avoid alcohol subliminal

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Avoiding Alcohol subliminal MP3 suggestions

It’s easier for me to stay sober now

My life is important

I have a lot to share with the world

I love being sober

I am choosing to stay sober

I am strong and can do it

I have great will power

Staying sober is important to me and I can do it

I have a lot to live for

I am valuing my life

I am discovering the joys of being sober

I am finding it easier to relax

I am choosing to be healthier

I love feeling healthy

I have the will power to avoid drugs

I am avoiding alcohol

I am stopping alcohol

I am respecting my body

I am in control of my body and mind

I am breathing deeply, which relaxes me

My will power is becoming stronger every day

I am becoming more and more disciplined every day

I love having a sober body and mind

I am releasing any negative energy that is not of my body

I am letting go of any negative energy that isn’t of my body

I am feeling my strength within

I am feeling more in control of my life

I am facing all situations calmly

I am learning to relax naturally

My confidence and self-respect are expanding every day

I am becoming happier

I have a very strong determination to be free of alcohol

I am choosing to be free of alcohol

I can do it

I am proud of myself for doing the right thing for me

It’s becoming easier for me to handle stress

I am handing stress well




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