Absolute Myth: Your Personality Selects Your Future Lives

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New Age urban legend suggests that you’re empowered through “ascension” to consciously manipulate your past lives and future lives to live happily ever after in a never-ending utopia without any personal adversity.

All you have to do is spend enough money on the services of the gurus who spew such nonsense, excuse us, who divine such information, and you’ll be on your way to permanent bliss.

Unfortunately, the idea of consciously selecting your future lives like entrees from a dinner menu is just a New Age myth. This distortion of ancient spiritual truths originates from a heavy emphasis on Hollywood science fiction masquerading as spirituality, and possibly narcotics, including psychedelics; artificially altered minds yield half-truths and illusion.

Talk of “altering your density” and “3rd, 4th, 5th dimensions” as if they are TV channels for you to consciously flip through on your way to nirvana, for instance, is pure fantasy. Such myths are kept alive through the strong desire for escapism and quick-fix solutions.

The feel-good fantasies are an attempt to avoid personal accountability. “I’ll never have to pay for that appalling crime? Great, I’m in!”

Not so fast.

3 Reasons You Can’t Consciously Choose Your Past and Present Lives:

1. Your conscious mind is not your spiritual self, your soul. These are two different entities and once you cross over your personality does not have a say in your soul’s direction. While you may consciously think you want to choose the most desirable future life circumstances, your soul, like a loving parent guiding a child, frequently takes the road that holds the most important lessons with the most opportunity for spiritual growth; it usually does not favor the easy life, based on our empirical research involving past and future life regression.

2. Karma follows you like an ever-faithful servant. It’s inescapable, even if your current personality doesn’t believe in the concept. Consider it one of the most important spiritual laws: whatever you say, do, or intend comes back to you in equal measure. Exude compassion and understanding? That’s what you get back. Thieve and cheat? That’s also what you get back.

By the way, one of the biggest misconceptions about karma is that you get it all back in this lifetime. We’ve found the opposite to be true: most of it comes back to you in future lives. This explains why some of the most notorious villains seem to live their lives untouched, at least until the next time around when they are born into unfortunate conditions. Even if it seemed like someone got away with something, they really didn’t.

3. Past lives make you who you are today. While it may be true that when you are on the other side you can view your past and future like clips from a movie, you can’t alter what has already transpired, nor would your soul-self even desire to do so. While forgiveness might soften up karma, it doesn’t erase it, and you can’t dodge your future karma (good and bad) no matter how much you try to make amends after the fact.

Is there a way to assure that you are more fortunate in future lives? The only way you can consciously direct your destiny is to simply do the “right” thing in every situation. By this we do not mean what is necessarily correct or proper as deemed by society. Instead, simply treat others as you would like to be treated, and maintain an honorable life.

Additionally, we believe that accepting where you are now, being grateful for what you have rather than excessive wanting for what you don’t, and repetitive, emotionalized positive visualizations, such as those involving financial and romantic abundance, help you attract more of that in future lives. Of course, you also have to take appropriate action toward your goals.

Everything you are and will ever be, you have earned. When in doubt, taking the high road is always your best option, striving to express more compassion and unconditional love.

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