Love Life Affirmations to Assist With Being Unhappily Single or Suffering in a Marriage

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Although you can’t cheat fate, affirmations are helpful in dealing with life’s challenges.

Single and hating it? Say the following until you feel and mean it, and then say it some more: “I’m single for a reason, so I’ll accept and be grateful for things as they are and make the most of my situation.”

The saying “a watched pot doesn’t boil” is relative to the idea of waiting for a good relationship partner. Sometimes it seems like you’ll never find someone, yet that’s the time to do other things in your life such as prepare for when you have a partner. Once you get to the point of enjoying being single, attracting someone doesn’t seem like such an impossibility.

However, We’ve found a strong link between how a person feels about finding a partner and their love life timing as seen through comprehensive numerology and astrology. For example, during the times that are most challenging as a single person, the times that a person most feels alone, for instance, patterns reflect the least likely time that he or she will attract a good partner. It appears that fate dictates much of life no matter what approach is taken, but you can make the most of your life within those boundaries.

Suffering in a marriage but don’t know if you should end it or not because you are afraid of hurting your spouse? You may be hurting your spouse (and yourself) more by staying in the marriage and preventing him or her from being with someone who is more compatible

In conjunction with the below affirmation, meditation will help you to be more centered and allow you to act for the highest good of everyone involved.

“I communicate openly, honestly, and with love and compassion.”

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