Exposing the Dangerous “Delete Your Karma” Myth

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We’ve seen it countless times. An inspirational speaker develops a huge following by spouting mantras such as, “You can achieve anything, just work hard and believe you can do it!” They offer enchanting magic wand solutions intended to tug at your heart strings, backed by sophisticated public relations machines.These types usually ridicule the concept of predestination (and commonly unsubscribe from our mailing list after a column like this) and immutable personal adversity, claiming to be able to teach you how to “erase” it.

They say the concepts of karma and fate are “too limiting” and “fatalistic.”

However, what’s really limiting is the outright rejection of the theory of predestination, most certainly without objectively exploring it.

It’s absolutely patronizing to ignore the intricacy of an individual’s unique personal adversity, glibly attribute a person’s inability to create success and financial abundance to “not working smart or hard enough,” and proclaim, “I’ve made lots of money and enjoyed enormous success, and you can too (just buy my products and services)…”

Is it even possible to exceed that level of conceit? Do they have no humility?

The “erase your karma and create the life of your dreams with a wave of your magic wand” myth has existed forever.

People want quick fixes and too readily believe the impossible because they want it to be so.

The myth continues to be perpetuated because it sells, big time. Myths wrapped in inspiration, cheer-leading, and poetry fulfill a demand for escapism, which is accepted as “spirituality.”

Meanwhile, our metaphysical views are labeled “cold” and “fatalistic.” But we’d rather tell you the truth than promote a primrose path of illusion that leads to eventual disappointment just to make a buck.

Our premise, brought into being through over 25 years of empirical research, is that at least 75% of the key life circumstances and events in your life are predetermined.

Does this mean you should abandon your hopes and dreams? No, of course not. Even the most seemingly outlandish dreams may have merit, since life is really more about the journey, not the destination. But it’s advisable to know yourself well enough to formulate realistic goals.

The Core of Your Future is Fixed

While we believe it’s entirely true that within the boundaries of your karmic path you have free will to create as you like, our findings clearly show that the core structure of your future is absolutely fixed.

The foundation of your future isn’t “…constantly changing based on your focus, thoughts, and decisions.” We’ve found that you’re only permitted within spiritual law to create that which corresponds with your personal fate. Otherwise, you wouldn’t experience the lessons (both rewarding and challenging) for which you incarnated.

Finally overcoming the problem of having to occasionally deal with noisy neighbors, for example, isn’t exactly earth-shattering “karma elimination.”

Anyone boasting of “deleting all karma,” if they are being forthright, must first correctly identify their karma. Comprehensive astrology and numerology are very helpful in this regard, as is past life regression work.

What You Must Ask The Magic Wand Crowd

Ask those who claim to have eradicated all their karma with a mere snap of their fingers the following question: Which type of karma are you referring to? How did you know it was karma in the first place–how did you quantify it?

If it’s love life karma they are talking about, if they were single and desired a rewarding love relationship, did they suddenly have multiple, mutually compatible and beneficial romantic options that were not built on illusion or manipulation? Did any of those options naturally endure?

If it’s money they are talking about, are they suddenly free of debt and flush with abundance? Does that state of abundance persevere? If so, have they considered that it was fated to happen that way anyway?

Just as you can’t sober up right away after downing 5 drinks, you can’t sidestep the karma you’ve incarnated to experience (both good and bad). Taking full responsibility for everything in your life and healing negative patterns of thinking is a step in the right direction, but it won’t deliver you to never-ending spiritual nirvana.

Those who claim to have “risen above” a certain karmic condition are either not realizing that it wasn’t karmic in the first place, or that it had run its course and was destined to end when it did. They didn’t expunge the circumstance, they finally balanced it through having to endure and experience it directly.

In the extremely remote prospect that they’ve actually balanced all of their karma and advanced to avatar status, like Buddha, they’ll have to show the rest of us how to walk on water and levitate.

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