Five Things That Seem Ungodly But Are Really Spiritual

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You may wonder sometimes what is spiritual and what isn’t. According to New Age and religious standards, ”spiritual” has to do partly with worship, meditation, compassion, and grace.

We agree that regular prayers, meditation, and other devout and paranormal activities are spiritual. But many things that seem non-spiritual aren’t.

Below we list five things that seem ungodly but are really spiritual.

1. Constructively venting your frustrations is healthy, and mystical. That means you won’t incur any negative karma if you occasionally yell expletives while pounding your fist against your bed, for example.

Go ahead and scream at the top of your lungs in private if you’re having a bad day. Suppressing negative energy and painting a perma-smile on your face to display to the New Age community and everyone else is phony and unholy, along with being physically unhealthy. We’ve found that having a conversation with your guides or God, expressing your frustration or sadness, can be very fruitful, especially if you ask for help and solutions.

It’s perfectly normal to be frustrated, despondent, and even angry, at times. As long as you deal with it constructively, and take responsibility for your actions, you are still acting saintly.

2. Vulgar humor isn’t sacrilegious, despite what you may have been told. Go ahead and joke with your adult friends all you want. On the other side you’ll find out that you aren’t docked points for swearing or crude humor.

3. Sex before marriage, or having multiple sexual partners can enhance your awareness considering each intimate relationship offers opportunities for personal growth. As long as you avoid lying, deceiving, and emotionally and physically hurting yourself or anyone else, there’s nothing wrong with responsible, mutually agreed upon non-monogamy between consenting adults. Just be honest, make sure to avoid making promises you don’t intend to keep, and play safe.

Are you the type who prefers a long-term monogamous relationship, perhaps even life-long monogamy? That, too, can offer tremendous chance for growth, as long as you don’t resist relationship transitions and endings, or expect strict monogamy of someone whose nature is the opposite. Each person has different intimacy needs, and one type of relationship style doesn’t suit everyone.

4. The abundance of money and material possessions can be mystical, as long as it’s acquired legitimately and the focus isn’t entirely on insatiable acquisitiveness. The greater resources you possess, the greater good you can do, for yourself and others.

Piousness throughout history has been equated with vows of poverty and austere living. We can understand the notion, as it denotes you generally try to put others first, and living simply is a key to happiness. But living like an ascetic can be physically unhealthy, and the undercurrent of treating yourself badly doesn’t score good karma points. It’s acceptable to indulge yourself, even live opulently.

5. Loosening up and having a few drinks once in a while won’t negate your supernatural endeavors. We frequently go long stretches of time without any alcohol because it helps us maintain the endurance and discipline our work demands. Also, we are more sensitive to disincarnate and negative entities than the average person, and even one drink can make us a target. But as the old saying goes–if the strings are too tight, you can’t play. Then again, if they are too loose, such as through overindulgence, you can’t play at all.

Ultimately, there’s one test that makes behavior spiritual or not; does it hurt you or others? Does it significantly hurt the progression of your spiritual growth? If not, go for it. So much in life is spiritual beneath the mundane exterior.

Our Direct Your Destiny e-package helps you become a better mystic and make the most of your fate.

Copyright © 2017 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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Clearing a Haunted Home– Case Study

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After removing discarnate entities from people and places for over twenty years, it’s as natural for us to perceive them as it is for you to spot a bird in the sky. What follows is a recent example when we visited our sister.

Our sister and her family have lived in their current home, built decades ago, for eight years. During one of Stephen’s first visits, he was standing alone in the kitchen and saw someone across the room, out of the corner of his eye, at the top of the open stairway that leads to the basement level. He turned and instead of seeing one of his family members, he noticed a dark cloud of energy descending the stairs.

Our sister said she was once in her walk-in closet and heard a subtle voice laughing behind her. She turned around and no one was there, but she could feel the presence of negative energy.

Her oldest son, who is eight, was scared to sleep in his room because he said something was in there at night. That bedroom was also where the “troubled” daughter of the previous owner of the house slept. Whatever the entity was it seemed to roam the house and we sensed it had been there before my sister and her family moved in.

This past October, when we visited our sister and other family members, we slept in the finished basement. Scott had the bedroom, and Stephen slept in the open area on the couch. The morning after the first night, Scott asked Stephen if he sensed anything.

Stephen said, “Yes! And it wouldn’t leave me alone!” As soon as he turned off the light and started to go to sleep, he felt a presence standing next to him. He tried to ignore it because he was tired (he’s used to such occurrences, which are now annoying instead of scary). But he kept getting major chills up and down his body from the entity and the thing wouldn’t go away.

He tuned into it and sensed an angry, rebellious young man who died young. He also suspected drugs, and a car accident because Stephen could see impressions of blood on the man. The previous owner had four kids who grew up in the house, and the entity may have been a friend of theirs, or followed them home after partying. Stephen was finally able to fall asleep after drawing down intense white Light for protection, which kept the entity away from him.

Scott also sensed a troubled entity approach him as he was drifting off to sleep. He offered his name that started with a J–John or Joe. Scott also shooed him away with white Light.

In terms of numerology, this sort of event isn’t surprising at such an address. The home is a 22 (total) house address, which symbolizes a portal to the other side.

In addition, the neighbor’s house across the street is also a 22 address, and the house next to that one is an 11 address (plus 6 addresses on either side–6 is also a dual number), which also symbolizes a gateway to other dimensions. In effect, there’s a massive triad of other-dimensional energy among the five properties. Perhaps 2000 years ago a migrating tribe spent time on that exact spot doing tribal magic.

We did a Spiritual Detox clearing which removed a lot of spiritual clutter (which all homes have, just like dirt), but the second night we both sensed the entity still hanging around. This time Stephen sensed it hiding across the room instead of right next to him.

The next day, we knew we needed to do a more powerful clearing to get rid of the stubborn entity. This time we used our intent to bring down a larger, more powerful tornado of white Light. We sensed the entity trying to hide and stay outside of the Light, but eventually he was escorted safely to the Light by spiritual helpers of the Light.

Since then our sister hasn’t sensed anything in her home, and our nephew isn’t scared to be alone in his bedroom anymore. She told us she mentioned the clearing to her neighbor and was surprised to learn that some entities have been tormenting her, too. We told our sister to suggest to her neighbor to try our free Spiritual Detox script to clear the spiritual clutter.

Our experience and confidence from years of clearing people and homes of lost souls and negative energy makes our free Spiritual Detox script more powerful for us. But even a novice can use the script to clear spiritual clutter since It calls upon omnipotent spiritual helpers that are happy to assist when you ask. Try it here:

Copyright © 2017 Stephen Petullo, Scott Petullo

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25 Magic Affirmations to be More Intuitive and Have Psychic Dreams

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You’ve probably heard about how affirmations can improve your life. Some people claim that you can achieve anything you want with the power of positive thoughts.

Anything? Does that mean you can become an NBA superstar, even though you’re 5’5”, 50 years old, can’t jump or run, and aren’t a team player?

Perhaps not. But certainly, your thoughts and focus influence your reality, within the confines of your fate (much of which is set before your birth).

Your fate has a lot to do with your abilities and what you can achieve.

For example, in our many years of empirical research, we’ve found that one’s psychic ability is mostly inborn, just like other talents people possess, such as athleticism, business knowhow, interpersonal skills (including good parenting ability), and musical talent.

Are inborn abilities just chance in a chaotic universe, completely random? Are they “gifts” from some higher power? We don’t believe so. Instead, we’ve found that everything you’re good at now, you’ve practiced many times in past lives. Your inherent skills (and those in which you are deficient) are part of your fate (which is the same thing as destiny).

Fortunately, we’ve also found that everyone has free will to make the most of their fate and their lives. You may not have what it takes to be a professional athlete, but you can still enjoy the game. It may be that your desire to be a star, if strong enough and you practice enough, will carry over into future lives where you’ll finally have your chance.

It’s up to you: you can focus on negative thoughts and life’s problems that you have no control over, or you can do the opposite and use the power of your mind to transform your life.

Below are 25 magic affirmations to help you be more intuitive and have psychic dreams. The more you repeat one or more to yourself, the more your mind will accept them and play along since the subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

Note: affirmations or subliminal MP3s work using “you” or “I.” But, “you” can be more effective for skeptics, and ”I” can produce better results if you don’t like following direction. Repetition, which is one of the keys with affirmations and subliminal MP3s, will overcome either hurdle.

I am recalling my psychic dreams

I am remembering more of my dreams as time goes on

I write down my dreams as soon as I wake up, which helps me remember them

Remembering my dreams is fun

I am remembering detailed information from my dreams

My dreams are easy to understand

I am able to distinguish between psychic dreams and nonsense dreams

I’m becoming more and more psychic

I’m trusting my psychic impressions

I am accepting my psychic abilities

I am developing my intuition by meditating daily

I am making time to meditate daily

I enjoy meditating

Meditation calms me

Meditation centers me

Meditation rewards me

I am improving my focus in meditation

I trust my intuition

I pay attention to my intuition

I am getting better at reading people

I sense energy from other people

Answers to my questions come to me

I am seeing, hearing, and sensing answers

I am always protected by white Light

I remember to consciously protect myself with white Light

Now that you know your thoughts influence your reality, you can use these affirmations to be more intuitive and have psychic dreams

Similar affirmations and more are included in the Be More Intuitive and Psychic Dreaming Soundless Subliminal™ Just press “play” and let this powerful MP3 do all the work!

Copyright © 2017 Stephen Petullo, Scott Petullo

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Good Karma and Bad Karma–Past Lives of Celebrities

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Most people don’t realize that you can’t have karma without reincarnation, and the theory of reincarnation dictates you are the sum total of all your prior existences.

Even though you don’t consciously remember, all your actions in past lives, negative and positive, created the challenges and rewards you experience today, along with your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual being.

While our findings show there may be some exceptions (such as select souls choosing to incarnate with challenges they didn’t earn with the intent of helping humanity through their trials), you are a sum total of all your past lives.

Although we acknowledge that reincarnation is a theory we can’t prove as fact, we’re convinced it’s a natural part of the evolution of the soul. We also accept that some prefer to view reincarnation as a metaphor. Either way, the concept helps to understand humanity, which leads to more compassion.

Over twenty-five years of empirical research involving this topic along with countless past life regressions (our own and others’), allows us to perceive spontaneous past life insight of family, friends, and strangers. Sometimes we perceive a general past life theme, which is always related to the current life circumstances, instead of details like who or where.

Past lives of celebrities:

This Hollywood star earned an academy award while still in his twenties. Critics say his famous director uncle helped his career, but we see him as a 1920 film star whose career was unjustly cut short, as well as a talented actor in several other past lives (spanning back to ancient times) who didn’t yet get the rewards he had earned. Thus, he was born into the perfect circumstances this time to reap the benefits of lifetimes of hard work. His connections are an example of how things that seem “undeserved” or “unearned” on the surface, sometimes aren’t.

This socialist dictator of a South American country who died with a net worth of 2 billion USD told his citizens regularly, in so many words, that rich people are bad and socialism is good, while the country’s economy deteriorated to desperate conditions. A key past life of his was as a ruthless crony capitalist business titan. Based on his life in South America, he still hadn’t learned his lessons about treating others as you want to be treated. He’ll have to come back and balance a lot of karma, considering his actions that resulted in millions suffering in poverty.

Although it’s only rock and roll, this legendary rocker has used his savvy business sense to reap huge profits from his and his band mate’s talents. He’s enjoyed a decades-long career and it’s difficult to imagine any young band today matching their longevity. We see him in past lives as someone who was forced to endure long-term solitude, perhaps as a prisoner, which led him to having to balance, in future lifetimes, the lack of sensual gratification. Depravation of one’s sensual appetite can manifest as too much of a good thing in following lives. We also see him as a successful merchant in more than one lifetime, as well as a well-known performer for the court in renaissance times.

His top rated cable news political show makes him a star on the political right, yet excessively rigid positions on abortion and the failed drug war (he’s in favor of it) may point to subconscious, hidden guilt from one or more past lives where he abused his power relating to these two issues. Perhaps he advocated the killing of innocents pertaining to the opium trade in ancient China.

She’s a star on the left and has her own cable TV news show. An out of the closet Caucasian lesbian, she makes no secret of her disdain of conservative, white males. We see her as a bigoted white male in a past life, one who treated women unfairly. She has returned to balance her karma, and her current career helps her to do this.

This NBA star retired in the 1990s and is recognized as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, to ever play the game. We believe he’s enjoying power and glory this time from many lifetimes involving military, spanning back to ancient times. His prominence goes back through the Middle East, including ancient Egypt and Babylon. We sense he subconsciously, while on the court, experienced the game as doing battle like he’s done successfully so many times in the past.

We believe it’s uncommon for a person to be famous in the majority of their lifetimes. Instead, souls rise and fall on the fame (or infamy) meter throughout their various incarnations. Even though you’re not famous now, you may have been in one or more past lives, or you may be in a future life. Famous or not, what ultimately matters most is how you handle your important life lessons.

You don’t need to be a celebrity to benefit from our Spiritual Detox MP3 and, or free script.

Copyright © 2016 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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31 Examples of Your Spiritual Progress

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Sometimes the most spiritually aware and evolved individuals question whether or not they are good people, which is a sign of humility. Alternatively, some of the most difficult troublemakers on the planet assume they are advanced souls.

Many humans strive to treat others as they want to be treated. Others are too focused on themselves or don’t comprehend the spiritual importance of it.

You probably accept basic spiritual tenets, such as karma and fate, if you regularly read our articles. Thus, you likely value spiritual awareness and doing the right thing, and may have made more spiritual progress than you realize.

Below are 31 examples of your spiritual progress of which you should be proud.

You are gentle and understanding with yourself and others because you know Earth can be an extremely challenging place of learning.

You are humble and try not to let praise go to your head.

You love yourself unconditionally first instead of projecting all your love onto a romantic partner, especially someone who doesn’t respect you and, or isn’t in love with you.

You avoid attempting to control people in order to meet your needs or desires.

You give your partner the freedom to be true to himself or herself.

You love a friend enough to gently tell him what he needs to hear, even if the truth stings.

You let the little things slide and focus on what really matters.

You don’t pursue friendships or relationships for the wrong reasons.

You put your child’s needs ahead of your needs or desires.

You refrain from judging something or someone before you know the facts.

You respectfully stand up for your rights.

You question everything rather than accepting anything blindly, even when the source is a doctor, religious leader, scientist, or other widely respected figure in society.

You trust your intuition instead of only believing in what you can see, hear, touch, or prove.

You keep intuitive insight about someone’s personal life to yourself when there’s no good reason to share it; with awareness comes responsibility.

You try to be civil to people who aren’t.

You’ve done something nice for someone because you knew they were having a bad day.

You do the right thing even when no one is looking.

You judge people based on the content of their character rather than their color, sexual orientation, sex life, gender, appearance, status, or material possessions.

You’ve helped or mentored someone who needed it, with no expectations of anything in return.

You consider and care how your actions affect other people, and you take responsibility for your actions.

You look for the truth and scrutinize your own actions before you blame someone else.

You’ve stood up for the truth and defended someone you knew was innocent.

You’re honest with yourself and others as much as possible.

You give credit where credit is due.

You say what you mean and mean what you say.

You respect yourself enough to guard against people using or corrupting you.

You try to see bad people as teachers rather than devils.

You try to focus on the lesson and bright side of difficult situations.

You accept what you can’t change and focus on what you can.

You strive to remain fair and reasonable rather than getting carried away with emotions.

You realize it’s normal to feel negative emotions, but make an effort to detach from them in order to avoid negative behavior, which can be the result of unchecked emotions

No one is perfect and most people don’t manage to always live up to every one of these ideals. After all, everyone is here to learn and grow. But as long as you make an effort, you will be making spiritual progress, creating good karma, and contributing to a better world.

Our Direct Your Destiny e-package gives you tools and insight to cut through the New Age nonsense, tap into your spiritual power, and make spiritual progress and the most of your life.
Copyright © 2016 Stephen Petullo, Scott Petullo

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Life After Death–A Tale of Two Different Viewpoints

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The life after death debate includes two main viewpoints. Either you believe in life after death (the afterworld, or heaven), or you believe that once you die your consciousness simply ceases to exist.

Below we outline the two general belief systems regarding the life after death debate symbolized by two different individuals.

1. The first person believes in the body and mind and nothing else.

He believes the concepts of heaven and hell are myths and the universe is chaotic and isn’t interconnected with humans.

Modern scientific tenets are the foundation of his beliefs; his schooling taught him that if it can’t be proven by today’s scientific method, it’s not valid.

After all, if metaphysical concepts were “valid,” they would be embraced by modern science, right? To believe in such mystical matters goes against everything he’s been taught and he certainly doesn’t want to be known as someone who has fringe beliefs.

His wife died over a decade ago when he was in his early forties and, understandably, it was one of the most difficult times of his life.

He appreciated his good friend suggesting he consider that maybe she’ll be waiting for him on the other side, but he won’t have anything to do with the idea of heaven or an afterlife. It’s unfortunate, because if there is an afterlife, and we believe there is, an understanding of it makes death easier to deal with.

2. The second person embraces the concepts of reincarnation, past lives, karma, fate, and the afterlife. He believes the soul is eternal and that it experiences a series of existences, with various levels of awareness and karmic debits and credits.

To those who believe humans are exclusively a body and brain, without a soul and spiritual connection to a higher power, he suggests they have a session with a talented medium.

It may sound heartless to suggest that everyone has their destined time of death, particularly when loved ones are suffering from the loss. But our findings show that those who cross over to the other side watch over you and you will see them again. They’re always around to help when you need them and they hear you when you speak to them.

Recently an acquaintance’s father died and not long after, while thinking of him, he appeared to come forward while we were in a meditative state. It seemed he thought since we acknowledged his presence on the other side and knew his son, we would be able to send a message to him.

It wasn’t clear what he was saying and it may have been simply to tell him he loves him and will see him again, but it presented a problem. We know the son isn’t receptive in the least to the concept of the afterworld, and if we told him his father made contact with us, our acquaintance likely wouldn’t appreciate it. Thus, we refrained from doing so.

Regardless, it was amusing when the deceased father said something like “you shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house” after we had a fleeting thought of past (innocuous) bad behavior on the part of the son. “Hey, we’re not judging, it was just one of several memories relating to your son, who is a good guy” we said to him with a smile.

Although the loss of loved ones is never easy, it’s comforting to embrace the hope of seeing them again. Understanding reincarnation, karma, and the other side also gives greater meaning to life and empowers you with a sense of interconnectedness with everyone and the universe.

Our Direct Your Destiny e-package helps you increase your awareness of souls on the other side and make the most of your fate.

Copyright © 2016 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

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Spiritual Advice You Should Ignore Part II

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Thanks to modern technology and the Internet, you’ll find an abundance of spiritual information online when you seek answers to your spiritual questions. Unfortunately, so much of it is spiritual advice you should ignore.

Throughout over 30 years of extensive metaphysical and spiritual exploration, we’ve never adhered to only one system, religion, or outlook. Instead, we use intuition, reason, common sense, and long-term observation to discover what works.

Below is some of the spiritual advice we’ve found that is best ignored since it’s unhelpful or even dangerous.

Vegan and vegetarian diets are the most spiritual. If this kind of diet works for you, great, but eating animals doesn’t incur negative karma. Also, every body is different, and some people cannot thrive on such a diet, especially over a long period.

Feng Shui will bring you everything you want. We’ve found that Feng Shui can be helpful if the focus is on directional Feng Shui and the structure of the home, not simply colors or lucky charms. Also, it won’t override your fate or enable you to create what isn’t already destined for you.

Your problems are the result of bad energy or a curse. Any psychic who makes this claim and says she can clear your aura for thousands of dollars probably doesn’t even know how to identify negative energy or clear it.

Demons (or dark energy) don’t exist unless you give them energy. We used to believe that, until we delved deeply into the topic, and learned the truth about spirit releasement, possession, and Spiritual Detox, and cleared our own energy fields of spiritual debris. Since then, we’ve learned to recognize the signs of possession and attachment and cleared many people and places.

Black magic is not bad, just another form of energy. Any form of black magic is tapping into dark energy and is usually about manipulation instead of wanting what’s best for everyone involved. Avoid it at all costs or you’ll be a slave to dark energy for a very long time. The saying “selling your soul” is exactly what happens when you exploit dark energy.

Use spells to create what you want. Be very careful with spells, especially old spells that can draw forth generations of fears and negative energy. Have only good intentions and never attempt to control someone or you’ll create negative karma for yourself.

Some psychics can bring a lover back. Anyone who says that is a charlatan and should be avoided. Even if they do have the ability to influence your lover, it will create negative karma for you and you can’t cheat fate if they’re not destined to return.

A soul has to wait a certain number of years before reincarnating. Every soul is different. Some may wait many years, and some jump back into a body as soon as possible, depending upon what they need and want to accomplish.

Each soul incarnates a certain number of times. There is no set number of incarnations. Some get it right in fewer incarnations but most choose to return over and over to work through their karma.

A soul only incarnates into a certain race, country, religion, or gender. Most souls choose to experience all of them.

You only live once. Your current personality may only live once, but your soul comes back again and again.

You are doomed if you don’t follow a particular religion or belief. You don’t need religion to do the right thing and treat others as you want to be treated.

Your Twin Soul is your perfect match who was created for you. Our findings completely invalidate this notion.

You only have one soul mate. Yet another romantic myth. You have many, and most are more for personal growth than romantic bliss.

You can manifest your soul mate. This is wishful thinking. If you are destined to meet a compatible soul mate, you can use your free will to reach that goal. If you are not destined to meet a good, lasting match at this time, you won’t.

Our Direct Your Destiny e-package gives you tools and insight to cut through the New Age nonsense, tap into your spiritual power, and make the most of your life.

Copyright © 2016 Stephen Petullo, Scott Petullo

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Spiritual Advice You Should Ignore Part I

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There’s no shortage of spiritual information online. Seek answers, and you shall find helpful information. But you’ll also find plenty of spiritual advice you should ignore.

We started exploring metaphysical and spiritual subjects over thirty years ago. In our exhaustive searches and studies, we never followed only one religion, outlook, guru, or system. Instead, we like to try and test many options, then apply reason, intuition, and long-term observation to determine what works, and what doesn’t.

Below is a collection of the spiritual advice we’ve found isn’t helpful, or worse, even harmful.

Check your horoscope. Horoscopes and computer generated astrology reports are too general to be accurate.

Have your chart done. Unless the astrologer is very psychic and uses a basic chart as a touchstone for insight, one single chart, the basic natal modern astrology chart, is merely an introduction. Your comprehensive natal and timing patterns, comprised of hundreds of factors, tell the real story, mitigating or supporting any single notion found in the basic chart.

Numerology and astrology are only about possibilities, not predicting fate. We’ve found that ancient, comprehensive numerology and astrology can predict fate, if you go deep enough. The “only possibilities” mantra is based on trivialities and distortions of these ancient sciences.

You can change your destiny and nothing is set in stone. We’ve found that most significant events in your life, those you need to experience in order to learn, balance karma, or reap your rewards, are set up before your birth. Thus, many of your core life circumstances and events are set in stone.

Take drugs for a vision quest or spiritual trip. All drugs lower your resistance to and attract spiritual troublemakers and parasites. Use meditation, not drugs, to grow spiritually.

Past lives don’t matter. They don’t matter until you realize how much (a lot) the subconscious memories, emotions and karma from them are influencing your current life. You are a collection of your experiences from past lives, and your current life often mirrors your past lives.

You can erase your karma. It’s obvious to us, after 1000s of past life regressions, that everything you do and say will come back to you, even for people who don’t believe in past lives. Forgiveness and acceptance can ease karma, but you can’t overcome it without wading through your (karmic) experiences.

You need to be in a relationship to grow spiritually. Perhaps for certain lessons with certain people, but relationships can also keep you stuck. Learning to enjoy being alone at least some of the time can help you make strides in your spiritual and personal growth.

The Secret, a popular book published in 2006, can help you achieve any goal you want. Unfortunately, such New Age advice about the law of attraction leaves out very important parts of the puzzle: It’s only one law, and other spiritual laws, such as the laws of karma and fate, supersede the law of attraction. In other words, if it’s not your fate to be fabulously wealthy, famous, or a best-selling author, it’s not going to happen. The good news is that if it is your fate, you will be able to use your free will to make it happen. Even if it’s not, from a spiritual perspective, the experience of trying to reach a goal is more important than reaching it.

If you believe you can achieve. By all means, shoot for the stars. But it’s important to be realistic too. Otherwise, you’ll burn yourself out and not have enough energy to focus on meeting the goals that are part of your destiny.

What you desire is your “birthright.” Sometimes yes, other times no. Just because you want something doesn’t mean you’ve earned it through good karma.

A vow of poverty is pious and honorable. This implies that making money is a bad thing, which is false as long as you earn it honestly. If you want to be a martyr and add more struggle to your life, go ahead, but we don’t recommend it.

Our Direct Your Destiny e-package gives you tools and insight to cut through the New Age nonsense, tap into your spiritual power, and make the most of your life.

Copyright © 2016 Stephen Petullo, Scott Petullo

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26 Things You Won’t Say or Do on the Other Side Part II

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Based on life-after-life accounts from past life regression, the research of Stafford Betty, and Near Death Experiences (NDEs), the afterworld is quite different than life on Earth. One main reason is that you, or your soul, is no longer confined by the limits of your body and mind.

The list in this article is about life after death in the Light, where most souls go after shedding their body. Some souls go to levels of a lower vibration, but they always have the choice to call out for help, embrace the Light and work to progress to higher levels.

Below are 11 things you won’t say or do on the other side.

Be racist or accuse others of race privilege

You’ll be able to clearly perceive all your other lifetimes you’ve lived as all or most races. Because of this, souls understand race is a temporary facade, so racism doesn’t exist on the other side. Souls can also see that those screaming the loudest on Earth about privilege likely abused it in past lives.

Be sexist or accuse others of gender privilege

All souls can see that they’ve experienced lives as both male and female in order to learn and grow, so gender privilege is a non-issue.

Feel guilty or envious about finances or status

Instead, you’ll perceive all your previous lifetimes spanning back thousands of years as rich, poor, and in-between, and realize the karmic reasons and lessons for each.

Feel cheated about family, friendships, love life, or health

You’ll understand that everyone earned it, or needed to experience it for growth and that they chose it, on a soul level.

Feel guilty for not strictly adhering to religious doctrine

There is no required religion, thus no one will give you any rules about how often or whom you are supposed to worship.

Be an atheist

On the lower planes souls can choose to deny a higher power. But once they go into the Light, they realize there is no religion, yet it’s also impossible to ignore the energy of God or a higher power. They also realize that it’s okay to be an atheist while incarnated; it won’t disqualify you from entering the other side after death.

“I’m too old”

While souls have varying degrees of wisdom and numbers of lifetimes, there are no physical body constraints. Many souls appear as they did on Earth in their last lifetime, but at their most vibrant and in their physical prime (many who’ve had near death experiences say souls look about 30 years old).

Forget your loved ones who are still incarnated on Earth

Many on the other side help their incarnated loved ones by sending them love and inspiration.

Be lazy

After souls rest and recuperate, particularly after a rough incarnation, they have more than enough energy to reflect on past life mistakes, learn, and plan for their next incarnation or the next level of their growth.

Assume that in order to be metaphysically aware, you must wear a robe, meditate all day, and live in a remote mountainous region

Instead, you’ll look back on all the people in your previous incarnation and you might be shocked about the soul level of some of them beneath the surface. Some of the most seemingly mundane individuals are sometimes the most spiritually advanced souls.

Make metaphysical concepts seem much more complex than they really are to sell more books (hi Deepak!)

Spiritual truths are simple on the other side.
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26 Things You Won’t Say or Do on the Other Side Part I

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Based on our experience with past life regression, life-between-life regression, documented near death experiences, and the after life research of Stafford Betty, we believe there is nothing to fear about death.

When you shed your physical body, your soul moves on to a different dimension. Once there, since you’ll no longer be confined by the limits of your physical body, mind, biases, excuses, fears, and earthly programming, your perception of yourself and your actions in all your past lives will be crystal clear.

You likely have a lot to look forward to after this life, especially if you try to be a good person in this life. Bad people are not punished on the other side, but they will have to return to Earth and make up for their actions.

The list below applies to the after-life realms we call “the Light.” This is where most souls go after death of the body. Dark or lower vibration realms also exist, where souls who match that energy go, but they always have the option of turning away from the darkness and progressing to the higher realms.

Below are 15 things you won’t say or do on the other side.

Deny reincarnation

After death of the body and entering the other side, it’s obvious to all souls, sometimes painfully, that reincarnation and karma are far more than just theories.

Hold a grudge

Your soul will understand both sides of any conflict, the intended lessons, and why it’s in your best interest to forgive yourself and anyone who ever hurt you while incarnated.

Feel prolonged despair over a lost love

Since you’ll be reunited with lost loves on the other side, understand the reasons for the loss, and more importantly, see through all the romantic and earthly illusion, you might think you made life more difficult for yourself by prolonging the suffering.

Feel like time is running out to find a partner, have a baby, get rich, or reach other earthly goals

You won’t strive for these goals there, but you might plan for them in future lifetimes, and realize you’ll experience what you need to at the right time in the right lifetimes.

Feel lonely

You’ll experience so much love and support that you won’t have room for it.

Force a friendship or relationship for the wrong reasons

All your needs are met, so there’s no reason to exploit anyone for anything.

Be unhappily single

There’s no lack of love, thus no need for romantic relationships, but you can experience one if you choose to.

Lie to anyone, including yourself

Most humans tell white lies occasionally, but after death all is seen in the Light of truth, so it’s impossible to be anything but completely honest. There’s no hiding from the truth after you shed your earthly body and ego.

Manipulate a loved one

Love can only be unconditional there, so you won’t be able to control anyone or carry out a hidden agenda.

Be excessively selfish

Everyone on Earth is selfish to some degree, but since you’ll be extremely empathic, you won’t want to be.

Feel guilty about sex

You won’t feel the need to have sex, but you can if you choose to. You also might feel bewildered by the amount of shame associated with sex and nudity on Earth.

Be plagued by excessive morality and dogma

For example, you’ll realize that “sex without marriage is bad” is a belief of man, not God.

Believe that money is evil

You’ll understand that it’s not bad to make and enjoy money while incarnated, as long as you aren’t hurting anyone in the process.

Work for money

Souls work on themselves, rather than for a paycheck, in between lifetimes.


You’ll have all you need so you won’t need to. Also, you’ll fully understand that even minor theft and other negative behavior when incarnated will incur negative karma that you’ll have to balance.

Our Direct Your Destiny e-package helps you get in touch with your inner magic–a surefire way to get centered with a special meditation audio MP3 that automatically puts your mind in a meditative state and much more.

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