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Table of Contents

Stephen Petullo
Scott Petullo


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This book is dedicated to all those who seek the truth.

Table of Contents

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Theory of Predestination

Key Terms

The Law of Attraction and 13 Other Spiritual Laws

Mystic’s Magic Formula

Chapter 1   Getting Centered; the First Step to Awakening Your Awareness

Chapter 2   Spiritual Cleansing, Protection, and Help

Spirit Possession Death, Spirit Possession & Mediums – Sometimes Souls Don’t go to The Light

Spirits in my Room at Night

Ghosts, Spirits & Lost Souls – What You Can do to Get Them to Stop Waking You up at Night

Spiritual Detox

Spiritual Protection – Symptoms of Spiritual Hitchhikers and Demons and How to Clear Your Aura

Spiritual Detox Follow-up

Psychic Protection & Spiritual Detox – How to Protect Yourself Spiritually

Chapter 3   Knowledge is Power

Spiritual, Occult & Metaphysical Studies Here’s How You Can Start on The Right Track

Spirituality, Occult & Metaphysics – Gullibility or Awareness?

Objective Exploration of Religion and Reincarnation

Reincarnation and Karma – Why God Allows Suffering

Hell: Past Life Regression and Reincarnation Research Show it Doesn’t Exist

The following is an extended list of characteristics that, although perceived by much of the population as inherently “spiritual,” do not automatically make someone a good spiritual teacher.

New Age & Metaphysical Myth, Misinformation, Inspiration & Truth – Idealism vs. Realism

New Age, Spirituality & Dogma – 10 Myths Revealed

Spirituality, New Age, Conscious Creation & Dogma – Contrary to the Hype, Your Fate is Measurable

Movie Review – What the Bleep – Good Reminders But They Forgot Some Key Information

Fate, Karma and The Secret – the Movie Ignores Key Spiritual Truths

The Secret and Subconscious Blocks: How to Identify Them and What the Movie Won’t Tell You

Do Some People Have More Free Will?

Free Will, Karma, Fate & Destiny – Self-Mastery Won’t Make Your Future Less Fixed

Numerology, Astrology & Predestination – You Can Only Manifest That Which Matches Your Karmic Plan

Chapter 4   A Closer Look at Karma, Reincarnation, Free Will and Fate

Free Will, Fate & Destiny – You Have Less Choice Than You Think You Do After Incarnating

Reincarnation & karma – Both Have Existed Since Well Before Earth’s Recorded History

Reincarnation–Fact or Fantasy?

4 Reasons People Think They Lived Past lives as Famous Historical Figures

Reincarnation and Past Lives – Everyone Has Been a Bad Person at Some Point

Reincarnation, Karma, Fate & Soul Decisions – Most of Your Free Will is Exercised Before Incarnating

DNA, Twins & Reincarnation – The Theory of DNA Genetic Coding is Connected to Predestination

Conscious Creation & Truth – Direct Life Experience Balances Most Karma, Wisdom Only Some Karma

Ascension, Lords of Karma & Personal Destiny – Quick Fixes Don’t Exist & You Can’t Cheat Fate

Karma Isn’t Punishment & You Can’t Have Karma Without Reincarnation

Karma, Past Lives & Reincarnation – Talking About it With Your Kids

Fate, Karma & Free Will – An Elephant is an Elephant and Personal Destiny is Immutable

Past Life Regression and Hypnosis – Why it Doesn’t Matter if Past Lives Are Real or Not

Past Lives & Reincarnation – You Would be Surprised to Learn About Your Former Lifetimes

Time Travel, Fate, Destiny, Free Will and Changing the Past

Predestination, Karma & Meditation – How to Know What is Fated in Your Life

Astrology, Location & Destiny – You Can’t Evade Your Karma and Fate by Relocating

Is This Your Last Lifetime?

Past Lives & Reincarnation – What Creates Negative Karma, What Doesn’t, & Why You’re Coming Back

Fate, Destiny, Karma, Past Lives & Future Lives – Why You Can’t Live Forever

Karma, Fate, Past Lives & Birthrights – Why You’re Denied The Infinite Possibilities of the Universe

Chapter 5   Upgrading Your Love Life

Perfect Penmanship

Handwriting Analysis: Some Elaboration is Healthy & Perfect Penmanship Isn’t

Lost Love

Free Will, Manifestation & Creation – How Karma, Fate and Predestination May Block Your Efforts

Redefining How You Perceive New Love Interests

Marriage, Divorce & Soul Mates – Expectation of a Lifetime Partner is Rooted in Fear

Soul Mates, Twin Flames & Your Love Life – Why You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Love, Relationships, Marriage & Romance – Everyone Has Many Soul Mates & All Bonds Have Time Limits

Monogamy, Marriage, Fate, Karma & Soul Mates – Love is Forever, But Most Relationships Aren’t

Best Astrology Matches For You?

Astrology, Numerology & Compatibility – Why You Need to Scrutinize a Lot More Than Just Sun Signs

Sex, Marriage and Compatibility – Soul Mate Connections Are Not What You Think

When will I marry?

Numerology & Astrology – Predicting When You’ll Have Good Love

Numerology, Astrology & Graphology – Tools to Cultivate Understanding and Love in Relationships

Twin Flames, Soul Mates & New Age Romance – More Myth Than Reality

Love & Relationships—Three Signs it’s Over & How Unconditional Love Contrasts With Modern Marriage

Love and Marriage – Why Fate and Karma Make it or Break it

Love, Relationships & Reincarnation – Power of Love & Forgiveness Won’t Allow You to Cheat Fate

“If you really loved me…”

Relationships & Marriage – Commitment Has Nothing to do With Unconditional Love

Love & Relationships From a Spiritual Viewpoint – 3 Reasons People Get Into Bad Relationships

Love Life Affirmations to Assist With Being Unhappily Single or Suffering in a Marriage

Karma, Fate, Destiny, Spirituality & Relationships – Stay Married or Divorce?

Marriage, Adultery & Soul Mates—It’s Natural to be Attracted to Someone Other Than Your Spouse

Love Relationships & Karma – The Good, Fair, and Impossible

Cheating Lover’s Handwriting

True Personality is Revealed Through Handwriting Analysis

Compatibility, Love & Subconscious Mind – What a Handwriting Analyst Can Tell You About Your Lover

Radical Honesty in Relationships

Long-term, Strict Monogamy is Unnatural For Some & How Responsible Non-monogamy Can Save a Relationship

Gay Marriage – Karma, Past Lives, Spirituality, Numerology, and Astrology

Chapter 6   Upgrading Your Passion

Chapter 7   Using Awareness for Career and Money

Numerology, Astrology, Psychic Prediction & the Lottery


Numerology, Astrology & Prediction – Indications to Know When You Might Get Lucky

Chapter 8   Finding the Root Cause of Problems and Other Helpful Insight

Go back to the “root cause” with the past life regression

Here are some examples of how you can use past life regression:

Past Life Regression & Hypnosis – Why It’s as Safe as Meditation & Why Some Don’t Perceive Much

Important Questions to Ask a Psychic

Be Cautious of the Following When Hiring a Psychic:

Is it Possible to Avoid a Psychic’s Predictions?

Chapter 9   Two of the Mystic’s Favorite Tools

Spirituality, New Age, Conscious Creation & Dogma – Contrary to the Hype, Your Fate is Measurable

Q & A About Fortune Telling

Psychic Prediction–The Inside Scoop From Two Professional Psychics

Astrology & Numerology – Why a Comprehensive Approach With the Languages of Fate is Necessary

Astrology, Numerology & Handwriting Analysis – Far From Being Pseudo Sciences

Number Symbolism and Addresses

Number Symbolism

Naming a Newborn – Numerology, Predestination & Synchronicity

“Pisces Sun: older soul?”

Pisces Sun, by Itself, Has Nothing to do With Being Spiritually Adept

Modern Astrology & Subjectivity – Twins Expose Major Flaws of Modern Astrological Methods

Astrology, Numerology & Prediction – Approximate Time of Your Death is Destined

Numerology, Astrology & Handwriting Analysis – Career Timing & Personal Strengths & Weaknesses

Numerology & Subconscious Mind – What it Means to Keep Seeing the Same Numbers Over and Over

Chapter 10   Holistic Health and Wellness

Why It’s Important to Avoid Drugs

Spirituality, Souls, Drugs & Suicide – It’s Your Responsibility to Help Yourself

Stephen’s Holistic Health and Makeover Tips & Myths

Psychic/Meditative State Script

Introduction to the Psychic/Meditative State



Trigger Questions

Challenges to Successful Sessions

“What if I’ve followed the advice above and I still can’t seem to focus well or go very deep?”

Spiritual Cleansing and Protection Script

Learn and Track Your Personal Timing and Love Cycles With Numerology

Numeric Analysis

Understanding Human Character and Identifying Cycles of Time

Definition of Numerology

Advanced Numerology

Numerology and Reincarnation

Qualities and Fadic Addition

The Personal Years, Personal Months and Personal Days

The Numbers One Through Nine Defined:

Love and Time Cycles

Relationship Compatibility

Graphology (Handwriting Analysis) Resource Keys

Love Potion Recordings

Past Life Self-Regression

Reincarnation and Karmic Patterns

Past-life Clues

Meditation and Past Life Self-Regression

Meditation and Regression Preparation

Challenges to Successful Meditations or Regressions

“What if I’ve followed the advice above and I still can’t seem to focus well or go very deep in meditation or past life self-regression?”

Mini Guided Meditations

Moon Void-of-Course Report

Moon Void of Course introduction:

During a Moon Void of Course, DO:

During a Moon Void of Course, DON’T:

More about Moon Void of Course:

Moon Void of Course examples:

Attempting to work around a Moon Void of Course:

Moon Void Information Sources:

Incredible S.e.x. Hypno-Reiki Audio Meditation

Stephen’s Soundless Subliminals™

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