Examples of Past Life Suffering That Led to Happy Love Lives Today Part I

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The theory of reincarnation suggests your past life actions create your present love life situations, both the good and the bad.

People who don’t like their love lives now might be making up for their actions in the distant past, but not always. Sometimes, even the best intentions in past lives can result in unfortunate experiences in future lives. This is part of soul growth.

Likewise, people with a rewarding love life today may have earned it in past lives. Below are examples of past life suffering that led to happy love lives.

Love Isn’t Ownership

After ten years of marriage with the man whom she thought was the love of her life, she caught him cheating with the help in their barn. She banished him from her life and remained angry and alone the rest of her long life.

After death, on the other side, she realized that she caused her own suffering with her expectations, demands, and rigid personality.

Today she understands the importance of forgiveness and accepts that many people are not the strictly monogamous type, love is not about owning or controlling another person, and love and sex are two separate things. Her partners in this life have respected and loved her even more when she encouraged them to honestly discuss their attractions to others rather than suppressing them and cheating.

Complete On His Own

He lost his “everything,” his “other half,” at a young age. He had other opportunities for love, but refused them and was lonely and unhappy the rest of his life.

After death, he realized that everyone has many soul mates, you are complete on your own, and while love is forever, most relationships are not.

In this life he’s loved and lost, but accepts it as a part of life. He understands that he doesn’t need someone else to be happy, and remains optimistic and open to future possibilities.

Freedom Lover

She was forced by her very traditional family at a young age to marry a man she couldn’t stand and was miserable the rest of her life.

In this life she hasn’t had the greatest relationship experiences, but that’s fine with her because she loves being single and the inherent freedom. She can’t understand why someone would want to give that up just to have a relationship, especially if the partner isn’t extremely compatible.

A Loving Divorce

She refused to accept divorce as an option, even though her marriage ended long ago. After her husband left she ruined her life by resenting him with all her energy, driving others away with her bitterness.

In this life, when she and her husband drifted apart after fifteen years of marriage, she was responsible for the two of them parting on very good terms, even having what they joked about as a “loving divorce.”

Finally Free to Enjoy Their Relationship

They were monks together in Asia many centuries ago. They shared a deep, romantic love but could never act on it, which caused them great stress and sorrow.

In the current life, they met in a religious studies class and instantly connected. But this time one is male, the other is female, and both are heterosexual and single, so they are finally free to enjoy what they could not so long ago.

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