Astrology: Universal Considerations

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Next time you hear talk about how tough (or wonderful) an upcoming planetary transit, conjunction, retrograde, Solar eclipse, opposition, or other astrological or numerological event is going to be, take it with a grain of salt. It may be rough for you, or it may be good for you, depending on your unique comprehensive charts.

Universal indicators such as a Lunar eclipse, the date 8-8-08, or a full Moon, for example are regularly, erroneously labeled “good” or “bad,” or “lucky” or “unlucky,” but any single universal vibration or indicator, even the most notorious, relates to any given person in a unique way, in various amounts of reward or challenge. It’s necessary to find out what any given indicator means to you personally and avoid making generalizations that serve only to tarnish the reputation of the sciences.

Universal vibrations such as Saturn in Virgo, Mars Retrograde, “6-6-06,” Leo Moon, Universal Year, etc. often get more attention, but the personal vibrations, such as Mercury Retrograde transiting a natal 7th house Mercury (Mercury return), Personal 19-year cycle, Saturn transiting a natal 10th, Personal 7-year cycle, etc. are more important and relevant.

Yes, the universal energy is important, but how it harmonizes with your natal charts prevails. For example, even though there might be a higher than usual probability of a single universal indicator, such as Mars retrograde symbolizing an ill-fated auto purchase, or a full Moon and Lunar eclipse combination being symbolic of a botched surgical procedure, even the worst of the universal indicators may not apply to you personally or symbolically make any impact whatsoever.

Please don’t give universal indicators, such as transiting Mars conjunct transiting Venus, a grand cross, Star of David formation, etc., more importance  than they deserve or you’ll risk sounding like the cosmic foo-foo, New Age folks who unintentionally give metaphysics a bad name (anyone remember the “Harmonic Convergence” several years back?).

A Solar eclipse at 9 degrees Leo (with supporting indicators) could represent deep challenges for person A, but signify great rewards for person B. Or, an 8 vibration (e.g., medium-term or long-term, or even a short-term cycle, with corroborating considerations) can be a breeze for person A, but be rough for person B.

It’s also key to remember that the energy of any single indicator, such as Sun in hard aspect to Mars, malefic Arabic part conjunct Ascendant, Saturn transit, a long-term numerological cycle such as a 36-year cycle, or any of the other 500+ considerations, is either supported or wiped out by the energy of the others. In other words, there is no “this (one single consideration) means that (a specific life circumstance or event)” if you value accuracy in numerology, astrology, handwriting analysis, or any other form of personality analysis or prediction.

Universal considerations in numerology and astrology can be compared to the weather. Everyone experiences a snow or rain storm differently; some have great troubles because of it, some enjoy the changes and beauty it brings and for some it’s not even noticed; it’s a non-event.

While it’s true that universal indicators have more potency than personal, personal indicators have more relevancy to you, so you’ll benefit by paying attention to both.

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