A Stunning Peak Into the Future of Dating and Relationships, Part II

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Imagine living in a society where everyone was extremely psychic, and also fully embraced the tenets of karma, fate, and reincarnation. What would your love life be like?

What follows is how we perceive things will be in 500 or more years, and also, according to our past life regression empirical research, how relationships were recognized in certain advanced lost civilizations, thousands of years ago.

1) People will see the purpose of each relationship before it begins. They’ll look back in wonder about how, hundreds of years earlier, relationships were expected to be predominantly about romance and serving personal agendas.

Sure, a little romance can add spice to a relationship, but in the future humanity will be psychic enough to realize that there is a different purpose for every connection, everyone has many soul mates, and not all of those connections are meant to involve lasting harmony and romance.

The karma, both “good” and “bad,” with every person you meet, will be obvious, so romantic illusion won’t cloud judgment. Instead of hoping that each new possibility is “the One” (which is too easy to do now because of the influence of movies, TV and pop culture, in general), people will simply sit back, relax, and perceive what is most likely meant to transpire based on what happened between them in past lives and where they left off.

2) Jealousy and possessiveness will cease to exist. Trying to own or control a partner in any way will be regarded as archaic and dysfunctional. No one will feel a need to because though more people will be single, the relationships that do develop will be so compatible and strong that the thought of someone else coming between them won’t be considered a threat.

3) Cheating and lying will be almost non-existent. Likewise, because everyone will be able to perceive themselves and others honestly, they’ll accept that strict, life-long monogamy is not ideal for everyone. Those for whom it isn’t, about 50% of the population, will no longer make promises of life-long fidelity and it won’t be expected of them either. As a result, responsible non-monogamy and group relationships will be more popular as an alternative to dishonesty.

4) Far fewer will marry, those that do will wait until later in life, and there will be different forms of marriage. Some will choose to have what we now call traditional marriage because of their happy shared lifetimes of the same. Other couples will mirror different relationship models that worked for them in their past lives.

5) People won’t feel the need to get married before having kids. They’ll also accept that marriage does not guarantee happiness and security for a child and since the focus will be more on the child than their relationship, “child contracts” will be more popular than marriage contracts. These will, among other things, put the child first and protect the child and the primary caretaker of the child.

One of the best things about a high level of psychic ability is the awareness of unlimited love from within and the other side. The romantic love so many seek now pales in comparison with this. People will feel more joyous and complete on their own, which will result in far more healthy and satisfying relationships.

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