Fate and Free Will: Why Your Days Are Numbered

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A death in the family is always difficult and we feel compassion for those who find themselves in this situation. Why did it have to happen?–that’s often on the minds of family and friends. Was it predetermined?

The debate over fate and free will, which prevails, has gone on forever. Our empirical research with regression therapy, and comprehensive astrology and numerology tells us that we choose our paths (especially the key players and major events) before incarnating.

When we say “we” we mean our souls. Once we’re here on earth, “we” operate from our personalities. We as personalities have free will to make certain choices (the “right” one may be predestined and therefore feel right), but what we want isn’t always for our highest good and the highest good of all involved.

No matter what you or your loved one consciously wanted, his or her soul had already made the decision to leave in the case of an unexpected death in the family, for example.

Pre-set circumstances in each of our lives are necessary to learn important lessons. If we all had complete free will in life, we would skip the otherwise unavoidable challenges and miss the point of being here on Earth. Comprehensive numerology and astrology offer tremendous support for the theory that a great deal is predestined in our lives; conditions, opportunities, challenges, rewards, and more are consistently identified well before they manifest. These and other ancient esoteric sciences offer priceless personality, compatibility and timing insight.

Further research about predestination can be found in the fascinating books written by Michael Newton, PhD. Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls explain how our souls plan key circumstances and situations before incarnating on Earth.

From an earthly perspective, it’s not easy to embrace challenging life circumstances. Detaching from what you want (especially if you’re not absolutely certain it’s part of your highest path) and accepting and embracing “what is” makes life much more tolerable.

Yes, death is always difficult to accept, but from a higher perspective, there is no good or bad, just experiences to learn from. It’s been said that a true mystic views a diamond no different than he or she views a pebble. The mystic also accepts that this life is just a sentence in the text of earthly incarnations.

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