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A complete e-package of vital,
yet sensible
and practical
spiritual guidance and tools!

Stop wasting time with New Age illusion and hype
and begin to know your true path in life.

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The Direct Your Destiny™ e-package is currently unavailable while we update it.

However, you can sign up and download the free version of the Direct Your Destiny™ e-package, a PDF e-book.

Here is just some of the invaluable information you will find in the free version of the Direct Your Destiny™ e-package:

— The Law of Attraction and 13 Other Spiritual Laws
— Mystic’s Magic Formula
— Getting Centered; the First Step to Awakening Your Awareness
— Spiritual Cleansing, Protection, and Help
— Ghosts, Spirits & Lost Souls – What You Can do to Get Them to Stop Waking You up at Night
— Spiritual Protection – Symptoms of Spiritual Hitchhikers and Demons and How to Clear Your Aura
— Spiritual, Occult & Metaphysical Studies Here’s How You Can Start on The Right Track
— A Closer Look at Karma, Reincarnation, Free Will and Fate
— Redefining How You Perceive New Love Interests
— Numerology & Astrology – Predicting When You’ll Have Good Love
— Love and Marriage – Why Fate and Karma Make it or Break it
— Love Relationships & Karma – The Good, Fair, and Impossible
— Past Life Regression & Hypnosis – Why it’s as Safe as Meditation & Why Some Don’t Perceive Much
— Be Cautious of the Following When Hiring a Psychic
— Two of the Mystic’s Favorite Tools
— Psychic Prediction–The Inside Scoop from Two Professional Psychics
— Astrology & Numerology – Why a Comprehensive Approach with the Languages of Fate is Necessary
— Modern Astrology & Subjectivity – Twins Expose Major Flaws of Modern Astrological Methods
— Numerology & Subconscious Mind – What it Means to Keep Seeing the Same Numbers Over and Over
— Why it’s Important to Avoid Drugs
— Psychic/Meditative State Script
— “What if I’ve followed the meditation advice and still can’t focus or go deep?”

Sign up and download the free Direct Your Destiny™ PDF e-book here!

The free Direct Your Destiny™ PDF doesn’t include the e-products, but does include invaluable ancient wisdom, spiritual tips, and insights derived from thousands of hours of empirical research


Everything you’ll be able to do with the full Direct Your Destiny™ e-package.

How we stand apart from others in the spiritual, self-help, and New Age industry.

Top 12 reasons why the Direct Your Destiny™ e-package is worth your money.

Detailed summary of everything you get with the Direct Your Destiny™ e-package.


Table of contents   Introduction

90 Day Guarantee:
Use the information and product-packed Direct Your Destiny™ for 90 days and see for yourself the mechanics of predestination, how to awaken your awareness, and how to make the most of your life. If you’re not delighted with the results, we’ll refund 100% of your investment.

We know what you’re thinking. You’re fed up with promises of enlightenment and life mastery and you’ve become skeptical of New Age and spiritual offerings.

We don’t blame you. We traveled the same, time consuming road ourselves and it took us many years to separate the gold nuggets of wisdom and actual worthy methodologies and truths from the mud.

This is like no other New Age or spiritual offering. It’s an ALL-INCLUSIVE SPIRITUAL TOOLS, TIPS, METHODS, INSIGHTS AND ANCIENT WISDOM E-PACKAGE. We not only give you directions on how to make the most of your life and get more of what you want, but the tools to help you achieve your goals!

In fact, we’re proud to say that this is the ONLY e-package of its kind that actually GUARANTEES that you will go within, connect with your higher-self, awaken your inner awareness, identify and overcome subconscious blocks, gain more peace of mind, experience a more fulfilling life, and upgrade your love life, passion, career, finances and more!

We remove all the guesswork, wasted time, and frustration related to…

Spiritually cleansing and protecting yourself
Getting centered
Gaining spiritual awareness
Maximizing personal growth
Upgrading your love life
Igniting your passion
Tapping into your hidden inner wisdom to improve your
career, finances, and appearance

Much more, guaranteed!

Now, for one low price, we take you by the hand and teach
you step-by-step how to make huge strides in your spiritual
journey and level of awareness, and get more satisfaction in life.

Goodbye blocks to success,
hello happiness and living a life that is truly you!


Have you tried self-help or spiritual methods to achieve your goals, but you still don’t have the results you hoped for?

There’s a reason why and few people mention or even know about it.

You can have much of what you want in life, but there’s a catch: There are other spiritual laws besides the law of attraction that are important to consider and you’ll only be able to manifest something if it’s part of your destiny/personal fate.

Many self-help and spiritual authors don’t mention and, or know this, but we’ve found it to be true in our extensive empirical research since 1992, even for those who don’t believe in spiritual laws like predestination.

The good news: When you are aware of and work in accordance with all important spiritual laws, use the right tools, apply your free will and take action at the right time, and your aspirations are aligned with your destined path, you will achieve you dreams.

Are you ready to go within, connect with your higher-self, and awaken your inner awareness for a more peaceful and fulfilling life?

Are you ready to be more aware of what is part of your path and what is not?

Are you ready to upgrade your love life, passion, career, finances, and more?

Personal, predetermined fate exists (we explain in the e-book and e-package how we arrived at this conclusion), as do other spiritual laws (we show you how to work with them to your advantage), but you can use your free will, within the confines of that fate, along with the special e-products in this package, to get more of what you want in life.

There is no simple, over-night solution to have everything you want, but we give you the thoroughly tested, pragmatic methods, tools, easy to follow step-by-step instructions, and easy to read (no deciphering of enigmatic prose necessary!), inside information and mystic methods to make significant progress in your spiritual and earthly journey, and get more of what you want, and less of what you don’t. Guaranteed!


Owning this package is like having your own
personal, private, modern day mystic
all the tips and tools you need to live
your highest potential!

To our knowledge, no one else offers such a complete, unique,

and potent package of spiritual insight and tools to
help you reach your most cherished goals.

With everything we’re giving you ($184.00 in e-products alone, as well as a vast amount of time-tested, invaluable ancient wisdom, spiritual tips, methods, and insights derived from thousands of hours of empirical research), don’t you think this should be “expensive?”

Our peers in the industry say we should be charging at least $200 for this e-package.

But you’re NOT going to pay $200.00.
You’re NOT going to pay $175.00
You’re NOT even going to pay $150.00

Act Now and take advantage of our special offer– the cost for the entire Direct Your Destiny™ e-package is only $99.95.


Also, you get our exclusive  90 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee.

You read it right. Go through the entire Direct Your Destiny™ e-package and use everything you’ve learned for a full 90 days. And within 90 days if you have followed our advice but still did not gain unique awareness and make progress in your life, and if you are not delighted with the results, simply let us know and we will refund 100% of your investment.
For just a one-time investment of $99.95, you’re getting a value of over $184.00 worth of e-products alone, plus loads of time-tested, invaluable information!

To Your Spiritual and Earthly Success,

The Mystic Twins
Scott Petullo and Stephen Petullo

Direct Your Destiny
™ e-package
is in a PDF format.
Get the free Adobe PDF Reader download here.