Cheating Boyfriend’s Handwriting: True Personality is Revealed Through Handwriting Analysis

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How do you know if your lover is telling the truth?

Perhaps the only way to know for sure is to catch him or her with another lover.

Alternatively, while graphology (handwriting analysis) provides insight about potential current and future behavior, it won’t give you a definitive yes or no that he or she is cheating and being dishonest.

However, it’s possible to get an extremely clear idea of a person’s true personality, such as if they lack integrity. In order to do this, that person would need to write at least a 1/2-3/4 page of spontaneous writing about his or her current romantic situation. Indications such as insincerity and integrity issues showing up throughout the writing sample could give you a good idea about his or her actions.

Graphology is so informative because it reveals subconscious character, the real personality, not just the persona and the one seen when a person is at his or her best.

Relating to romantic relationships, a good handwriting analysis can tell you if a person fears commitment, avoids conflict, lacks a good sense of discernment (necessary to identify and understand personality and relationship issues), is emotionally mature or immature, is impulsive, fears intimacy, is restless, is self-conscious, lacks self-esteem and ego strength, has an excessive interest or disinterest in sex, fears success, fears trusting others, has a tendency to withdraw, and much more.

The topic of dishonest lovers brings up an important point about honesty in our society. Too many people think that if no one finds out that they lied, robbed, or cheated, they “got away with it.”

In reality, the eyes of truth are always watching, so everything you do and say creates karma and comes back to you. We’ve seen it played out repeatedly through past life regression, and we are convinced that there exists an automatic accountability system in this universe; everyone really does reap what they sow.

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