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Welcome! Our obsession with self-discovery, personal development, and metaphysical and spiritual subjects started over 35 years ago. The practical guidance and tools we offer can help you maximize your spiritual growth and make the most of your life.

4 Ways We Can Help You With Your Spiritual Growth:

1) Get free access to our special e-book:

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Multiply Your Wisdom and Insight, navigate your fate, and cash in on your karma with our Direct Your Destiny™ e-package. Direct Your Destiny™ is a sensible and practical spiritual guide based on many years of extensive metaphysical empirical research.

2) Our products:

1) Self-improvement the easy way. Mind-conditioning audio MP3s for many different goals: Soundless Subliminals™.

2) Let go of blocks, explore past lives and more with our hypnosis MP3s.

3) Find out more about yourself and others, and about your future timing with our numerology software.

4) What’s blocking you? Just as you need to wash your skin to remove dirt, it’s also important to remove harmful energy from your spiritual body, home, and office. Try our Spiritual Detox™MP3 or the free Spiritual Detox™ Script.

5) Learn how past lives are affecting your present life and what you can do about them with our book Your Love Life and Reincarnation.

6) Meditate like a mystic, relax, and sleep better with our Let Go™ audio.

7) Discover the amazing accuracy of handwriting analysis with our Graphology Resource Keys and Trait-Based Guide.

3) Our services:

1) Intuitive readings with Stephen
2) Find out about what’s blocking your goals, the key challenges and rewards between you and another person, and get answers to your love, career, and money questions and concerns with with Scott’s analyses based on comprehensive handwriting analysis, astrology, and numerology.

4) Our free articles:

We invite you to check out the remarkable findings of our long-term empirical research and we welcome your feedback and questions.

This small sample of our articles will give you a general idea of our approach and findings.

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Here’s to your spiritual growth, success and happiness,
Scott Petullo and Stephen Petullo

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