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Join our affiliate program – it’s free!

You can sign up for our affiliate program for free and start earning money by referring people to our web sites. Our two-tier referral system lets you earn income from your own sales, as well as on the sales of other affiliates you refer to the program.

For the any of the product packages or with any of our products sold individually, you’ll make 22% commission on every sale plus 5% second tier commissions.

Plus, we provide you with proven promotion tools.

Note: commissions are for products only. We do not give commissions on our services.

Here’s what makes our affiliate program so powerful:

  • Additional income potential with our 2-tier program. Our 2-tier referral system lets you earn income from your own sales, as well as on the sales of Affiliates you refer to the program
  • Bullet-proof tracking system makes sure you get the commission. System tracks with ID number.
  • Complete turn-key tools ready for your promotions. You’ll get several ready-to-go promotional tools and everything you need to start generating orders right away.
  • No high minimums to getting paid.
  • You can always check your stats and visitors in real-time to see how you’re doing.
  • You’ll receive an email notification of any sales you.
  • NOTE: It would certainly help if you have your own web site on which to promote your affiliate link, but you don’t have to. If you want to create a site for this and/or other affiliate programs, there are many free options to do so. is one of them.
  •  You can also promote your affiliate link by running inexpensive ads in e-zines, sending out the promotional emails to contacts or friends in your address book (not spam!), encouraging friends and associates to sign up as an affiliate or by putting your link on their site so you make commissions, giving advice or commenting on message boards and leaving your “signature” of name and affiliate link and short promotional blurb, and utilizing the tools we provide for you in other ways. It’s easy to generate income by being an affiliate!

Please see the Affiliate Terms and Agreement here.

Questions? Visit our FAQ page for the answers.

Ready to start making money? Click Here to Become An Affiliate. Our system will set you up with an Affiliate ID and give you instructions.