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We invite you to check out the remarkable findings of our long-term empirical research and we welcome your feedback and questions.

The following small sample of our articles will give you a general idea of our approach and findings.

Metaphysical Terms 101: Basics, Misconstrued and Misused

Metaphysical Terms 101: Basics, Misconstrued and Misused, Part II

Gullibility or Awareness?

Metaphysics Sinful?

Demonizing and Discrediting Metaphysical Practices 

You Need More Than Inspiration

Getting Started with Spiritual Studies

Appearing Spiritual vs. Being Spiritual 

New Age Gurus – 20 Qualities That Don’t Make a Good Spiritual Teacher

Reincarnation: Fact or Fantasy?

Languages of Fate: Astrology and Numerology

Twins and Astrology


Dating Tips for Mystics

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