Spiritual Detox Script

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Spiritual Detox™ Script

Spiritual Cleansing, Healing, and Protection
What’s blocking you?

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canstockphoto6688646The Spiritual Detox script is now available in a free e-book format. Sign up on Stephen’s site and download it. 

Use the Spiritual Detox™ Script whenever you feel the need to be more centered, or if you feel energy other than your own is interfering with your well-being.

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15 thoughts on “Spiritual Detox Script

  1. Mary Jayne Herfurth

    The Spiritual Detox Script is extraordinarily beautiful and powerful. I got goose bumps after reading it. You offered it to your readers for free, and it would be totally worth paying for. Thank you for this priceless and powerful prayer for a brand new life of light and peace.

  2. Dinesh Sharma

    Thanks for Nice and valuable Detox Method and prayer,It is really worth doing and getting Benefitted by it

  3. Krystil Baker

    I can honestly say I feel a vibrant energy surrounding me now. For the first time in my entire life I gave it my all to speak the name “Jesus Christ” in reference to myself. That was a big step for me considering my lifestyle/beliefs. I hope others soon come to the realization that we’re under spiritual attack every second of every day and this is a good tool to have on hand along with many others during a crisis. Thanks so much!

  4. sera

    today I used this wonderful prayer during my lunch break at work. the psychic attacks were becoming problematic so I thought I would give it a go. the script was spoken with passion, faith and honesty in my mind. I did not speak it out loud for fear outside forces (I was in a public place, outdoors) would distract. words cannot describe how this helped. all those who had been trying to penetrate my mind through my ears, and nasal passages moved away. the touching, grabbing and whispers stopped. in addition to those specifically mentioned in the prayer, I also call upon the help and guidance of mother, Diana. thank you.

    1. Jonte

      Do you also get attachments that you can feel latched on to you? I thought I was the only one that could feel them entering my ears.

  5. Put

    Thank you for such a peaceful, effective and generous script. I was sitting in a window seat as I read it aloud and with each request small birds arrived in a nearby tree. As I finished they all flew away at once and it was as if all the dark energies left with them. I had chills. I then asked for my son to receive this successfully as well if I share it and just upon finishing that request two very large loud Canadian geese flew right past my window. It was one of the most powerful and moving signs of the Light I’ve ever experienced. Thank you!

  6. Christina Seymore

    To all that commented, I thank you for your input. it is a very lonely to say the very least to not be able to bare your soul for fear of condemnation, judgement & misunderstanding. For there is far more evil is this world than Good. :Living in the end times such as we are, the battle between Good & evil is overwhelming to say the least… My family has abandoned me, My Lord is always with me, loving me, protecting me & comforting me w/ the strength to move mountains. After praying for the wisdom to identify what has been causing me strife all my life, I’ve only come to realize that I believe I’ve had an attachment since birth. Please fell free to contact me w/your thoughts, & or support as I honestly need all the help I can get from someone that has experienced what I’m going thru. Christina. Peace, Comfort & Joy to you & yours , always & forever. In the name of our Lord, Jesus The Christ.

  7. Tudor

    I became much more aware this year. I want to share with you a piece of information: when you get cold goosebumps you have dark /inferior entities in you or around you. When it’s goosebumps but warm, it’s a superior spirit/entity .

    Goosebumps are so strong when it happens you can’t be mistaken .

  8. Lori

    Wow I read this prayer twice and the pain seemed to diminish..will know more later..thank you thank you on thank you!


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