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Twin brothers Scott Petullo and Stephen Petullo


We’re sometimes asked, “How do you know that what you teach is true?”

We naturally possess a healthy amount of skepticism and only accept a theory after careful consideration if we are unable to disprove it. Our philosophies are the result of long-term empirical research, along with core ideals derived through meditation and other spiritual disciplines.

Specifically, 1000s of past life regressions and visions have convinced us of the authenticity of the concepts of reincarnation and karma, and that everyone has lived past lives, even if they don’t believe they have.

Read more information about reincarnation and see a video of a police captain who found evidence of a past life.

Also, since 1992 we’ve scrutinized the comprehensive astrology and charts of thousands of people. Once you see, as we have, the constant repetition of numerological and astrological patterns entirely corresponding to circumstances in peoples’ lives, which also correlate with our past life regression empirical research, you’ll find it impossible to deny the concepts of personal fate and immutable personal adversity, and that much in life is destined.

Aside from that, from a young age we’ve regularly had prophetic dreams and visions and perceived messages from the other side.

Some people who read our writings don’t like that our findings sometimes represent the cold, hard realities of life, deflating New Age myths and exposing distorted idealism.

Some of our philosophies starkly contrast with typical New Age communications, but we’d rather be brutally honest, which helps you more in the long run.

We believe in absolute personal accountability, karma, fate, and doing “the right thing” in all situations.

Success and happiness are up to each individual. If you want a better life, take responsibility for your life and initiate the right action at the appropriate time.

All of our products and services are geared toward this philosophy, especially our e-package, Direct Your Destiny™. Whether you want a total transformation or support with a specific goal, we can help.

In Light,

Mystic Twins, Scott Petullo and Stephen Petullo

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Scott Petullo identifies inauspicious personal timing, red flag personality areas, and problematic compatibility.

Using his proprietary systems of analysis involving handwriting analysis and comprehensive astrology and numerology, he addresses business matters including security investigations, new hires, the timing of new ventures and more. He also outlines the general inclination of your future involving money, career, partnerships, love life, and more.

Scott is a Certified Master Graphologist (C.M.G.). He received his Certified Master Graphologist designation from the Institute of Graphological Science in Dallas, Texas, a state-licensed and accredited institution.

He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Arizona, is self-taught in comprehensive astrology and numerology, and began forming his unique systems of analysis in 1992.

Scott’s accurate insight about red flag personality traits, personal strengths, and cyclical timing helps you limit your risk and gives you a significant edge.

Visit his site: http://www.scottpetullo.com.


About Stephen Petullo

Stephen Petullo is the author of Half on the Other Side: How Ancient Spiritual Techniques Helped Me Deal with Substance Abuse, Depression, Sexuality, Gender, and Love, an intimate and brutally honest account.

He is a spiritual empath, a natural channel between the physical world and the Other Side, and has the ability to sense the truth of a situation.

Stephen uses ancient spiritual techniques to help businesses and individuals make better decisions.

Since 1997 he has helped people identify and deal with unseen influences affecting their lives, such as challenging personal timing, past lives, spiritual clutter, lost souls, dark energy, fate, karma, romantic illusion, false beliefs, and subconscious blocks. He is an advocate for healing the soul with Spiritual Detox™ and past-life awareness to create a better life.

Stephen’s strong affinity with the spiritual, beginning in his early teens over thirty-five years ago, led him to study meditation, channeling, reincarnation, regression therapy, spiritual protection and possession, and other metaphysical topics. He’s always felt as if he was remembering the information rather than learning it.

It was through these explorations, along with many classes, seminars, retreats, and experiencing and sharing many readings and sessions with metaphysicians and mystics over the years that fostered his own healing, strengthened his natural abilities, and expanded his awareness.

He lives in Florida and is working on a series of novels based on past lives. When he isn’t writing, he entertains himself by using his intuitive skills to sense the real story behind events and people in the news.

Visit his site: www.StephenPetullo.com.

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