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Love and Spirituality—Five Reasons For Terrible Relationships

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Bad relationships are all too common. In the beginning, it frequently appears to hold so much promise, but then it falls apart. It may seem like a mystery as to why some relationships turn sour, until you consider the spiritual side of things.

Mystics suggest that life is largely about spiritual lessons. While relationships may not always give you what you want on an ego-self level, spiritual growth is often part of the plan.

Below we outline five spiritual and mundane reasons why people experience terrible relationships.

Past Life Connections and Karma

The laws of reincarnation and karma lead to specific life experiences and much of those tend to be relationship oriented. By the way, even though many people misuse the word karma, it’s often tied to reincarnation. Past life ties, including toxic ones, create current life bonds. You’ve been together before and sometimes you need to balance the scales.

That inexplicable initial draw can include hidden karma waiting to be played out. Karma, which can be good too, can be immensely complicated and it’s frequently more than just “you dumped him in a past life so now he dumps you.” The experience might be for many reasons, and probably been together before in multiple lifetimes.

Shared Mission

A higher, shared purpose, such as having a child or work that will have a significant impact on others could be part of your relationship plan. Once you really get to know each other, what if the compatibility is terrible? On a soul level you both knew before incarnating that your combined energies were necessary to accomplish the goal and that would be worth it to grin and bear it until the mission is accomplished.

Early Life Programming and Issues

Although early life experiences and trauma certainly affect later life relationships and the reasons for them may be considered more mundane than spiritual, our findings show that core childhood circumstances and events (including both the good and bad ones) are often contracted and agreed upon by our souls before birth.

“If you have a smothering parent, the effect it can apparently have on a child is to give them, in equal doses, a sense of too much self-esteem, because they are mummy’s little princess or prince, and low self-esteem. It affects future relationships.” Hugh Grant

Fear of Being Alone and Personal Timing

Many people so dislike the idea of being single that they enter into a relationship just to avoid solitude. Everybody’s personal timing is different, and sometimes your collective timing isn’t conducive to love life relationships, but instead to work, family, or other concerns. When you have horrible love life timing, reject the signs that it’s just not time for good love life experiences now, and force a relationship, you could find yourself in a mess. It’s like trying to plant your garden in winter. 

“If you are lonely when you’re alone, you are in bad company.” Jean-Paul Sartre

Relationships Change

Just as you may outgrow a friendship, it’s possible to outgrow a love relationship, especially when you consider how people change at different rates and for different reasons. Lifelong, mutual compatibility in all areas of life, including sex, just isn’t as common as people want to believe. Resist natural change, and the outcome is unhappiness, so it pays to go with the flow and accept that sometimes circumstances change.

“We’re very reluctant to change, even though we know that all things change, and especially our relationships are just determined to change.” Nick Nolte

If your partner is detrimental to your well-being and the bond is beyond repair, it’s time to end it. However, if the connection is relatively symbiotic, be wary of ending it for the allure of a new romance like those portrayed in Hollywood movies.

It seems like refusing to accept your partner as he or she is and comparing your relationship with the ideal relationship is a widespread problem. It’s easy to find flaws with this type of thinking. But nobody is perfect, and the perfect relationship is an illusion. Consider yourself very fortunate if you’re in a mutually rewarding connection, and even more fortunate if you’re humble enough to appreciate personal differences, and strong enough to love unconditionally.

“There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it ill behooves any of us to find fault with the rest of us.” James Truslow Adams

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Numerology: Sex and Love and The Numbers One Through Nine Part II

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Pythagoras, known as the Father of Number, believed number mysticism is one of the keys of the meaning of life.

“Number rules the universe.” Pythagoras

Everyone has been exposed to basic numerology, and we don’t blame you if you’re skeptical. Instead of relying entirely upon single factors like the day of birth, we’ve found pattern recognition using multiple indicators is the most dependable way to delineate personality and fate.

Feel free to use single factors like the day of birth or sum total of the month, day, and year as a point of reference if you are exceedingly clairvoyant. However, few individuals are so consistently intuitive that they don’t need a comprehensive approach using pattern recognition to get reliable results time after time.

Imagine standing before the largest building you’ve ever seen, many times the size of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Now imagine entering its lobby, which is only a fraction of the entire structure. The lobby is analogous to the full date of birth, whereas the rest of the colossal building represents the patterns that stem from the full birth data (full date of birth, exact time, location, and full legal birth name). We prefer a thorough approach; we’re constantly updating our systems of analysis, eliminating what proves to be invalid, and expanding upon that which holds promise. Ultimately, the more rigorous our checks and balances, the more accurate forecasting and personality and compatibility analysis becomes.

As a beginner, it’s easy to use basic number mysticism. To get an idea of the symbolism behind the root numbers 1 through 9 (all numbers can be reduced to a single digit through fadic addition: 787 = 7+8+7= 22= 2+2=4) please see the number symbolism guide in this article

Starting with the full date of birth and using the date 2-17-1984, you’ll notice the Full Date Total is 5 (2+17+1984= 2003= 2+0+0+3= 5). This factor is referred to as the “Life Path” in modern numerology. It’s comparable to the Sun sign in astrology, and it’s a good place to start.

In the first article in this two-part series, we considered some basic early life energies. Next, we’ll consider one of the more important middle life energies (the day of birth), and one of the more important final third or so of life energies (the year of birth). Using the date of birth above, 17 day of birth yields 1+7= 8, and the year is 22/4 (1+9+8+4= 22= 2+2= 4).

Each number includes a balanced, under-balanced, and over-balanced form. Typically, the subject experiences the day of birth (a middle life cycle) and especially the year of birth (a final third or so of life cycle) as more balanced than under or over-balanced. In other words, maturity symbolically allows him or her to fully capitalize on the opportunities and more effectively cope with the challenges of middle and later life cycles and phases.

It’s important to take into account that although individual numbers sometimes dominate in a person’s patterns (particularly in select timing phases), ultimately a blend of numbers prevail together, representing unique character and personal timing.

Note: the energy of single factors like the day of birth and year of birth is supported or mitigated by the energy of the overall patterns, but you can still get an idea by considering single factors, especially if you have highly developed intuition.

Below, we list the balanced form of each root number as they relate to sex life.

1: Considering drive, assertiveness, competitiveness, and an energetic personality are some balanced qualities associated with the number 1, it makes sense that those with strong 1 frequently initiate sex and that it’s rarely boring. 1 is a mental number—they are creative enough to keep things fresh, and you better be prepared for a workout. Although 1 strongly represents being centered and turned inward, it also symbolizes intense focus on his or her partner, making the connection that much more intimate. As a long-term timing cycle it tends to involve more limited and exclusive love life opportunities.

2: 2 is an emotional number and those with heavy 2 are masters of emotional connections. They feel so much; they know instinctively how to please their partner. Rhythm is second nature for them, and becoming one with their partner is the norm. Just be sure to send him or her positive vibes because they feel that sort of thing as if they have an emotionally based sixth sense. As a long-term timing cycle, in terms of overall love life, it can be extremely rewarding.

3: Who knew sex could be so fun! Those with strong, balanced 3 energy know for sure. They are forever young; nothing will slow them down in the bedroom, even old age. 3 is an emotional number; the highest form of 3 is laughter, sexual expression, and having a good time. As a long-term timing cycle, it can mean lots of opportunities and younger lovers.

4: If you want a reliable and hard-working lover, those with lots of 4 energy are best. They rarely get tired before you do, and will always be there for you. 4 is a physical number and he or she is likely to have endurance in the bedroom. As a long-term timing cycle, it may not present loads of opportunities, but sensible and stable partnerships are the norm.

5: 5 is a mental number, yet could also be considered a physical number. Those with strong 5 energy are some of the most versatile, experienced, and erotic lovers on the planet. When it comes to a good time, 3 may have 5 beat, but 5 instinctively knows how to take sensuality to a higher level. Get ready for variety and freedom if you experience this vibration as a long-term timing cycle.

6: 6 is an emotional number and is more similar to the number 2 than other numbers. 6 is the cosmic mother or father, and in the bedroom he or she is the epitome of love, affection, and emotionally based sex. You’ll never have a more responsible and caring lover. As a long-term timing cycle, this is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable in terms of love life and romance.

7: 7 is a mental number, yet it could also be considered an intuitive number. Those with heavy 7 intuitively (frequently via mind-reading or raw gut instinct) know how to please his or her lover. They give meaning to the term “spiritual sex.” No words need to be said; he or she just knows exactly the right things to do. Tapping into past lives, subconscious memories, or even other-dimensional beings during sex are as normal as the sun rising in the morning. As a long-term timing cycle, this can be rather quiet regarding love life, but pleasant if he or she is on good footing upon entering it.

8: 8 is a mental number, yet could also be considered a physical number. Those with strong 8 are most likely to be performers in the bedroom and are a dream come true for those who like to be dominated. 8, like the 4, has stamina and won’t let you down. As a long-term timing cycle, love life tends to be intertwined with business and, or career.

9: 9 is an emotional number, yet could also be considered an intuitive number. It’s similar to the 7 in relation to spirituality, and similar to the 6 in terms of love and affection. If you want a lover with heart, one who is naturally one of the most giving lovers you’ll ever have, 9 is for you. As a long-term timing cycle, this is similar to the 6 above; it can be exceedingly rewarding in terms of love life.

The languages of fate, comprehensive astrology and numerology, are as challenging to learn as any foreign language. But you can still gain surprising insight into human character, compatibility, and timing with basic number mysticism.

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Numerology: Sex and Love and The Numbers One Through Nine Part I

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Pythagoras, ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician, taught that numbers have mystical qualities.

“All is number.” Pythagoras

Considering the symbolism of numbers is all around you, it’s no surprise numerology is one of the most popular forms of divination.

You’ve probably seen day of birth numerology, and if you’re skeptical, we understand. Our findings show us that instead of cherry-picking single factors such as the day of birth, pattern recognition involving multiple factors is the most reliable way to interpret personal fate, personality, and compatibility.

Still, if you possess above-average psychic ability, it’s perfectly acceptable to use even just the month and day (or just the day) of birth as touchstones to glean insight about an individual. Just realize there’s a lot more to it, and it’s best to confirm any notions with a more comprehensive approach.

The full date of birth is like the mere entry way and foyer of a massive castle spanning several square miles, the rest of the castle being the patterns that stem from the complete birth data (full date of birth, exact time, location, and full legal birth name). We regularly update and expand our systems of analysis involving comprehensive astrology and numerology; it’s a constant and endless process with the ultimate goal being greater precision in prediction, and personality and compatibility analyses.

As a novice, you can start employing basic numerology immediately.

To start understanding the symbolism behind the root numbers 1 through 9 (which are the basis of all numbers), and the process (fadic addition, e.g., 656 = 6+5+6 = 17= 1+7= 8) to yield root numbers, please see the number symbolism guide in this article.

Starting with the full date of birth and using the date 2-17-1984, you’ll notice the Full Date Total is 5 (2+17+1984= 2003= 2+0+0+3= 5). This factor is referred to as the “Life Path” in modern numerology. It’s comparable to the Sun sign in astrology, and it’s a good place to start. Next, you could look at two of the basic early life energies, which are 2 (the month) and the sum of the month and day, 1 (2+17= 19= 1+9=10= 1+0=1). 

Each number includes a balanced, under-balanced, and over-balanced form. Generally, the subject experiences the early life cycles (such as the 2 listed in the above paragraph) more often as over or under-balanced instead of balanced. It’s not easy in youth to fully capitalize on opportunities and cope with challenges.

Keep in mind that everyone’s overall numerology patterns include a mix of more than one ruling number that represents unique personal character and timing. However, a single number heavily recurring throughout the patterns can symbolize the subject frequently seeming a lot like that specific number.

Note: the energy of single factors like the month of birth is supported or mitigated by the energy of the overall patterns, but you can still get an idea by considering single factors, particularly if you are exceedingly intuitive.

Below, we list the under-balanced and over-balanced forms of each root number as they relate to love life.

1: The subject is too passive (under-balanced), or too aggressive (over-balanced) when it comes to love and sex, and opportunities tend to be meager. Solitude is common, as are brief romances. However, enduring romantic connections can occur with opportune collective personal timing.

2: He or she is too unresponsive (under-balanced) or too sensitive (over-balanced). Love life opportunities tend to appear more frequently than average, and the subject may be involved in more than one at the same time. 2 tends to be associated with fewer than average negative love life scenarios, but duality leading to strife and contention can occur.

3: Guilt, shame, and regret are hallmark negative traits of the 3. So many love life opportunities in youth may find him or her taking on too much, yielding hurt feelings and broken hearts. Another negative 3 love life related energy is an impossible to fill longing for love, or longing for a lost love. The subject needs to keep in mind that nostalgia is largely an illusion, and that he or she needs to strive instead to make the most of his or her situation now instead of constantly looking in the rear-view mirror.

4: Low energy, and lack of creativity and passion top the list of negative love life related traits associated with 4. Extreme over-balanced 4 energies include a rigid attitude toward intimacy, being too physical (like a machine) and crude, and not being heart-centered. Although opportunities tend to be limited, those that appear tend to endure.

5: Opportunities abound for those who possess strong 5, but he or she goes through lovers too quickly. The grass is always greener elsewhere for him or her, and he or she never stays long before jumping to the next option. Or, as an under-balanced energy, dependence and refusing to leave a relationship after it’s over can be a habit. The subject learns about variety, over-indulgence, and possibly recklessness.

6: The downside of the six involving relationships includes being non-committal, sluggish, and apathetic (under-balanced), and possessive, rigidly stubborn, and excessively idealistic (over-balanced). Opportunities are likely to be plentiful, yet an uncompromising and even unforgiving attitude is likely to interfere. Romantic fantasies crash hard upon the rocks of reality.

7: Other than unconditional and spiritual love, 7 is one of the numbers least associated with a happy love and romantic life. Intellectual, technical and, or spiritual pursuits interfere with love life matters. Actively seeking love under the 7 tends to yield disappointment. The subject is of an unusual wavelength, as if they are mentally on a different planet. However, if both are under and, or of the 7, then it can be a nice match.

8: Rebelliousness, lack of compassion, desire for control, and aggression are par for the course in regard to over-balanced 8 energy and love life. He or she may bully lovers, or at least be confrontational or manipulative. Under-balanced energies find the subject being passive, insecure, and cunning. Love life opportunities aren’t plentiful under the 8. Meeting a match at work is fairly common, yet so is an expensive breakup.

9: Past life love coming back into the subject’s life is common under early life 9 energy, yet it ends sooner than expected. It occurs usually to finish the chapter started in a past life. The downside of 9 can be too much of a good thing, difficult break-ups, resentment, and emotional volatility. 9 can include the best life has to offer, but it frequently includes steep challenges too, in regard to love life.

Even though comprehensive astrology and numerology are disciplines that demand as much time to learn as any foreign language, introductory, basic number mysticism can give you a remarkable glimpse into human personality and compatibility.

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7 Metaphysical Tips to Give Your Child an Edge

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You can​probably think of ways adults could have assisted you in your childhood so you would have had an edge in life. If you have kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews, godchildren, or you mentor or teach kids, maybe you help them in ways you were not. Below are some metaphysical ways you can give kids an edge in this world.

Meditate daily.This will help you be calm and centered so you can react to your child in the best way possible. When​she isold enough to sit with you and focus, you can teachherto meditate too. Think of the head start​she will have in all areas of lifeif​shelearns how to tune out distractions and find her inner peace.

Clear your energy.Spiritual debris is everywhere and children are more vulnerable to it. Clearing yourself and your home will benefit your kids too. 

Don’t drink heavily or do drugs anywhere near your kids.Spiritual troublemakers come running to people who overindulge, and these lower energy forms can target the weaker energy of kids too. But even if you do it away from your kids, you’re still setting an example for them.

Consider a numerology or astrology reading for your child.A good comprehensive numerology or astrology reading can help you realize your child’s talents and skills so you can encourage them in the right direction for future success. It can also uncover potential problem areas so you know what to help them work on.

Notice past life signs.If​he is especially good at something,​he may have done it before in past lives. Encourage​him.An unexplained fear may also be a carry-over, and you canhelp​him deal with it with your awareness.

Pay attention to dreams.Encourage your children to think about what their dreams mean to them so they learn about how the subconscious mind speaks to us in dreams. Nightmares of being chased might indicate troublemaker spirits in the area.

Pay attention to their “imagination.”Sometimes imaginary friends are more than that. Children, usually up to around age 7, are better able to perceive ghosts or lost souls. Sometimesimaginary friends areharmless, but if you sensesomething unseen that is negative for your child, use spiritual clearing to send it to the Light.

Teach your child acceptance.By being an example, you will show him the best way to handle difficult situations that you cannot change.

Teach your child forgiveness.By being an example, you will show her the power of forgiveness, and how it’s for you, not the perpetrator.

Teach your child gratitude. Expressing gratitude for​the circumstances, things, and people in your lifewill show him how gratitude can act as a magic wand to help deal with conflict and bring more good things into your life.

Teach your child to honor and​trust her intuition.This can be with or without meditation. Children often just “know” things. Pay attention to this and help her develop it. 

Teach your children about karma. Help her realize good actions will beget more of the same in the future, and how destructive behavior comes back to you too.

Teach your child about life after death.Help him understand that death isn’t an ending, but a transformation, and that we’ll all see each other again.

Teach your child how to be of service to others.Help​himrealizethat even a small, seemingly insignificant yet loving gesture can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Don’t encourage love life fairytales.When​she is ready to date, help​herunderstand that everyone has many soul mates, each might be destined for a different purpose (not always marriage or together-forever-in-bliss), and relationships started at a very young age are not always destined to be lifelong. 

Turn off the video games and TV.This isn’t really a metaphysical tip, but still important. Help your teens learn basic life skills like keeping a budget, cooking healthy meals, daily exercise, productive scheduling, avoiding procrastination, how to deal with difficult people in a positive way, decision making, and taking responsibility​for their actions. 

Work through your own issuesso you don’t project them onto your child. Heal yourself so your child won’t have to heal because of you. 

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How to Avoid the Disappointment of Fate

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Sometimes, no matter what you try, a specific goal is unattainable, which could mean fate rules over your free will. The more effort you put into it, the worse the disappointment. Even though this is an unfortunate part of life, you can minimize the disappointment of fate with your awareness.

Many claim you can reach any goal, as long as you “believe” you can do it.

Some recommend using spells or magic for goals. Unfortunately, if you manipulate anyone with spells or magic, this is black magic and will create plenty of negative karma for you. Also, we’ve noticed, over years of observation, that spells can’t permanently override karma or fate.

Some pander to the instant gratification desires of the masses. They don’t acknowledge (or don’t know) that you can’t always have what you want if it’s not meant to be. Even worse, they fail to state the importance of knowing yourself, your talents and skills, and whether a specific goal is part of your good karma and fate.

We see this as an attempt to cheat fate.

Does that sound too harsh? We’d rather be direct with our findings than lead you down a path of illusion like we see happen too often.

Many well-meaning New Age entrepreneurs try to help people with popular spiritual concepts, but if they ignore fate, they are doing their customers a disservice. Fate or destiny (same thing) is one of the main deciding factors that determines how your life unfolds and whether, ultimately, you reach and maintain a goal or not.

Regardless of how much inspiration and energy you direct toward your desire, and no matter how much you heal yourself, it will not happen unless it’s part of your path.

Sure, inspiration is wonderful and can catapult you over doubt and other roadblocks. But when it’s not grounded in spiritual truth, you’ll stumble.

How do we know fate is a spiritual truth? Don’t take our word for it. Study ancient, comprehensive (not the superficial versions like horoscopes) numerology and astrology obsessively for years. Turn off the TV because you won’t have time for it, or much socializing either. You’ll find that it’s as complex as learning a new language, and your accuracy will increase even more when you use your intuition with the knowledge. In order to increase the accuracy of your intuition, you must meditate daily. Then observe people, their personalities and timing, with these ancient sciences (yes, they are sciences) and track their goals. Goals such as finding a lasting and (truly) compatible relationship partner, creating wealth, overcoming health problems, and career success are a good start. You notice that when a goal is conducive to someone’s fate (as outlined by these two ancient sciences) they are much more likely to reach it. When fate is not on their side, they won’t, or if they do, it will be a major struggle or they won’t maintain it.

How to Avoid the Disappointment of Fate

Drop expectations
, especially when your goal depends upon others (like in your love life, for example).

Drop any sense of entitlement. You may or may not have earned the good karma (mainly through past lives) or talent (through past lives and the present life) for a specific goal, or it may or may not be part of your best path this time. But don’t let that discourage you. It’s important to strive for a goal that feels right to you because even if you don’t reach it this time, what you accomplish or learn in the process might be invaluable for your future. Keep in mind that if you don’t achieve a cherished goal, your soul may have planned all along that the striving for that goal was the important part.

Meditate so you can more easily sense if striving for a certain goal is part of your fate and good for you or not. Ask in meditation, from whomever you pray to, for guidance.

Ask for help in (and out of) meditation every step of the way. We’ve received insight (what we need, not always what we want) countless times after asking for it (from God, Guides of the Light, or our Higher Self), but it may not always come right away or in the form we expect.

A simple question to whoever you pray to can be, “What’s my next step to ______ ?” Ask for insight as often as you feel the need. With practice, you might wake up with answers if you ask before bed.

Have faith. Replace fears with faith and gratitude.

Do all you can to reach the goal, but also accept there may be unseen (for now) reasons for not reaching it.

If things turn out differently than you hoped, meditate and ask for help in dealing with disappointment or loss. Ask for help with acceptance, in seeing the bright side, and with being grateful for what you have rather than what you don’t.

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Learn more about spiritual myths, meditation and how to use it to your advantage, and much more with our Direct Your Destiny e-Package:

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Toxic Energy From Sex: How To Avoid And Clear It

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Sex is a wonderful part of the human experience. Most adults are aware of the potential physical and emotional pitfalls of sex, but few know it’s possible to pick up toxic​ energy from sex. 

Although it’s near impossible to measure with conventional science, those sensitive to other people’s energy know that sex is an energy exchange, ​and it’s easy to absorb good or negative energy from ​your partner.

You might notice how ​another person’s energy can influence yours, if you pay attention.

Have you ever felt energetically drained or depressed after sex, possibly for days afterwards, for no good reason? 

Feeling worse after sex, especially if you have difficulty shaking the feeling, can be an indication of picking up negative entities, dark energy, or lost souls. A sudden desire to drink, smoke, do drugs, especially if you’ve never had the urge before or haven’t in years, is also a sign.

“The openness and surrender during sexual intercourse can allow the exchange of attached entities between two people. The thoughts, desires and behaviors of an attached entity are experienced as the person’s own thoughts, desires and behaviors. The thoughts, feelings, habits and desires do not seem foreign if they have been present for a long time, even from childhood. This is a major factor in the widespread denial of the concept and lack of acceptance of the phenomena of discarnate interference and spirit attachment, obsession or possession.” – Dr. William Baldwin, Spirit Releasement Therapy

The more empathic or spiritually sensitive you are, the more at risk you are for picking up negative energy, especially during sex. Excessive guilt and fear about sex can also open someone up to it, as can alcohol and drugs, strong negative emotions, trauma, and surgery. 

The risk of picking up negative energy from sex is a bigger problem than most people realize. Based on our empirical research we estimate at least 80% of the population has lost souls or negative energy attached to their energy field. Some people have been carrying it around for so long it seems normal and part of them. 

How To Avoid It

We don’t believe sex between consenting adults is wrong, so we’re not going to tell you to be celibate. 

Thankfully, you can minimize your risk with the tips below. This list is more for singles, but some of ​the tips apply to couples too. 

1) Don’t have sex when you feel emotionally, mentally, or physically weak.

2) Even if ​he or she is drop dead gorgeous, completely your type, and you can’t believe your luck, be extra cautious if you have even a hint of an unfavorable feeling about the person. 

3) If something is telling you ​not to have sex, don’t do it. Trust your intuition. Even if you’re not particularly empathic, you can probably sense when it’s not in your best interest to have sex, or if someone isn’t good for you. 

4) Don’t hook up when drunk or high. Even one drink can make you vulnerable to all the energy and entities that are with that attractive stranger. Being excessively wasted can open you up to all kinds of spiritual garbage, even if you don’t have sex.

5) Be extra cautious of sex with people who drink or drug often as they are very likely to have lots of lost souls and possibly dark energy in their energy field. 

6) Don’t sleep with people who are excessively negative. Bad people carry around a lot of bad energy, and good people can be the target of bad energy.

How To Clear It

Whether ​or not you follow the tips above, and even if you are celibate, it’s still easy to occasionally pick up troublesome energy. The first four clearing and protection techniques work best when used daily. 

1) Imagine yourself being cleared and healed by bright ​sunshine. Doing this in direct sunlight is even better. 

2) Ask for protection and help from God or whomever you pray to, and Archangel Michael, in removing heavy energy. 

3) Meditate so you are more in tune with yourself, others, and the reality of situations. 

4)  Use the free Spiritual Detox™ Script. 

5) Smudge, or burn sage.

6) Some stubborn negative entities can be difficult to remove for novices. In these cases, seek the help of a priest who performs exorcisms, or a spiritual releasement or spiritual clearing expert. 

More information about spiritual attachment and dark energy:

The  FREE Spiritual Detox Script  can help you get rid of toxic energy and help you feel calm and centered. 

If you’re feeling depressed, angry, fearful, or having a tough time quitting bad habits and addictions, our  Spiritual Detox™ MP3  can help. 

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Three Signs You Are In A Spiritually Healthy Relationship Part II

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Most people realize, upon maturity, that seeking a perfect relationship is futile. Another strategy is necessary in order to be happy, since it’s impossible to achieve and always maintain excellent emotional, mental, and sexual compatibility.

Viewing relationships from a spiritual viewpoint offers the opportunity for a better union, considering you make the considerable effort to do so. It’s not easy to exercise complete acceptance of that which you can’t change, including your partner’s behavior and idiosyncratic traits.

“Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards.” —Laurence J Peter

Romantic love is an illusion with inherent conditions and demands, but spiritual love is purely unconditional.

A better relationship, in a spiritual sense, is yours for the taking if you embrace the following three theories.

1. Your soul is a separate entity from your personality, and each has potentially different agendas. The more aligned you are with your soul’s blueprint, that which it chooses before incarnating, and the less rooted in ego-self demands, the more at peace you are with your life.

Those who strive for a spiritual relationship acknowledge that what they desire may not be part of their soul’s plan. For instance, a life-long, mutually agreeable love life relationship may be desired, but few obtain it.

There’s nobody to blame, including yourself, for holding onto unrealistic fantasies about relationships. The notion of an ideal love seems to be ingrained in the unconscious, perhaps encouraged by romantic fairytales, songs, and movies, but it’s up to you to separate fiction from reality.

Relationships can still end even if you follow all of the following conventional advice–you make plans, and God laughs, as the saying goes: let go of the little things that bother you; try to be more positive and happy; don’t complain about your partner behind his or her back; be vocal about your needs; write down your concerns before speaking with your partner and say it with a smile and compassion when you do; have alone time; be kind to each other; trust each other; be polite—say “thank you,” please,” and “you’re welcome.”

Consider your soul to be the wise being it is, and your personality, with all its ego-self demands, to be the child. On the other side before incarnating, your soul may plan three long-term love life relationships. Yet if your personality refuses to let go of the first one after the divorce, you may hinder your spiritual progress.

2. The law of karma dictates rewards and challenges in life. Those who strive for a spiritual relationship acknowledge that personal adversity, including that in your love life, is an unavoidable part of life.

“He is your friend who pushes you nearer to God.” ―Abraham Kuyper

For example, Jonas does everything in his power to maintain the connection with his mate, but eventually, wisely, comes to the conclusion that it just wasn’t meant to be because his mate wants out. Chalk it up to karma, Jonas says, being the toughest breakup of his life, though he is grateful for the experience and the inherent lessons. In such a mindset, Jonas avoids prolonging the negative karma he had to balance regarding a tough break-up. He knows it may also be his karma to then experience a wonderful, lasting relationship, so he maintains faith and gratitude for the good that will be in his life.

By the way, enduring challenges in life doesn’t necessarily mean you were a bad person in a previous life, such as a dishonest lothario, in the case involving Jonas’s breakup above. It’s not always a simple explanation. Negative karma may be absent from the equation and it may just be that your soul chose that particular relationship, then the difficult breakup, so that you would then continue on a different, more important path for other key lessons.

3. Your subconscious mind dominates your life. Everyone has his or her own unique unconscious beliefs, defenses, and fears. Those seeking a spiritual relationship understand this and avoid trying to change his or her partner.

For instance, here’s just a partial list of some of the more common fears and defenses that are usually so ingrained that it’s futile to try to change the person: resentment; prejudice; evasiveness; domineering tendencies; insincerity; defiance; vanity; deceit; rationalization; and conflict avoidance.

You can have a fantastic compatibility connection as symbolized by the astrology and numerology timing and natal patterns, but unfortunately, if your partner possesses severe problematic subconscious fears and, or defenses, it makes the connection an uphill battle.

An individual can admirably, sincerely attempt to change. But generally, if you want a rewarding relationship, you’re going to have to just accept your partner’s faults. Nobody is perfect.

Spiritually speaking, a better relationship is yours if you follow the advice above.

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Three Signs You Are In A Spiritually Healthy Relationship Part I

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By age 40, most people realize there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Every couple has varying levels of mental, emotional, and sexual compatibility and none are perfectly matched on every level. But everyone can experience a better relationship if the pay attention to the spiritual angle.

Viewing relationships exclusively from a romantic, mundane level, idealistic notions abound because romantic love is an illusion, based on conditions and demands, instead of unconditional love.

“Love is a two-way street constantly under construction.” Carroll Bryant

Alternatively, a spiritual relationship is based on love and acceptance of your partner on every level.

A better relationship, in a spiritual sense, is yours for the taking if you embrace the following three theories.

1. Either the universe is completely chaotic, or it’s perfectly ordered. Our findings show it’s perfectly ordered. Beyond the regular predictable seasons, tides, blossoming of flowers, and appearance of heavenly bodies in the sky, everyone has their own unique timing based on the birth time, date, and location. Your personal arrangement of timing patterns serves as a framework in your life, an invisible hand, representatively guiding you toward many of your key life circumstances.

Dramatic shifts in unique personal timing, in the extreme, can symbolically create personality changes, seemingly altering the natal, non-timing patterns that also symbolize personality.

In other words, the personality traits that seemed fixed for decades can be suddenly joined by new traits due to changes in personal collective timing. Ultimately, although our findings show people’s personalities generally remain the same, latent traits can surface, such as the need for freedom and restlessness.

Call it a “mid-life crisis” if you would like, but from the moment of birth, our findings show those personality modifications were predetermined, as outlined in the numerology and astrology patterns.

For some people, dramatic shifts in collective timing may symbolize restlessness, for others the need to be alone, a need to express one’s self in writing or other creative ways, an increased need for sensual gratification (e.g., sex), argumentativeness, a tendency to be domineering, or other traits. It depends on the details of the patterns.

Case in point: a married couple “grows apart,” unexplainably, after years of marital bliss. Shared interests may change, or more often, one or both lose interest in the connection (no matter what they try to “keep the flame going”), and are drawn toward other relationships.

In a spiritual relationship, both accept that distinct personal timing exists, that it can have a drastic symbolic influence on life circumstances, and growing apart does naturally happen.

Unfortunately, society still tends to view breakups as “failed relationships.” It’s interesting how a friendship, such as college pals who lose touch, isn’t judged as a “failed friendship.”

Perhaps the pressure to conform to an unforgiving relationship model drives society’s judgment of divorcees, or the problem is just an idealistic view that the world isn’t perfect unless everyone pairs off.

2. Predetermined events and circumstances dominate everyone’s life. Besides having your own unique personal timing throughout life, you also have your own set of predestined events and circumstances that, no matter what you do, will occur. A spiritually healthy relationship includes two people who understand that you can’t change some things, including key, fated happenings in life. For example, Cory earns a big promotion at work, and will be moving to a city over 1000 miles away. Cory’s partner, being of a spiritual mind-set, is happy for her and views it as a wonderful opportunity for Cory. Since he is quite established in his own career and doesn’t want to move, he accepts that their relationship will transform into something different.

3. The law of free will, within your predetermined framework, allows you to respond however you wish: either you reject what you can’t change, or you embrace it and accept that it offers an opportunity for spiritual growth. In a spiritual relationship, both partners strive to respond with unconditional love and understanding, putting ego-self demands aside.

Everyone is capable of enjoying a better relationship, in a spiritual sense, by following the advice above.

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10 Spiritual Reasons Your Sex Life is Terrible

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Today, sex is most commonly viewed as a physical and emotional act, with little or nothing to do with spirituality.

Couples experiencing sex life problems typically are unaware of or ignore the spiritual link. Most identify the causes of a sexless relationship to be one or more outlined in this article, such as communication problems, lack of trust, stress, physical problems including hormonal imbalances, feelings of betrayal, and more. Sometimes even a lack of quality protein (not soy) can cause your sex drive to nosedive.

But you and your sex life have a spiritual side, even if you aren’t consciously aware of it.

Below we list ten potential spiritual reasons for your sex life problems.

1. One or both of you are unknowingly enduring a lost soul attachment or possession. In other words, you have hitchhikers on-board.

Once a person dies, their soul goes to the Light (i.e., “heaven” or whatever you want to call the other side, the unseen dimensions). But sometimes a soul refuses to go to the Light and hangs around on the mundane planes, as a ghost. These lost souls may attach themselves to those whose auras are temporarily dimmed (such as through stress or excess alcohol). The interference can be draining to the host, leaving little energy for sex. Or, the parasitic ghost invading your aura may not like your partner and may unconsciously convince you to avoid him or her, causing more problems in the relationship.

2. You or your partner are harboring dark energy or even demonic energy and demons. Just as with lost soul attachment, a person can unknowingly open themselves up to dark energy or even demons through stress, excess alcohol, drug use, or extreme anger or depression. This can easily zap your energy and leave you uninterested in sex.

3. Hexes, spells, or curses, even from past incarnations, may afflict a person, interfering with his or her sex life.

4. You were with your current partner in a past life, but he or she was your parent, grandparent, sibling, or in another platonic role and your subconscious memory of that makes sex with your partner unappealing.

5. Your current partner was your enemy in a past life and the subconscious memory greatly interferes with your relationship and sex life.

6. You and your partner were lovers in a previous life, but he or she betrayed you and the painful subconscious memory makes it impossible to enjoy sex with him or her today.

7. You’ve had a series of past lives where sex was forbidden, such as in a religious order. Subconsciously, you still believe sex, besides to procreate, is wrong and you can’t allow yourself to enjoy it.

8. You were punished, tortured, or put to death in a past life for having sex, perhaps with the soul who is your partner today. You subconsciously associate sex with pain or death, blocking a healthy sex life.

9. In a distant past life, you promised with all your heart to forever devote yourself to one specific lover, your “soul mate,” and you still haven’t dissolved the pact and let go of him or her. That long-lost forgotten love, who isn’t incarnated now, is still interfering with your love life today, 1700 years, and multiple lifetimes and lovers later.

10. The compatibility, measured through comprehensive astrology and numerology, between you and your romantic partner is horrible. At first, things seemed fine, but eventually reality set in. Challenging compatibility reflects one or more of the aforementioned past life scenarios. For example, past life enemies, in the extreme, are easy to identify through in-depth astrology and numerology.

A healthy sex life need not be rare when addressing the root, spiritual causes, which can increase the likelihood of a mutually satisfying sex life, if the bond is conducive to it.

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If you’re feeling depressed, angry, fearful, or having a tough time quitting bad habits and addictions, our Spiritual Detox™ MP3 can help.

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Numerology and Relationship Styles Part II

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Numerology, as it’s known today, is rooted in number mysticism from over two thousand years ago.

But the wise ancient seers wouldn’t recognize today’s numerology; the modern approach often involves bastardizing the discipline in an effort to make it sexy and marketable. This is true with astrology and other forms of metaphysical divination too.

Still, you can get an idea of human character and personal timing through basic number mysticism, which has withstood the test of time.

Everybody’s unique energy is symbolized by hundreds of numerology factors, forming patterns in the natal and timing charts.

Root numbers are balanced, over-balanced, or under-balanced. The symbolic energy in the numerology charts is almost always over or under-balanced, as balanced represents lack of challenges, and few, if any people like that exist.

Personifying the extreme–over-balanced or under-balanced–forms of numbers allows for easier understanding of the related energies. Below we illustrate traits and behaviors associated with each of the root numbers one through nine.


One is largely about self-energy, it’s inward turning and very driven. Though you may see her as self-absorbed, it’s just the way her energy shines. You’ll appreciate her stellar effort and self-directed energy to make your partnership the best it can be. But vanity (not necessarily a one-oriented trait) or stubbornness, for example, with typical one energy can be a devastating blow to any relationship. The one exceeds expectations when it comes to helping other family members be their best.


Long walks, hand-holding, thoughtful conversations, and sincere feelings are part of the two’s mode of operation. Unfortunately, she can also be duplicitous and easily in two secret relationships at the same time, all while professing her love of life-long monogamy. Go easy on the two because he’s very sensitive and gentle. He makes a great partner, if he’s living the high side of the two, instead of the low side.


Storytelling, play-acting, lively conversations, and entertaining make your relationship with the three exciting. But you worry about the three during his bouts of depression. Three is either riding a wave of optimism and happiness, or struggling in the trenches of depression. Never down for too long, those sparkling eyes and bubbly personality make you wonder how she could have seemed to be down and out only a few hours ago. Emotional stability is absent from your relationship with the three, but there’s never a dull moment.


You will appreciate the practical nature of the four, such as how much money you save through frugality. He’s always there for you, but physically, not emotionally. Life is a trade off—in this case you get consistent carnal pleasure instead of sentimentality and tender affection. Reason is the four’s strength, bringing a grounded and logical approach to all things in your connection.


Travel is great with five, as long as you allow him to have his freedom on occasion. The five will tire of forever holding hands and dining at romantic restaurants. She needs adventure to deal with her inner restlessness. Shockingly versatile, he’s the partner you want for stimulation. He’s an agent of change, yet so much so that it may lead to a new partnership since the five isn’t one for life-long relationships.


Like the two, six needs to be in a relationship, more so than most other numbers. She wouldn’t mind a law outlawing divorce. “There ought to be a law,” “It’s the right thing to do,” and “It should be this way,” are typical sayings of the six. He needs to let go of his dogmatic outlook on life and just let things be the way they are. To his credit, six is one of the most responsible root numbers and you can always count on him.


Seven almost prefers analyzing and daydreaming about yesterday’s delightful romantic date, or a future one, more so than the actual experience. She is into the spiritual side of sex and casual encounters aren’t her style. In fact, she’s very concerned about the energy she picks up even from her close lover. She does a Spiritual Detox after each coupling, and then meditates on the experience. Seven may seem distant, but you won’t believe how well he picks up your exact thoughts as if he’s actually reading your mind like one of his ever-present books.


A wonderful thing about the eight is that she figures out exactly how to play every situation to the advantage of your romantic partnership. She gains, you gain, you both gain. A terrible thing about the eight is that she sometimes plays every circumstance to her advantage, bullying, scheming, and running roughshod over everyone else to get what she wants. Eight is the opportunist, in good ways and bad ways. Eight isn’t into romance, but his focus on money and success helps your partnership enjoy life’s material pleasures.


Nine may be more charitable to others than to your own partnership with her. She can’t help it; lending a hand to those in need is her nature. Live and let live is his motto. Try to possess the nine, and he slips from your grip. Nine is wonderful, while it lasts. She means it when she says she’ll always love you, even though she seems so impersonal and detached. Nobody loves as deeply and sincerely as the nine.

Although it takes time to gain a working knowledge of it, numerology is an intuitive discipline that allows you to get a better understanding of personality and personal timing.

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