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Wealth Mindset–Become a Multimillionaire subliminal MP3 suggestions

I accept that it’s OK to be rich

I can do a lot of good with wealth

I like money

I am easily acquiring a lot of money

I deserve to acquire millions of dollars

I capitalize on calculated risks

I intuitively know how to make money

It’s OK for me to be loaded

It’s acceptable for me to be rich

I’m becoming more wealthy

I feel very rich

I believe in myself

I am getting rich honestly

I accept all money that comes my way

I allow myself to be rich

It’s OK for me to acquire millions

I constantly attract more abundance

I am achieving infinite success

I have incredible self-confidence

I like being cheerful

I always work efficiently

I do the right thing at the right time to make big money

I am in the right place at the right time to attract big money

I always act appropriately to make more and more money

I am motivated to make millions of dollars

I have a keen sense of how to make more money

My efforts are always wise and prudent

I get what I want

I believe in myself

I am convinced I will be very rich

I am very much motivated by money

I make big money honestly

I rake in millions of dollars

I easily overcome obstacles to make lots of money

I work smarter every day

I am very motivated by money

I am a money magnet

My determination is sky high

I always get it done

I wake up every morning knowing how to make more money

I am dreaming solutions

I always set healthy goals

I always achieve all my goals

I always finish what I start

I have an edge over my competition

I rid myself of poverty consciousness

I possess wealth consciousness

I have a millionaire mindset

I attract big money gains


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