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Improving Appearance and becoming sexier Subliminal MP3 Suggestions             

Everything is getting better for you

Life is getting better each and every day.

Life is exciting.

Life is fantastic.

Life is fun.

Life is great.

Life is wonderful.

You are happy and relaxed and it shows.

You accept and deserve perfect health.

Unlimited good health is yours.

You love your body and treat it with total respect.

Your body and mind are calm and relaxed.

Your body feels comfortable.

Your body is strong and beautiful.

Your body is perfect, powerful and efficient.

Your body regenerates itself and builds perfectly.

You are happy and relaxed and it shows.

You remain balanced and centered.

You are confident and self-assured.

You respect your body and yourself.

You eat the foods that work for your body and avoid those that don’t.

You have the self-discipline to exercise and do what you need to do to look and feel your best.

You love yourself and strive to look and be your best every day.

You accept that it’s okay for you to look good.

You deserve to look good.

Your skin is supple and vibrant.

Your skin is young looking, clear and healthy.

You are finding new ways to look younger, healthier and sexier.

It’s okay for you to look and feel sexy.

You deserve to look and feel sexy.

You’re finding new ways to look, feel, and be sexy.

You radiate youth, confidence, and sex appeal.

You are happy and relaxed and it shows.



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