Beware of These 5 Demonic Possession Myths

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Due to several movies in recent years about demonic possession and exorcisms, the subjects have gained in popularity.

Are they fictitious notions, merely part of a scary Hollywood storyline? 25 years ago, we thought so and naively assumed that in terms of spiritual energy, only God and positive energy existed.

But after studying metaphysics for over 25 years and performing what we call Spiritual Detox (which is similar to a depossession without the religious terminology, often of Latin origin, of a Catholic exorcism) on ourselves and many others, we are convinced dark energy and demons exist.

Misunderstandings about the subject abound. When we read that Roman Catholic priests in Poland are launching the world’s first monthly magazine about exorcisms, we were hopeful that it would help clarify the issues.

Unfortunately, we believe the magazine could do more harm than good. Here are five possession myths that the priests perpetuate in the process of discussing their new magazine.

1) The rise in the number of possessions is due to a rise in capitalism and the occult. Blaming capitalism or the occult for more possessions is like blaming death on living life or obesity on eating; it depends how you live and what and how much you eat.

If they experienced the occult (which only means “hidden knowledge”) firsthand instead of relying on hearsay stemming from paranoid zealotry that dates back to the bloodthirsty Inquisition, they’d discover that fortune-telling, including tarot cards, astrology, numerology and other forms, is not dangerous and there is no risk of possession from these ancient spiritual tools. In fact, scary movies pose more risk.

Ouija boards and channeling can attract mischievous entities, but they are easily avoided if one knows what they are doing, and we do not recommend novices use them. We advise avoiding black magic and spells, which present much more risk.

2) A depossession or exorcism should only be performed by a priest. There are many people who are not priests who regularly perform successful depossessions. One of the more successful people in this field is Sue Allen of the UK.

Religious exorcisms follow a traditional process that, at times, recklessly cast out demons. We and others who do similar deposession work believe this can be dangerous because the entity can wander off and possess someone else. Instead, we call in Angels of the Light to help guide the troublemakers to the Light.

3) “Authentic exorcism is absolutely free of charge.” What the priest means is that authentic exorcism by priests is free. There are many professionals who can remove lost souls or dark energy but since they do this for a living and don’t have the support of a multi-billion dollar religious enterprise behind them, of course they need to charge for their services.

Unfortunately, there exist unscrupulous psychics who will tell a client bad energy is causing their misfortune, and that they can remove it for thousands of dollars, then do very little to fix the alleged problem. Avoid them.

4) “Possession comes as a result of committing evil. Stealing, killing, and other sins.” In our experience, we’ve found it’s the reverse; one does not always become possessed from “sinning” (though it’s possible), but those who are stealing, lying, or killing commonly are possessed. We’ve discovered that people can become possessed from drug use, alcohol abuse, extreme emotions, physical or sexual abuse, and surgery.

5) Mental illness is not the same as possession. We’ve found that mental imbalances are often caused or made worse by entity attachment or possession, especially in very sensitive individuals. Sadly, many mental health experts ridicule the idea of possession, yet ironically, usually know little about the subject.

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