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Forgiveness and Letting Go Subliminal MP3 Suggestions             

You forgive everyone and everyone forgives you.

You forgive your colleagues for their errors of judgment.

You forgive your family.

You forgive your friends.

You forgive your manager.

You forgive your mate for mistakes.

You forgive your parents for their mistakes.

You forgive yourself for your mistakes.

You forgive yourself.

You forgive other people’s mistakes.

You forgive other people’s weaknesses.

You forgive others.

You forgive.

You release all anger.

You release and let go of addictions to people and things that keep you from your highest purpose.

You release and let go of any beliefs that keep you from fully loving and forgiving yourself and others.

You release anger.

You release anxiety.

You release any beliefs or obstacles to success.

You release doubt.

You release guilt.

You release stress.

You are totally responsible for your life, and no longer blame others.

You are in charge of your feelings.

You no longer choose to carry the heavy burden of the past with you.

You love your source of power.

You release everyone and everyone releases you.

You see the whole picture.

You are open to insights from your higher self.

You make wise choices.

You see clearly.

You are accepted.

You are accepting.

You let go of judgment.

You breathe deeply and relax.

You express your feelings easily.



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