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Make Your Relationship Even Better subliminal MP3 suggestions

I deserve a loving and compatible relationship.

I make quality time to spend with my partner.

I accept my partner unconditionally as they are.

I give unconditional love to my partner.

I am letting go of any blocks.

I am now choosing to learn and grow through joy.

In discussions, I relax, breath deeply, and calmly discuss the situation.

I discuss my needs calmly.

I’m open to my partner’s needs.

We create solutions together.

I tune into and listen to my partner.

I take responsibility for myself and my situation.

I have the self-discipline to listen to this recording every day.

I am now letting go of the past and releasing anyone who ever hurt me.

I am forgiving myself and everyone else.

I am loving my partner unconditionally.

I accept my partner as they are.

I express love and compassion to my lover in creative ways.

I love my partner for who they are.

I love and support my lover in every way I can.

I love and accept myself.

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