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Incredible Sex Subliminal MP3 Suggestions      

You are passionate about continuously expanding your sexual knowledge.

The infinite universe of sexual pleasure is yours to explore.

You have the ability to become a superior lover.

When you feel your body, you can relax fully into your sexual pleasure and presence.

It is such a turn-on to explore what brings your partner the greatest pleasures.

You are always inspired to become a more sexually educated person

Sex is an exciting unlimited territory waiting for you to discover it.


You choose to focus on sexual pleasure rather than the sex act.

You trust your unique spontaneity and juicy creativity as a lover.

You love your body and all the ways it brings you and your partner pleasure.

You enjoy sex the most when you relax and connect with your whole body.

You let go of your having-to-perform mindset and go for what feels really good.

You focus on what works and what is the greatest pleasure possible in the moment.

You are confident you can bring out the best in yourself and your partner.

You let go of comparisons and focus on being fully present with the pleasure in your body.


You let go of expectations and enjoy the moment.

You enjoy the blissful feeling of letting go.

You easily have more control when you stay present in your body.

Exploring a partner’s pleasure is one of your greatest pleasures.

You can slow down and fully savor every delicious moment of sexual pleasure.

With full body awareness, you have complete control and come when you choose.

You are willing to let go of your past experiences in sex and discover the joy of being a confident and sexual person.


It’s OK to express your feelings, even if it’s a new behavior for you.

You trust you can choose to create a fulfilling sexual life.

You love to share what turns you on with your partner.

You enjoy hearing and feeling and experimenting with what your partner wants.

It is natural for you to share feelings and talk about sex.

You let go of having to perform and simply enjoy the pleasure of being with your partner.

You learn a lot from supportive discussion and feedback.


You let go of an outcome in sex and focus on pleasure.

You let go of what you think sex should be and simply enjoy.

You honor and respect yourself as you feel and connect to your body.

You savor every exquisite moment of sexual exploration.

Sex can be the deepest sexual loving union, a total ecstatic orgasmic timeless blissful experience.

You open to the flow with your partner in sex.

You take responsibility for your sexual arousal.


Sexual pleasure is your birthright and you are ready to go for it.

You reframe sex as a healing, nurturing, natural act.

Your sexual feelings are natural and life-affirming.

You are responsible for your own orgasm.

You can enjoy your sexual feelings whenever they arise without expecting your partner to do something.

Sex is life-giving, life-affirming, rejuvenating and ecstatic.

Sex is creation’s special gift to you.


When you let go you start to feel the pleasure of your body.

You can feel more and enjoy more sexual pleasure when you let go.

Your vulnerability is your sacred gift and part of your power.

You let go of past experiences and reside in the moment.

You can relax and open yourself up to the gift of receiving pleasure.

As you let go of the past; breath, relax and open; breath, relax and open; breath, relax and open.
You love and treat your body with honor and respect.

The more you feel and accept yourself, the more attractive and desirable you are.

Your body is a perfect pleasure temple.

Every part of your body temple is sacred and divine.

You love to explore how sexually aroused and turned on you can become.

You feel the power of your sexual radiance.

You fully appreciate yourself as a person.

You let go of your fears and allow your sexual attractiveness and energy to flow.


You are responsible for your orgasm, and your partner can support you.

Your partner appreciates your guidance — sexy, creative, sensitive and caring at the appropriate time.

You are responsible for your sexual experiences.

You can communicate what works for you sexually through sounds and body language.

When you talk about sex, it is enlightening, educational, arousing and you can learn a lot.

Your partner appreciates you letting them know what you like.

You always learn a lot when you talk about sex.

There’s no time to settle for less, you’re honest and direct with what you need to communicate.


You love learning more about your body and sexual anatomy.

Your body is built for multiple orgasms.

It’s up to you to say yes to sexual pleasure.

Sex is a healing, nurturing act and important to your well-being and health.

Your sexual arousal is a divine gift.

Your sexual feelings are natural and healthy.

You have infinite capacity for sexual pleasure and you’re ready to go for it.

The more you feel your full sexual pleasure and arousal the deeper and more intimate sex can be.


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