What Never to do When Dumped and What to do Instead

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Anyone who has dated has probably been dumped. It happens even to the most eligible singles for various reasons.

We recently heard from a 29 year-old woman who said that her ex “should be” with her, and that she had paid a few spell-casters to work their magic and bring him back, but he still isn’t responding. She wanted to know what else she could do to change his mind.

We told her that it’s not her right to manipulate anyone, and using spiritual strong-arm techniques like love spells to control someone is abusing spiritual energy, will cause negative karma, and can invite nasty energy into your life.

It can be heartbreaking when someone leaves. However, there are magical techniques you can do to minimize the pain, not cause any negative karma, and if it’s destined, possibly repair your relationship.

Mystic’s Magic Formula

If you apply the Mystic’s Magic Formula, you will reach your goals if they are part of your predestined path. If they aren’t, your efforts are likely still part of your destiny, but may be more for a learning experience. Remember, the journey is often more important than the destination.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These steps are nondenominational; they can be used by anyone for all areas of life, no matter what religion or belief system you subscribe to.

1) Make time to consider your situation from a spiritual perspective. Review your assumptions and expectations and let them go.

Romantic love is nice, but it’s not the main purpose of relationships. Learning your lessons and working through your “good” and “bad” karma is. Also, remember that you likely have a long, hidden history with every person you become involved with, sometimes good, sometimes more challenging. This ancient history, if you care to explore it through meditation or past life regression, will shed light on why things worked out the way they did.

2) Accept what has happened, what is, and where you are (essential in order to move on).

If the person you want to be with is not interested, the best thing you can do to avoid excessive suffering is to accept their decision. Why in the world would you want someone who doesn’t want you? Also, once you accept and move on, you may find that they will perceive you in a better light.

3) Gratitude: express it for where you are, everything rewarding in your life that you have, and the good that will be, and strengthen your faith by continuing to emotionalize the desired, end result.

If there’s still a chance of saving the relationship, gratitude can work wonders. If there’s not, being grateful for new love in the future will too.

4) Invite help from your higher-self, guides of the Light and, or God.

Ask for help accepting the situation, repairing it if it’s destined, and, or moving on. Ask and you shall receive. Perhaps not always what you want, but usually what you need.

5) Calm your mind and fears and awaken your awareness through meditation.

6) What’s the next step? Ask this every step of the way and be open for clues.

7) Assume responsibility for yourself and your situation (no blaming).

8) Navigate your path with the tools available to you: numerology and astrology, meditation, past life regression, and graphology.

9) Do what you need to do, when you need to do it (and do “the right thing” in all situations).

When you follow these steps, you’ll initiate the right action at the right time and it will be for the highest good of all involved, resulting in more happiness, peace of mind, and a much more rewarding life.

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