our teachings will ultimately be more helpful than promoting exclusively inspiration which, like a sugar high, doesn’t last.

According to the author of the 2006, 19 million copy best-seller The Secret, you can use the law of attraction to create whatever you want: ”With the knowledge from The Secret there is not anything any human cannot be, do or have…not a single thing. No limits whatsoever.”

11 years later, law of attraction marketers are now focusing on why it didn’t work for most people by promoting ”the missing piece.” Yes, you still can create whatever you want (according to them), but only if you buy another book or seminar ticket from someone who (claims to have) figured out how to cheat fate.

The Bad News

As much as we’d like to believe otherwise, the law of attraction can’t help you “create” whatever you want because of the 13 other spiritual laws, some of which supersede the law of attraction.

For example, the law of higher-self/soul influence over personality dictates that your soul’s agenda (which was put into motion before you were born), overrides the demands and wishes of your personality.

Another, the law of subconscious personality domination, means that your fears, beliefs, and defenses rule your existence and many of those hidden, unconscious characteristics are extremely difficult to alter.

Then there’s the law of reincarnation, law of predestination/destiny/personal fate, and the law of karma. Many people misunderstand and misuse these words, but all of the concepts work together and “created” your life circumstances before you were born. Your personality can decide it does or doesn’t like something, but if it’s your karma and fate to experience it, you will.

We can’t explain the inner workings of personal fate, such as exactly how life circumstances are chosen and, or coordinated by your soul and a higher power, but we can share our findings: Once you have witnessed, as we have, the continual recurrence of patterns in the comprehensive astrology and numerology charts, completely representing key circumstances in peoples’ lives, you will stop rejecting the idea of fate.

By the way, it’s not unkind of us to share our theory that much of life’s challenges (and rewards) are unavoidable. It would be unkind to lie to you, promising you everything you desire, as some New Age marketers do. At least we help you prepare for life’s unavoidable crises.

Based on our empirical research, we’re convinced that just as gravity affects all humans, these laws do too, even if you don’t believe in them.

Thinking positive thoughts, as The Secret instructs, will help make your life more pleasant and can be helpful with some goals. But denying reality isn’t going to magically transform a dog turd into a diamond.

The good news is that you can use your free will to work with fate.

1. Rather than believing ”anything is possible,” shoot for the stars, but at least be somewhat realistic about your goals.

If your goals are dependent upon the actions of others, and a lot in life falls in this category, keep in mind it’s unrealistic to expect others to behave as you demand.

2. Get to know yourself better. The more you know yourself, your strengths, talents, skills, interests, and most importantly, your inner wisdom, you are better able to take advantage of and pursue goals that are aligned with them. In other words, rather than trying to “create” something that isn’t part of your path, when you know yourself, you gravitate towards goals that are a better fit. Some ways to get to know yourself and your path better include daily meditation, past life regression, handwriting analysis, and comprehensive astrology and numerology.

3. Change what you can and accept what you can’t. You can’t control what other people say and do or what life throws at you. But you can control how you react to circumstances, your attitude, what you say, and how you spend your time.

4. Apply the concepts from our Mystic’s Magic Formula to make the most of your fate: acceptance, gratitude, taking full responsibility for your life, asking for help from guides of the Light, and more. 

Become a better mystic and make the most of your fate with our Direct Your Destiny e-package:

Copyright © 2017 Stephen Petullo, Scott Petullo

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Satanists Target President Trump With Demonic Energy

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Numerous self-proclaimed spiritual groups are targeting the President of the United States with black magic. This suggests significant parts of the metaphysical community either lack understanding of the law of karma, or don’t care about the consequences.

Will they ever learn? Anyone who actively intends harm on another individual is evil, not spiritual, no matter how they justify it.

Everything you do and say affects your karmic balance sheet, even if nobody is looking. Don’t believe us? Our long-term empirical research strongly supports this theory. You won’t find out for certain if we’re correct until you cross over, but this is a risk you don’t want to take.

The Facebook group Bind Trump Magic Resistance has over 1800 members and includes “a number of magical groups” that perform monthly satanic rituals to “bind Donald Trump and all who abet him,” and to make him ”fail utterly.”

Rituals include invoking “demons of the infernal realms” and burning photos of President Trump, visualizing him “blowing apart into dust or ash” because, as one group puts it, “(we) wholeheartedly believe that Trump and the rest of the GOP are garbage.”

As any sane person with a conscience understands, if you intentionally attempt to hurt someone (no matter who it is) unless it’s in self-defense, you better expect payback somewhere down the line.

The trap that these people are placing themselves in is two-fold: they are creating monstrous negative personal karma that they’ll have to balance (read: experience themselves first-hand) at some point in the future, and they are selling their souls to demons.

The rough karma is the easy part, compared to the consequences of contracting with demons. You don’t get a get out of jail free card after aligning yourself with satanic energy.

According to Manly P. Hall, author of The Secret Teachings of All Ages, once you die, in such an agreement, the respective demons own you, exactly as if you sold yourself into slavery: ”…black magic is performed with the aid of a demoniacal spirit, who serves the sorcerer for the length of his earthly life, with the understanding that after death the magician shall become the servant of his own demon…For this reason a black magician will go to inconceivable ends to prolong his physical life, since there is nothing for him beyond the grave…a man will barter his eternal soul for temporal power…in its various branches the black art includes nearly all forms of ceremonial magic, necromancy, witchcraft, sorcery, and vampirism…”

We’ve witnessed this vicious trap through clients’ and even our own past life regressions. We know from dire experience, many lifetimes ago, how important it is to reject dark energy, no matter how tempting it is to use it.

Even those seemingly harmless spells, used to get what you want, can put you at risk of being indentured by demonic forces, especially if your intent is to control another person’s will, or worse, harm them.

Ignorance as a defense is futile–anyone who partners with dark forces, especially to harm another, is doomed to suffer the aforementioned fate of enslavement by demons.

How to Avoid This Trap

To start, make it a habit to never send negative energy to anyone. Sounds easy, but the mere act of being angry with someone can cause you to inadvertently target them. Thoughts are things–be conscious of the energy you generate and what you do with it because the good and bad you send out comes back to you, in time.

Our experience tells us there are multitudes of “guides” on the other side that aren’t “of the Light.” These entities are sometimes strongly prejudiced and can be disembodied, troubled souls (or worse) who have not yet gone to the Light.

To avoid these types, only ask for help (and only for good-natured, positive goals) from other-dimensional energies, such as archangels and God, of the Light. We believe help is always available to you if you pay attention (regular meditation helps). Spiritual protection prayers and Spiritual Detox help enormously too.

Clues that you’ve inadvertently tapped into a mischievous and, or dark entity is biased guidance or anything that feels negative. You can be sure that a guide of the Light won’t judge, such as calling a specific politician disparaging names.

What can you do instead of spells or sending negative energy? Ask for help from guides of the Light to shine and maintain intense Light and love on the person and situation. Light and love helps people perceive the truth and make positive choices for the highest good of all involved (which may or may not fit either side’s agenda).

Go ahead and ask for help with your goals from guides of the Light, but avoid, at all costs, partnering with demonic forces.

Our FREE Spiritual Detox Script can help you get rid of dark energy.

If you’re feeling depressed, angry, fearful, or having a tough time quitting bad habits and addictions, our Spiritual Detox™ MP3 can help.

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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Reincarnation–Response to Anonymous Critic

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One sure way to generate controversy is to bring up the topic of reincarnation in a group conversation.

In our experience, in the Western world, about 30% will say they believe in it, 40% will express mild skepticism, and 30% will vehemently speak out against it.

Elsewhere in the world, believers are a significantly higher percentage, as the majority of the world embraces the concept of reincarnation in some form or another. They, like us, believe the soul is eternal and “the other side” exists, where souls go after physically incarnating.

Then there are the Atheists who believe that you’re just a piece of meat with a brain, the universe is one big accident, and there aren’t any consequences for your behavior as long as you don’t get caught.

Here’s an e-mail we received recently in response to an article on reincarnation, like we get on a regular basis from those unique individuals who express their hostility to strangers on-line, anonymously. By the way, do these special people also phone strangers, give them a piece of their mind, and then hang up?

“Compete bull—- Karma. One life has enough wisdom to teach anyone the world is an unfair place. There is not a cat in hells chance many would want to relive a life less fortune than others. One life, one death and earth is gone for good with your lifes experiences. One thing is for sure I wont be returning to earth even for a golden pig or any amount of anything.” Anonymous

We’re thrilled Anonymous decided to grace us with his/her wisdom, particularly with corroborating information, supporting his/her contention. Bravo!

We understand that life isn’t easy, and can seem unfair at times. This is especially so if you believe you deserve everything you want.

Below we address some of the usual anti-reincarnation contentions:

1. Conventional science doesn’t approve of reincarnation.

The science authorities haven’t invalidated reincarnation either, so until that point, it’s best to adhere to the spirit of science, and accept it as a valid theory.

Dr. Ian Stevenson spent over forty years scientifically documenting over 3000 cases of past life memories of children from multiple cultures around the world. The evidence certainly suggests the theory of reincarnation is worth considering.

2. People would not choose the horrible experiences they go through if reincarnation is valid.

Your personality wouldn’t, but your soul would in order to continue to grow and to balance karma. Consider your soul to be the parent and your personality, with all its fears, defenses, and biases, the child.

It’s not always the case that a person is enduring karmic retribution for past life dark deeds; sometimes the terrible experience is for other reasons, such as to help bring awareness to the world, or stop it from happening to others in the future.

3. I’d remember my past lives if it were true.

You would remember select past life experiences if you turned off the TV and meditated more often. Besides, you don’t remember everything because it would be too much for your mind to endure all the past traumas, trials, and at the same time, focus on the present, which is most important.

4. Only the present matters, not the past, and reincarnation holds you back.

What really holds you back are deep, subconscious past life memories that are driving your unconscious mind today.

Fear of air travel, fear of being on the open ocean, fear of a particular culture or religion, and all other seemingly unexplainable anxieties, strangely, are frequently assuaged or even eliminated after past life regression to get to the root cause. This is true even if the person doesn’t believe in reincarnation.

The anxious air traveler may have died in a WWII plane crash and the person afraid of the sea may have perished in a typhoon in a fishing boat off the coast of Japan over a thousand years ago. Look to your own fears and anxieties (and strengths and rewarding parts of your life too) for clues about your past.

5. Those into reincarnation always say they were a celebrated historical figure; they can’t possibly have all been the same person. Besides, recorded history goes back only so far and there were fewer people back then than today, so it’s not possible.

Actually, it’s very possible if you consider Earth is only one of millions (possibly billions) of inhabitable planets in this universe where souls incarnate. Don’t be too quick to rule out the theory that many lost civilizations on Earth have vanished without a trace due to massive plate-tectonic shifts and other cataclysms prior to recorded history, and that the population on this planet may have been higher at some point in history than it is today.

Also, our findings show that most people who experience past life regressions don’t perceive being a celebrity or having particularly glamorous lifetimes. We believe those who enjoy fame today have earned it, as have those who suffer infamy. All souls experience all types of existences at some point, in some life, in their progression.

Although you won’t know for sure until you leave this world, perhaps it’s best to entertain the theory of reincarnation if only for humanitarian reasons. If everyone lived their life believing in karma and reincarnation, the world would be a much better place.

Our Direct Your Destiny e-package includes a special audio recording to privately and safely explore your distant past, past lives, and other subconscious memories, plus many other helpful spiritual tools, tips and guidance.

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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A Spiritual Approach to Addiction

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Most people associate a spiritual approach to addiction with relying on a higher power for help. We do too, but based on our work with the hidden or spiritual side of life, we believe there’s another vital part of the addiction puzzle that most people miss.

Unfortunately, traditional drug and alcohol rehab doesn’t address it. We believe rehab success rates would dramatically improve if they did.

If you or someone you know has unsuccessfully tried to kick a habit or treat an addiction, it may be time to consider the concept of spiritual hitchhikers, or spirit attachment. We’ve found that those we’ve encountered who have a hard time quitting almost always have them onboard.

What are spiritual hitchhikers? After the physical body dies, it is natural for souls to go to the ”Light” or other side. Sometimes they don’t and if they died an addict, they’ll attach to a living human to feed their addiction. Addicts can unknowingly have huge groups of lost souls using them to get a fix.

How do you know if you’re harboring lost souls? One sign is the sudden urge to use drugs, drink, or smoke, or tasting it, when you haven’t used for a long time or never have. Another sign is hearing voices or thinking thoughts urging you to use, which can be easily misinterpreted as your own. If you pay attention, you might notice that it wasn’t really your idea to smoke, have that drink, or use.

Another sign of spirit attachment is a cynical reaction after reading about the phenomenon. If the aforementioned information triggered a negative emotional reaction, disembodied souls might be with you and attempting to control your behavior.

Other signs include feeling blocked, personality changes while under the influence, unexplainable depression, anger, or fears, feelings of being followed or watched, dreams of being chased, and feeling drained.

The most common way lost souls join living humans is through a weakened energy field. This can be the result of drug or excessive alcohol use, extreme negative emotions, illness, sex, or surgery. Lost souls can be anywhere, but hospitals, cemeteries, and bars tend to have more than average.

A Spiritual Approach to Addiction

Always seek professional treatment if you can’t quit on your own. The following are tools you can use before, during, or after treatment. If your will to quit is strong enough, and you are especially spiritually sensitive, the tools below might be enough to kick the habit for some addictions without traditional treatment. These also work for over-eating, excessive shopping, and any other habits you want to curtail.

Spiritual Detox

In addition to releasing spiritual troublemakers, a spiritual clearing expert, script, or MP3 can also remove dark energy and spiritual clutter, which is easy to pick up even for non-addicts. It can also heal emotional scars from this life and past lives.

Past Life Regression

We’ve found in our work that addiction usually started lifetimes ago. For addicts who don’t believe in reincarnation, viewing past lives as a metaphor is just as effective. Uncover and let go of the past lives associated with the addiction or habit with a past life regression expert or past life regression MP3 audio.

Take Responsibility

We might sound like we are contradicting ourselves when we (partly) blame addiction on entities, and then tell you to take responsibility, but we believe both are important. We agree that some people are more prone to addiction, but they also have free will to take responsibility, seek help, and stay sober.

Depicting addicts as helpless victims encourages them and others to avoid taking responsibility, empowering themselves, and kicking the habit for good. From the perspective of reincarnation and karma, addicts created the problem in past lives and now they need to resolve it.

Hypnosis and Subliminal MP3s

These valuable tools can help overcome addiction with positive programming that changes your perception of the habit, and replaces vices with healthy habits. With regular listening, they can be like the wind at your back, giving you an edge to conquer the habit once and for all. 


Go inward and overcome the urge to use when you have a craving, and overcome stress. The Let Go MP3 will easily help you reach a meditative state.

The White Light Trick

When you feel a sudden urge to use, try this:

1) Imagine yourself surrounded and permeated by white Light or sunshine.

2) Tell yourself that it’s not your desire to use and let it go.

3) Tell the entity that wants to use that he’ll have to find someone else to feed his addiction. Also tell it to go to the Light (and point upwards). Even if there isn’t an entity present, this exercise will help you detach from the urge to use.

Deciding you want to quit is half the battle. Reaching your goal will be a challenge, but addressing the spiritual side of addiction will make it easier.

The Spiritual Detox™ MP3 or Spiritual Detox script can make quitting a habit or addiction easier, and help you let go of depression, anger, and fear.

Copyright © 2017 Stephen Petullo, Scott Petullo

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Spirituality and Betrayal–Controversial Viewpoint

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The concept of betrayal from a spiritual viewpoint is controversial. Since the dawn of time, many forms of betrayal, particularly romantic betrayal, have caused much emotional anguish.

Everyone knows from experience that betrayal isn’t pleasant. Nobody likes to be on the receiving end of deliberate disloyalty, including failing to honor business agreements, familial obligations, or a marriage contract. You have a legitimate complaint if you’re wronged in such a way.

How Betrayal is a Spiritual Lesson

However, there’s more to the story when you rise above the mundane circumstances and consider the theory of karma. Also, the dichotomous nature of this dimension assures life will always be a contrast in differences (war/peace, hate/love, pain/pleasure, etc.) and utopia only exists on the other side.

The spiritual law of karma states that everything you do or say (or think) comes back to you in equal measure, even if it takes lifetimes for the consequences (both challenging and rewarding) to return to you.

Karma is like an invisible companion linked to your soul that remains until it is balanced. In most cases, the only way you can shed it is to experience it directly. Possible exceptions include your soul agreeing to work out some karma while on the other side by assisting those still incarnated, such as in a guardian angel role.

Almost every time this topic comes up, we’re asked, “Does this mean I was a bad person in a past life?” Simply stated, probably, and you’re not alone; everyone has been horrible in past lives at some point, some much more often than others. It’s the core reason most souls are still here instead of basking in bliss alongside the ascended masters on the other side.

Even the most seemingly saintly individuals today have been nasty pieces of work at some point in the past. “But, she is so nice! I can’t imagine her being an evil witch in a past life!” Well, that’s exactly what she was as a black magic priestess in Atlantis 100,000 years ago. It’s the reason she fears all things religious and metaphysical today, because they remind her of her dark days.

This doesn’t mean that everyone has been an absolute demon in his or her past lives, but you’ve likely been what you resent today, relatively speaking. For example, a son may be annoyed at his father’s bad behavior, until he recalls a past life in ancient India where he was a ruthless merchant who treated his son terribly.

Note: Betrayal and other “bad” things that happen aren’t always about karmic retribution; sometimes the soul needs (or chooses) it as a learning experience for other reasons.

Basically, we believe planet Earth is a clearinghouse for troubled souls to balance the karma they’ve incurred over innumerable lifetimes. Although we conclude many (but certainly not most) on planet Earth at this time have balanced their heaviest karma already and have better things to look forward to in the future.

We’re merely stating our long-term empirical findings involving past life research, and karma as symbolized by comprehensive astrology and numerology. Seeing predetermination manifest time and time again, clearly represented in the astrology and numerology patterns, makes you reconsider conventional wisdom with respect to victimhood.

Next time somebody wrongs you, besides rightfully attempting to remedy the situation, it may accelerate your healing process if you ask yourself, “How is this perceived injustice a reflection of my past actions, or what am I meant to learn from this?”

Also, ask yourself if you could have avoided being the target of somebody’s bad behavior if you had simply avoided demanding another live up to your expectations. Expectations of another person’s behavior are the root of much suffering.

True, you have a right to call out a villain, but it’s wise to acknowledge that expecting reasonable behavior of others isn’t always reasonable considering the shocking nature of human behavior throughout history. Drop your expectations of others behaving as you want them to behave, accept that betrayal is unavoidable sometimes, and life becomes easier.

Our Direct Your Destiny e-package helps you become a better mystic and make the most of your fate.

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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Are Your Vices Causing Spirit Possession?

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Possession and spirit attachment can be very tricky, both in identifying the problem and removing it. Sometimes people know they’re being spiritually attacked, but don’t realize their vices are making the situation worse.

The theory is simple and has been acknowledged by various cultures all over the world since the dawn of time: after death sometimes souls don’t go to the Light, which can cause problems. The secondary issue involves dark entities targeting individuals.

A client told us she feels she has been spiritually attacked for years by entities, and also attacked by people around her who are influenced by the entities.

That may sound crazy to someone who has little knowledge of the subject. But to us, after practicing Spiritual Detox for over 20 years and experiencing spirit possession and attachment, we believe it’s a very common, misdiagnosed, and misunderstood problem.

She told us she feels like a magnet for negative entities; every time she goes to public places where there are a lot of people she walks away feeling terrible and that the constant bombardment by entities is causing physical health problems. She tries to be positive and uses visualizations and other self-healing methods, but it’s draining to deal with all the time.

Those of you who are spiritually sensitive know what it’s like to feel awful just from walking through a crowd or sitting next to a depressed or angry stranger. Add spiritual attack from nasty people or spiritual entities and life can seem unbearable, at times.

Her way of coping is to take valium, smoke pot, or drink wine. These are popular ways to relax in our society, and for people who aren’t spiritually sensitive, they might not be too harmful (but they still lower resistance to psychic attack for anyone) for very occasional use if consumed with caution.

Based on what this client told us, we do believe she’s being attacked by dark energies, and that she initially opened the door to them with black magic in a previous lifetime. We’re not blaming her; we’ve all been “good” and “bad” in past lives and we too dabbled in the dark side many lifetimes ago (and thus we know how dangerous it is and why we tell people to avoid it all costs).

Unfortunately, once you open that door and unite with them to get what you want in the short-term, you’re indebted to them for the long-term– many lifetimes– and it’s not easy to extract yourself.

Also, the more potential you have to be a shining Light in our world and do a lot of good, the more dark energies will try to keep you down.

The good news is that she can overcome this, and it won’t be as difficult as it may seem.

However, she needs to avoid the pot, any other drugs, and excess alcohol. Why? Because the use of those substances poke holes in your protective energy field or aura and Light, and lower your resistance to negative energies and draw them to you.

Dark energies relish excess alcohol and drug use, and encourage alcohol consumption and drug use because they make it easy to control people, especially spiritually sensitive people like her and us. They also get off on working through drug and alcohol (or sugar) abusers to mess with others. We used to party a lot in the late 80s, so we’re very familiar with this problem. It’s much easier to avoid excess alcohol and drugs completely when you are fully aware of the spiritual side effects and accept responsibility for your protection.

How to protect yourself from dark energy:

Dark entities are like dirt; they’re everywhere and you need to clear yourself regularly to avoid complications.

Diet and daily exercise is very important. Swimming in a salt-water pool or the ocean is very beneficial, but not required. You can’t fend off the bratty energies if you’re not feeling well. Avoid sugar as much as possible and eat enough quality protein for strength.

Belief and intent: You can protect yourself, and your confidence about it will help a lot. Before we did this kind of work the dark side scared us. Now that we’re more aware of it and how to protect ourselves, they’re just annoying, like bratty children who need to be controlled. They still occasionally bother us, but so do cockroaches and we know what to do to get rid of them.

Avoid all drugs permanently. This is required if you want to feel better, increase your resistance to dark energy, and fulfill your potential. Also, pot and other drugs will cloud your intuition for days, even weeks after use. Use meditation, reading, sex, exercise, art, and other healthier ways to escape instead.

Renounce any contracts (known or unknown) with dark energy from the present and past lives. The free Spiritual Detox script includes this step:

Call in help from powerful, benevolent spiritual helpers. The free Spiritual Detox script will help you do this. We recommend using it daily until you’re feeling better, then at least once a week to clear yourself of the spiritual clutter you pick up daily. It only takes 10 minutes to read. You might find yourself resisting and making excuses (we’ve experienced this before when we’ve had troublemakers onboard who didn’t want to leave) but do it anyway. Also try it as an alternative to pot, a pill, or a drink when you’re feeling sadness, anger, or anxiety (you should feel more relaxed afterwards).

Remember that your spiritual helpers are always there for you when you need them.

If you’re feeling depressed, angry, fearful, or having a tough time quitting bad habits and addictions, our Spiritual Detox™ MP3 can help.

Copyright © 2017 Stephen Petullo, Scott Petullo

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Spiritual-self vs. Ego-self Intolerance — A Tale of Two Different Outlooks

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Your spiritual-self, or higher-self sometimes contrasts with your ego-self’s expectations in everyday affairs.

According to the theories of reincarnation and karma, your soul selects conditions and circumstances prior to your birth in order to learn and understand.

But after incarnating, due to societal conditioning and the natural disconnect between here and the other side, the never-ending series of tests on school-house Earth commence and makes life forever interesting, even grueling at times, for your personality.

Below we outline two distinct outlooks, ego-self vs. spiritual-self, as they relate to intolerance toward two people of different religions in a relationship.

1. Ari and Raphael met through friends and soon became an item, though they are from different backgrounds and of different religions.

From the start they both realized they needed to keep their relationship secret from their families.

Ari’s father disowned his own sister and hasn’t spoken with her in over a decade because she married someone of a different faith. “That’s crossing the line, and she is threatening the existence of our people,” said her father. “Please promise me you will avoid doing what my sister did,” he said to Ari. Ari complied at the time, but it’s been rough balancing the devotion to his family, and love life.

Ari’s father and grandparents were openly discriminated against in earlier decades, so it’s understandable how Ari’s father feels like he must keep his tribe together to survive. But times have changed, and that type of discrimination (e.g., Ari’s grandmother was fired from her job in the late 1940s once they found out her faith) today is almost unheard of.

Raphael’s parents have a similar viewpoint, even going so far as to tell their children others of a different faith aren’t welcome in their home. Raphael knows for certain his parents would turn against him forever if they knew he was dating someone of a different religion.

Ironically, both families, in striving to maintain the dignity and longevity of their ancestry, are practicing the same type of intolerance they have fought against for generations.

Our findings show that intolerance, in its many forms, is the basis of many spiritual tests, ones that your higher-self arranges before you incarnate.

Accept people unlike yourself and treat others as you want to be treated, then you pass your tests. Refuse to, then you’ll have an even tougher time the next time around.

2. From a spiritual perspective, Ari and Raphael have already passed an important test: tolerance of another religion and willingness to date someone of a different faith.

Unfortunately, their parents aren’t doing so well spiritually, particularly Ari’s father in how he cut ties with his sister. Their initial biased positions may well be fated, but how they deal with the idea of the relationship between Ari and Raphael may be one of those things where they could go either way–reject their child, or accept them and their partner’s religious differences. Then again, so much more in life is fated than it seems, based on our findings; their parents welcoming the relationship between Ari and Raphael is about as likely as a blizzard in New York City in July.

It also could be a test for Ari and Raphael how they deal with the relationship once their parents find out. Do they break it off, or stay?

Considering they feel strongly enough about each other to stay together, remaining in the relationship, despite the protests of their families, likely means they would be successfully passing that specific spiritual test.

Everyone has an ego-self that is fully active most of the time, no matter how spiritual and devout they appear. Life’s most important tests can be a fierce battle between your ego-self and spiritual self. Though striving to be tolerant, to express unconditional love, and to accept that which you can’t change can make life much more rewarding and help align your ego-self with your spiritual-self.

Our Direct Your Destiny e-package helps you increase your self-awareness and make the most of your fate.

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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