Languages of Fate, Astrology & Numerology – Why a Comprehensive Approach is Necessary

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While we agree that comprehensive numerology and astrology are very involved areas of study, we acknowledge that some, much lighter uses such as newspaper and magazine “horoscopes” serve the purpose of providing an introduction to these esoteric sciences.

Numerology, astrology, graphology, tarot, and other predictive and personality assessment sciences are like foreign languages. As you learn the rules defining the structure, meaning is extracted.

Accurate predictive, personality, and compatibility analysis work demands that every method and technique be continually and critically reviewed and reassessed. If it proves to be invalid, it must be abandoned.

Through discipline and consistent application in learning astrology and numerology, the languages of fate, patterns begin to emerge. Ultimately the student becomes proficient in quickly transmuting abstract patterns into intuitive, distinct understanding, which is accessed instantly and unreflectively, without calculation and consideration. The process of instantaneously translating configurations into pure insight is crucial to accurate delineation and prediction.

For example, you spot several distinct patterns in the comprehensive charts that, in your experience, have always symbolized wide-spread recognition and fame. You also see that the charts are void of any significant mitigating factors. These notions are brought to the forefront of your consciousness immediately, and since you also notice the bulk of the subject’s upcoming medium-term and long-term timing supporting this dynamic, you’re confident of her impending popularity and success.

Alternatively, you see patterns of infamy and disgrace (with an overall lack of patterns reflecting the opposite) in the charts of a different subject and know that he will be under supportive timing for that dynamic so you quickly conclude that he won’t be a fan favorite.

Someone might ask, “Doesn’t the second subject have a ‘choice’ to avoid relative obscurity?” No. You must look beyond mere conscious desire and consider the bigger picture: the soul chooses its fate for specific reasons relating to spiritual growth. The reasons may be rewarding or challenging, but since they are chosen by the soul, they are unavoidable by the personality; soul to personality or ego is analogous to a Nobel Laureate in Literature to a child who is learning the alphabet.

The possible patterns in the charts are infinite and relate to every area of life.

Worth mentioning also is the intuitive factor. These sciences are often appropriately called “intuitive arts.” A balance of reason and intuition combine to form a powerful force and allow for increased levels of accuracy.

This type of work leaves a person incapable of seeing things as they appear to be. When the analyst views birth data he or she sees not only the raw data, but the underlying energy that comprises the personality and personal time cycles of the comprehensive charts. The same is true of all people they meet and the life circumstances in which they find themselves; seeing things as they are, instead of how they appear to be, becomes the norm. This is only a curse if they insist on viewing life from a purely material, non-spiritual perspective.

Ultimately, astrology, numerology, and other metaphysical tools are a study of the meaning of life and are fantastic for self-discovery.

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