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Let Go™ MP3 audio & Meditative State Script

Meditation made easy ● Meditate Like a Mystic ● Relax ● Sleep Better

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$14.95  Let Go™ MP3 (33 min.) and Psychic/Meditative State Script

Instant Access Audio Download

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PLEASE NOTE: You shouldn’t use brainwave entrainment audios like Let Go™ if you have seizures, epilepsy, a heart disorder, or a pacemaker.

This MP3 music for meditation audio and script are included in the Direct Your Destiny™ e-package.

canstockphoto1274262We understand, we’ve been there. It’s not easy to start meditating. Who has time for a lengthy daily meditation? This audio helps you to finally achieve a solid meditative state, in minutes.

Put those lousy meditation attempts behind you so you can gain a new feeling of being centered and grounded, balance your energy, and gain a sense of inner peace.

It’s a little known fact that once you get into the habit of regular meditation and you do it right, like this audio helps you to, your brain releases a feel-good brain opiate. This audio will help you crave meditation over time and your life will change for the better.

Would you like to avoid “monkey-mind” and be more intuitive?

You’ve probably heard about the many benefits of regular meditation, such as feeling more relaxed and centered, being more aware, and even sleeping and looking better. But many people have told us that they have trouble meditating, or don’t have time to meditate.

Rather than distracting instrumentals, this MP3 contains subtle and relaxing tones and binaural beat technology that eases your mind into an automatic meditative state.

“I have been able to meditate for the first time with the Let Go audio. You have both been great and very helpful. Thank you both. Blessings” -Rosaria Rita Lake, Tucson, AZ

What is Let Go™?

The Let Go™ audio MP3 is our solution to help you reap the benefits of meditation, go deeper in less time, and perceive the answers you seek within. Also included is our Meditative State Script, which has many tips and tricks we use to go deeper and obtain intuitive insight.

The Let Go™ audio MP3 is not a verbal, guided meditation, but instead utilizes specific binaural beats that automatically put you into a trance. No effort required. All you do is turn it on and Let Go™.

Let Go™ is a binaural brainwave audio, also known as “idosing.” It is a scientific and proven way to enter a deep state of meditation. It is completely safe with no side effects, as safe as meditation.

Contrary to what some marketers claim (who hide anonymously behind their websites and offer no money back guarantees), binaural brainwave audios cannot mimic different states that result from medication or street drugs, which are harmful. Binaural brainwave audios can induce a deep state of meditation, which is healthy and beneficial.

The unique tricks and techniques included in the script and the sophisticated, mind-captivating audio technology of this extraordinary audio will allow you to focus intently and go deeper than you ever have before, and in less time.

$14.95 Let Go™ MP3 (33 min.) and Psychic/Meditative State Script

Instant Access Audio Download

“This time it seemed almost effortless.”

“I just finished meditating to the Let Go audio. It was extremely relaxing. I felt surrounded by loving beings and a very slight pressure on my third eye. I can see how this meditation can be very beneficial. I received no particular insight, but with me sometimes there is a slight delay. Also, I have never meditated on any kind of regular basis. This time it seemed almost effortless. It was a wonderful experience.” -Mary Jayne Herfurth, Gulfport, MS

Benefits of the Let Go™ and Psychic/Meditative State Script:

Enter a meditative state with ease: Relax and let go just by turning on and listening to the audio.

Easy meditation instruction: Since the Let Go™ audio recording is perfect to use while you meditate, every purchase includes a free copy of our Psychic/Meditative State Script. With these simple, step-by-step instructions, you’ll find that meditation is a lot easier than you may think. We’ll also tell you how to avoid the typical meditation blocks and show you how to tap your inner guidance. All your answers really are inside of you.

Many uses: The Let Go™ may be used with your eyes closed while relaxing or meditating. It may be used with your eyes open, playing in the background, while you do other things (you’ll find that you get more into whatever you’re doing and time will pass more quickly). You might feel more focused, lightly relaxed, deeply relaxed, or you may drift off to sleep if you lay down and you’re tired. Whether you realize it or not, you will be in an altered state of consciousness (because of this, never use Let Go™ in a moving vehicle).

Detach from “mind chatter”: Focus, and enter a more relaxed and centered state without side effects.

Experience the physiological effects of meditation: Research supports that intense focus or meditation for 15 minutes releases natural brain endorphins. These natural opiates released during regular meditation actually help reverse aging.

Power nap: Since the Let Go™ audio recording induces states of mind you experience during sleep, some have found that a 20 minute nap while listening to the recording can feel like the equivalent of 4 hours of sleep.

Better sex: Just as the Let Go™ recording can induce a deeper meditative state, it can also be used to stimulate a more meaningful and passionate sexual experience.

90-Day 100% money-back guarantee.

We have been meditating for many years and are aware of all the typical meditation blocks and how to overcome them. Stephen created the Let Go™ audio and Meditative state Script that anyone can use to experience deep meditation.

$14.95  Let Go™ MP3 (33 min.) and Psychic/Meditative State Script

Instant Access Audio Download
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