Astrology, Numerology & Religion – Practicing Metaphysics Isn’t Sinful

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Rather than embracing religious or spiritual teachings blindly, question what you read or hear and consider other viewpoints.

For those who claim that metaphysical practices such as astrology and numerology are sinful, we recommend reading “The Christian Conspiracy,” by Dr. L. David Moore, who is a life-long Christian. Dr Moore outlines the Vatican political process of cannon selection (the editing of the Bible) that took place for 500 years after the death of Jesus. Some principles made the cut, many others were thrown out, and all decisions were based on the opinions of a religious group attempting to make their organization the most popular and powerful.

Dr Moore writes, “The major point to be understood is that the Old Testament upon which so much of early Christianity depended in order to have a historical basis and to become legitimized, didn’t officially exist until well after Christianity had been established and even after much of what later became the New Testament had been written. In addition, one major reason for establishing the Old Testament as canon was because during the first century C.E., Christianity was distorting the historical record in order to enhance their own new religion.”

Surely one recognizes the strong potential in the production process of the Bible for many spiritual truths to be overlooked and even avoided altogether.

Also, historical evidence points to the idea that the manufacturing of Christianity involved borrowing heavily from Pagan and other ancient spiritual philosophies (many were distorted to suit the Church’s views).

Regarding the fear of demonic possession by exploring metaphysical practices, practicing any form of spirituality (including organized, traditional ones)  from a base of fear can lower your vibration and make you more susceptible to negative energy.

Dr Moore goes on to say, “In addition to the extensive editing and rewrites of the Bible, there was the influence of the Inquisition or the Holy Calling (1231–1820). This was established by the Papacy to punish anyone who expressed a belief in reincarnation or practiced anything metaphysical that would threaten the universal control of the Church. They proclaimed these beliefs as the work of the devil and any believers were sent to dungeons, tortured, or burned to death.” Fear of persecution in many ways still exists today.

There are many different ways to connect with spirit: Meditation, prayer, attending religious or spiritual services, spending time in nature, making love, enjoying a good meal, and many others. If your preferred method is legal, it works for you, and if you’ve done your homework to make sure it isn’t hurting you or anyone else, go for it.

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