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More details about the Numerology Decoder Software

“Can I predict specific events with this software?” Everyone has a degree of psychic ability, just like everyone has a degree of artistic or leadership talent. No matter what your degree of psychic ability, you can use our metaphysical tools to gain more awareness about what’s coming up in your life, people in your life, and about yourself. Best of all, our tools require no psychic ability or metaphysical talent!

Regarding the ability to predict specific events in your life: if you are serious enough about wanting to expand your psychic abilities and you take a disciplined approach with the Psychic/Meditative State Script and software, with practice, you will be able to forecast and predict probabilities like the pros. Even if you don’t have time to practice, you can still use these tools to gain incredible insight, in very little time, about yourself and other people!

You’ll also be able to determine when you or anyone else will be most likely to, for instance, be consumed with family and/or relationships, end or begin important personal connections, have many social opportunities, have few social opportunities and turn inward instead, attract lots of responsibility, attract opportunities for adventure and fun and much more!

Numerology Decoder Software includes calculations and aspects that highlight key elements of personality, personas, methods, desires, subconscious personality, strengths, lessons, motivations, abilities, secrets to success, innate challenges, emotional self, mental self, physical self, intuitive self, temperament, important long-term timing aspects, important short-term timing aspects, and key current timing aspects. Important number symbolism information featuring the numbers 1-9 is also included.

Each number in the “Number Symbolism” section has information about what the number represents (how it relates to individual time cycles), and the varying degrees of each number (balanced, over-balanced and under-balanced), which are invaluable in intuiting personality and timing.

Numerology Decoder Software features the following:

• Fast calculations after simply entering the birth data enabling you to access the chart information at once, without having to figure it yourself.

• Accuracy is ensured, allowing you precise and correct analyses.

• Charts can be printed or saved to disk.

• Arrow keys on the toolbar allow you to jump ahead or behind as many years as you want, enabling you to know the exact timing of any year.

• Print only the page you are viewing at once, just by clicking the “1” button on the toolbar.

• “Info. Record” on each chart allows you to make notes and then save to disk or your computer.

• As many as three different calculation methods for many aspects allowing you to read on more than one “level.”

• Correctly calculates Karmic Debt and Master Numbers, allowing you to know for sure who has them and who does not.

• Information about the meaning of each numerology aspect and the way it is calculated is right there on each chart, saving you the hassle of confusing “mystery” aspects and enabling you to easily learn about each person, as well as the science of numerology as you browse new charts at your leisure.

• Personality Aspects section of each chart includes an extensive list of character aspects–core personality, persona, motivations, abilities, temperament, challenges and much more!

• Timing Aspects section of each chart includes important long-term time cycles, allowing you to get a firm grasp of the timing foundation of anyone’s life at a glance.

• Current Timing Aspects section of each chart includes the following aspects that rule at the time of calculating the chart: Current Life Path Period, Pinnacle, Challenge, Universal Year, Personal Year, Essence, Universal Month, Personal Month, Universal Day and Personal Day.

• Current Timing Aspects section also includes a listing of the Personal Months and Universal Months for the current calendar year, allowing you to intuit into the past or future immediately at a glance.

• Number Symbolism section of each chart lists numerous energies associated with each number 1-9 and includes three levels of energy for each number–balanced, over-balanced and under-balanced so you can know at a glance what energies are linked to each aspect in the chart, then use your intuition to get a more exact read.

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