Free Will, Karma, and Fate – Self-Mastery Won’t Allow Your Future to be Less Fixed

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We find the level of ease in predicting life circumstances and events for those who are less self-aware is the same as it is for those who are more self-actualized.

If someone is fated to experience specific life situations, they will experience them regardless of what choices they make. From a spiritual viewpoint, there is less freedom in decision-making than most people seem to want to believe. Based on our empirical research, a lot more in life is destined than people may want to accept.

Are we saying that since so much is fated in life that it’s a waste of time to explore metaphysical concepts, or for that matter, to set and strive toward personal goals and make an effort to get as much as possible out of life? Absolutely not.

We never advocate a passive, unproductive approach to life, other than letting go of trying to change what you can’t change. First, one must “know thyself.” Then a person can work toward his or her goals that are within their personal karmic plan.

Someone might ask, “If everything was mapped out for us, wouldn’t we just be robots following orders placed by our higher selves? We do have some sort of freedom, don’t we?”

In large part, if you want to view it that way, yes, each of us are simply following through within our own unique karmic directives, putting one foot in front of the other to manifest fate.

Look at it this way: each of us incarnates to learn specific spiritual lessons. If we had as much free will as we have before we incarnate as we do while we are incarnated, how many people do you think would actually chose to experience the tough lessons, or any lessons at all aside from absolute ego-self gratification?

As we’ve said before, we have found that everyone has some freedom to “create” within karmic boundaries while on this earth, but not nearly as much as most people seem to want to believe. If people could become “anything” they want to become, nobody would remain what they are.

The charts show that there is no escape from what could be termed as soul responsibilities: necessary personal experiences while incarnated on Earth. The good news is that there is relief through acceptance, detachment, and unconditional love.

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