Is it Possible to Lose Your Psychic Ability?

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Is it possible to lose your psychic ability? We’ve been meditating and exercising our psychic muscles for years, and we’ve found certain things can strengthen or weaken psychic ability.

Everyone has some degree of psychic ability, whether you want to call it your gut feeling, intuition, or guidance from above. We don’t think it’s possible to ever permanently lose what you were born with (we consider your unique talents abilities developed over lifetimes, not “gifts”–nobody gave them to you).

Many things can interfere with psychic abilities, including the following:

Psychic Myths

One example of a psychic myth is if you’re psychic, you should know everything. In reality, even the best psychics only know what they’re supposed to know. Such misconceptions can cause you to question your psychic ability, thus reduce your power.

Your environment

It’s natural to be skeptical of psychic ability, since most people grow up in an environment that doesn’t encourage it. But excessive discouragement or worse, ridicule by family and friends puts a serious damper on your natural abilities.

Abusing your abilities

Prying into others’ lives and attempting to control people is not your right, and misusing your psychic talent will incur negative karma and block your spiritual progression.

Subconscious fears

These can be from the present life or past lives. For example, if you were put to death by religious authorities in a past life for daring to oppose the Church, or openly applying your metaphysical abilities, you’ll naturally feel fear about these subjects. Past life regression can help you uncover and release the negative emotions.

Drug use, alcohol abuse, and some medications

Even “just pot” can block your intuition and distort your reality. When you choose to be as clear of a channel for the Light as possible, it’s easier to fulfill your potential and make the most of your time on Earth.

Stress and anger

Extreme emotions and stress can definitely get in the way of spiritual guidance from the other side.

Forgetting to have fun

Taking time to play will make you feel happy and relaxed, an optimum state in which to receive psychic insight.

Your personal timing

It’s normal to go through cycles in which your psychic ability seems diminished. These can last for days, weeks, months, or longer, and be identified through comprehensive astrology and numerology.

The energy of other people

We find that we are more psychic with people who have a greater than average psychic ability, and can feel blocked around skeptics or people who are blocked in various ways.

Lost souls and dark entities

This is a big one, more common than most people realize, and often misunderstood. It’s important to clear your energy periodically. Burning sage can help, but for more stubborn energy, try our Spiritual Detox audio and, or the book Spiritual Clearings by Diana Burney. Her book will help you request help from numerous higher level spiritual helpers on the other side to clear spiritual garbage you may have picked up inadvertently (which is easy to do).


Food intolerances, health problems, chemicals in food and anything you put on your body, too much caffeine, too much junk food, too much sugar (even fruit sugar), and more can make you feel blocked. The more sensitive you are and the more psychic you are, the more these things can interfere.

Try using meditation daily for relaxation. After a period of time, when you feel more centered, ask for help from your guides of the Light, then focus on simple questions to get your confidence back. Having faith that you will know what you need to know, when you need to know it, will help to bridge the gap to helpful insight. In time, and with practice, you should be feeling more psychic.

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5 thoughts on “Is it Possible to Lose Your Psychic Ability?

  1. Julie

    An astrologer I use to go to who was really amazing at predictions but stopped doing readings because she was so drained by them told me that we have free will it’s just that we have already “chosen”… and that the chart is a map of what has “already” happened. I thought that was a good way to explain the concept that fate/destiny/free will are one and the same.

  2. Deborah

    I used to be extremely clairvoyant until I saw, in a dream, a young woman being murdered 2000 miles from me and had no one to tell. It was true, by the way. I was so horrified by what I saw, I pushed my ability way down, and haven’t been able to use it for years. Wish I could get it back.

  3. Alissa

    Do you think that anyone can develop clairvoyance and psychic ability? Or do you have to have a special gift that you were born with?

    1. admin Post author

      We believe it’s the same as any other talent; anyone can improve their natural ability but some are born with more talent in that area. We also believe psychic ability is a talent, not a gift, and like any talent, was developed in past lives.

  4. Sri Tulasi

    The psychic ability must be practiced under strict guidance. We Indians have fortunate enough for a very well developed science under the name of Astrology and Tantra. This is similar to Psychic in Western and leads to spirituality and liberation as ultimate.
    I agree with your post as I personally met many great astrologers in India and powerful tantra practitioners in real life.


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