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Press Room

How Stephen and Scott can help the media:

If you need articles, columns, tip sheets, or other short items, we can meet even the toughest deadlines.

We can provide more than 50 metaphysical and love life related articles you can reprint–and adjust the word count to meet your needs to save you time editing. See our blog/column page for a partial list.

We can provide expert commentary, background and story ideas on the topics of astrology, numerology, graphology, destiny, free will, fate, karma, reincarnation, how past lives influence love lives and other areas of life, the spiritual side of dating and relationships, spirit possession, ghosts, and other metaphysical topics.

Contact Information
Mailing Address:
S.A. Petullo Corp. 848 N. Rainbow Blvd. #3141 Las Vegas, NV 89107
Call: 954-247-1317

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Media Appearances
Interview, 12.8.09, Star 94 Atlanta, Cindy and Ray Show
Interview, 1.30.09, local Asheville NC area on Charter cable 20 and streaming at and google video at GLoLady TV
Interview, 2.2.09, D’Anne Burley, Micro Effect Radio Chicago IL,
Interview KLIT 105.3, Ken & Barbie show, Bakersfield, CA
Guest speaker. 2002, healing chat room.
Interview, 2002, Lights On w/ Nancy Lee, New Thought Radio KCOL 600 AM
Interview, 2002 with Patte Purcell on the Out Of This World Radio Show
Interview, 8.6.08, Breakfast Club with Bob and Mark KWAY, Waverly, Iowa.
Interview, 11.11.08 Radio interview on the Jay Grayce show in NYC
Interview, 2002, BBC, Paul Koyt Show, London

As Quoted In, 5.21.13, 12.12.12, 2.14.11, 10.5.10
The Daily Cougar, University of Houston, 11.4.09
Westword News (Denver), Off Limits, 10.28.04
Boulder Weekly newspaper, 2005 Denver Post, Page C-01, 6.6.06
Merced Sun Star of CA, 7.7.07
San Antonio Express News, 7.7.07
Citizen’s Voice newspaper, Wilkes-Barre, PA, 7.13.07
L.A. Daily News article, 8.7.08, 7.31.08
Featured in online love life magazine,, 10.15.08

Other Media Appearances
Book review, Midwest Book Review, April 2002
Book review, Foreword Magazine, Spring Announcements issue 2002
Book Review and Article, Phylameana lila Desy, About Guide to Holistic Healing, or 2002
Book Review, Lesley Sherman, Miracle Journeys Magazine, Jan.2002
Book Review, Ryam Nearing, Loving More Magazine, Winter 2002
Interview, 84 WHAS, WHAS 11, Bob Sokoler, Kentucky, 2002
Interview, AM 540, Karen Grant, Monterey, CA, 2002
Interview, Planet Morning, Greenville, SC, 2002
Interview, KIWR, Big Party, 89.7, Nebraska, 2002
Interview, WKTK, Gainesville, FL, 2002
Interview, KRDO, Brian & Mark show, Colorado Springs, CO, 2002
Interview, In The Light with Michelle Whitedove, 2002

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