Got Ghosts? 7 Steps to Clear Your Space

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After over 14 years of clearing ghosts from homes and freeing people from the negative hold of disembodied souls we are convinced that ghosts are a lot more common than people realize. Hollywood has demonized (literally) the phenomenon, but don’t be afraid. In reality, most are more of a nuisance than threat, much like a mosquito, if you know what to do.

Simply put, a ghost is the disembodied soul of someone whose body has died. Instead of going to the “Light,” they remain earthbound.

Ghost hunters on TV do a great job of detecting paranormal activity, but they usually don’t send it to where it needs to go to continue its spiritual evolution: the Light.

This final step in ghost busting is often overlooked, but is crucial because if it’s not done the ghost will continue to cause problems for itself and others.

Addictions, attachments to familiar places, sudden and unexpected death, suicide, revenge, and fear of “hell” can cause ghosts to stick around. They may have died in your home, wandered in on their own, or followed you home from hospital, cemetery, or bar, for example.

How do you know when you have a ghost hanging out in your home? Signs include unexplained noises and voices, objects disappearing, electronics turning on and off by themselves, young children seeing people you cannot, lights flickering, unexplained smells or hot or cold spots, feeling like you’re being watched, seeing shadows out of the corner of your eye, pets acting strangely, a sudden urge to overeat, drink, smoke, or do drugs (especially if you cannot attribute the urge to anything in particular), and nightmares.

Fortunately, you can help the ghost and yourself relatively easily with the following steps.

1) Identify the energy. Is it a guide or a ghost? Higher level guides are not abusive or negative. A guide or loved one who has crossed over will pop in to help and you’ll feel uplifted. If your ghost is a loved one who died, realize that it’s better for both of you if they go to the Light.

2) Research the home and area history. Did someone die in the home or area? Is or was there previously a bar, crack house, burial ground, morgue, cemetery or hospital nearby?

3) Sometimes ghosts don’t realize they’re dead or being bothersome. Therefore, firmly yet calmly explain out loud that he or she is dead, this is your home now, and it’s time to move on to the Light (point upwards).

For more stubborn energies, use these next steps. Make sure you are sober and centered during this process or you’ll open yourself up to the risk of possession.

4) Utilize the Light. Spiritually protect yourself by visualizing a bright, white Light. Pretend the sun is shining brightly and, or lightning is striking and filling you and every corner of every room.

5) Burn sage. You can find sage at health food and metaphysical stores and online. Light the sage, hold over an ashtray or plate, then walk clockwise around each room while imagining the space being purified by the smoke.

6) Use step 3 above again and then call in their loved ones from other side to help explain that it’s time to return “home.”

7) If the energy does not want to leave, call in God, guides of the Light, and for tougher cases, archangels Michael and Sandalphon for assistance in guiding the lost soul(s) to the Light. These energies are always willing and able to help, but you must ask.

*Important* Do not simply cast out a ghost from your home because it will wander into another home. Instead, always guide it to the Light. Once there, it won’t return as an earthbound spirit and cause harm to itself or others.

For more challenging cases, utilize the services of a Spiritual Detox™, spirit releasement, or ghost removal expert. Or, use our Spiritual Detox™ MP3 or free Spiritual Detox™ Script. Only use experts who send the unwanted energies to the Light (make sure to ask), have a good track record, and do not charge outrageously high fees (avoid “psychics” who charge $1000s for “spell removal”). The best ghost busters will calmly and firmly communicate with the energy, call in plenty of spiritual assistance and protection, and guide them to the Light.

Copyright © 2010 Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo

4 thoughts on “Got Ghosts? 7 Steps to Clear Your Space

  1. Averil Elaziz

    I am in a pretty newish house and I share it with a friend. We believe we have a dog ghost. Do I use the same ritual for an animal?

    In addition, I am just coming out of a very traumatic time and will be leaving this house 30 Sep. All off a sudden, strange things were happening. The light and fan switched on in my bedroom by themselves and while washing my hands the other day, my toothbrush twitched over. Other small objects have been moving by themselves also.



    1. Stephen

      Hi Averil,

      Yes, you use the same techniques for non-human spirits, but it would be very unusual if it was a dog ghost. What makes you think that?

      In Light,


  2. Mary Doyle

    I am moving into an old house we are renovating. It was built in 1929. The last owner let the house run down to the point of almost being a tear down. He was foreclosed and left very unwillingly removing anything of value and selling it. The original owners were a doctor and his wife and I was told the wife committed suicide in the house. I am very sensitive to feelings and spirit. The last time I was in the house I was with my husband, mother in law and sister in law and we were huddled near a small bathroom in the middle of the first floor. As my sister in law was speaking I was surprised by a little girls voice laughing and mimicking what she had just said. It was startling and made the hair on my neck raise and I felt a distinct chill. I looked at the others and only my husband heard it also. And it was loud. I felt a strong feeling like I needed to protect this little girl and I felt a strong sadness. Now I’m scared to death to move there. We have twin 6 year old daughters and im afraid. I will be the one spending a lot of alone time there and I’m dreading it. It is a beautiful 3 story traditional house overlooking the water. What should I do? Mary

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Mary,

      Don’t be afraid. They cannot hurt you if you are aware of them. You need to send the lost souls to the Light. Use the very helpful script in the back of the book called The Unquiet Dead by Edith Fiore. Reading this script out loud in that house will help the lost souls realize they are “dead,” it’s time to move on, and also call in spiritual helpers to assist in the process. Our Spiritual Detox MP3 will also help.

      In Light,


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