Babies’ Names and Past Lives

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We always ponder a soon-to-be-born child’s past lives and how we knew them during the pregnancies of friends and family members.

This past June, our sister Meg gave birth to her first child, a healthy baby boy, and we had fun perceiving insight about him on a spiritual level before his arrival.

During her pregnancy, Meg and her husband Jeff couldn’t agree on a name that felt right to both of them. She asked us if we would tune into the baby’s soul and if possible, find out what name the soul liked. We told her that it’s better to remain open and wait for the right name to come to them. It usually does at the right time.

Meg and Jeff were still undecided about a name three months before her due date, so at her request, Stephen tuned into the soul, but was only “given” the initial of “J” (the baby’s middle name was undecided until after the birth and this caused quite a bit of stress for Meg and Jeff; it did end up starting with the letter “J”) and an image of the full name in a gift wrapped box, which was to be revealed at the right time. He then perceived Meg and her unborn son together in a Native American lifetime, and the child at eight years old in this life, with darker skin (Jeff has very light skin and Meg has our family’s Italian, darker skin, and Meg was hoping the baby would have her darker skin tone) and quite tan because he played a lot of soccer. He also perceived some suggestions from a spiritual guide to help Meg sleep better during her pregnancy.

Years ago, Scott perceived Meg as a Native American woman in southeastern America. Later, after she connected with Jeff in this lifetime, he saw Jeff as an explorer from Europe who traveled to America; we believe Meg and Jeff were together in that lifetime too. Perhaps they were also with their new son back in that lifetime, as related to Stephen’s vision of Meg and her son together as Native Americans.

About 4 months into the pregnancy, Stephen was falling asleep one night and was in that in-between state of consciousness where he often perceives valuable insight. Meg came to his mind, then a man dressed like Davy Crocket holding a “musket.” Immediately he thought, “There’s Andrew.” Later when Stephen told Meg what he had “seen,” she told him that Jeff’s great grandfather’s name was Andrew. We wondered if the baby was him in a past life. A few days later, before she had heard about what Stephen perceived, our other sister Amy had thought of the name Andrew for the baby as well.

At about noon on a beautiful June day last month, we received word that Meg was in labor and had gone to the hospital. After hanging up the phone, Stephen had a spontaneous vision of the baby, in soul form, dressed in a very expensive suit, sipping fine scotch on the rocks in a crystal glass and smoking an expensive cigar in the lavish living room of a mansion. It seemed he was in his own personal, spiritual “green room” backstage before his debut, and this other-dimensional place the soul had created for the occasion, we believe, was quite like one of his previous, satisfying incarnations. Before making the plunge and being incarnated again he wanted to relax and live it up. Stephen also sensed that as a soul he has been “around the block” many times.

Coincidentally, Scott happened to skim through a financial news article on the morning of the birth that included a mention of an early 1900’s NYC banking tycoon. The article featured a photograph of him (bigger guy dressed in a suit, mustache, cigar). He thought of Jeff (Meg’s husband) because last year Stephen had perceived him living a similar past life, and Scott had a feeling the soul of the baby was there too. Use our Past Life Regression audio to perceive your past lives and how you knew others long ago.

As soon as we knew the possible window of birth time we of course checked the astrology and numerology. We noticed that an earlier, rather than later, birth time that day would symbolically include a higher amount of beneficial karma, as seen through the considerations. Unknown to each other until later, we both sent out messages to the unborn baby of this notion, in case speeding up the arrival time was part of the destined plan.

An hour later they received word that the baby was breech, and a c-section would be done immediately, even though the nurse swore she thought she saw the head when they checked the first time.

Since natal birth data reflects who the soul is, where they have been, and where they are going, perhaps the soul appreciated our telepathic messages, but would have said this to us if we could have heard him: “Thanks guys, I already know. It’s part of the plan that I would be born earlier rather than later. As you know, nothing is by chance.”

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