Modern Astrology Folly

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Predictive modern astrology and numerology commonly include transits (e.g., transiting Saturn in Virgo as we type this), secondary progressions, Universal Year (2009), solar return charts, and other basic cyclical timing methods that, by themselves, limit respectable levels of accuracy unless you have consistently strong psychic ability and use the esoteric sciences as touchstones only.

We’ve witnessed it over and over: Modern-method-favoring astrologers shroud their avoidance of predicting personal fate in oh-so-creative ballads, even pinning fate against free will (“Free will prevails if you have the courage to defeat fate”) to try and gloss over the truth that predestination exists.

It’s simple, we’ve found: free will exists, but you only have so much of it while incarnated on Earth.

Your soul makes certain choices in spirit form before you incarnate so that you must face key life circumstances that will enable you to grow spiritually.

Personal Adversity Exists

We believe this because our sophisticated systems of checks and balances involving innumerable cyclical timing methods, along with intuitive and past life regression work, clearly indicate that everyone incarnates with unique destined (and unchangeable), measurable levels of personal adversity.

Our credentials are the result of empirical research involving our work (clients, public figures, and people of all walks of life and real-world concerns) and we state our findings as theories; we (and anyone else) are unable to disprove them.

It’s Possible to Assess Life Circumstances

We’ve found it is possible to assess significant wealth, fame, abundant romantic life (and other areas of life), the opposite of all three, or anywhere in-between.

Modern Astrology Approach Example

Advising a client based on only one indicator, such as natal Mercury conjunct your Midheaven, is typical of the modern-astrological-method-based astrologer. They’ll say, “Mercury is conjunct the Midheaven, so that means livelihood involving communication, but it’s purely up to you if you’ll become an hourly employee or a $50,000 per speech famous orator.” They say this because exclusive reliance on overly-simplistic and subjective modern astrological methods doesn’t permit them to look more deeply into a person’s fate.

Then there are the modern astrologers who say things such as, “Let’s look at this from an ancient astrology perspective: Your Jupiter is very well-placed. Therefore, you are ‘royal’ and should enjoy high status and will win most of your life battles…” This type of surface and erroneous approach, misrepresenting the ancient science of astrology, would be laughable if it weren’t so destructive.

The Myth of “100% Free Will”

Relying exclusively on surface astrological and numerological methods could easily allow you to embrace the mistaken notion of having “complete free will (after incarnating).”

Worse, if you have the bad fortune of being advised by someone who embraces new and innovative modern astrological methods (read: destructively creative nonsense) and they use only these in their practice, you could easily, and incorrectly assume that you have 100% free will and nothing is destined. Your astrologer not being able to interpret personal fate doesn’t equate to you having “100% free will.”

We’ll be clear: no amount of “coming into your true path in life” will allow you, for example, to “create infinite abundance” if your personal financial fate dictates only modest finances.

Yes, it’s true, we’ve found that the majority on this planet are fated to live within modest to ordinary financial means, relative to their native society.

Surely you would rather have us truthfully state our findings instead of selling you snake oil? But don’t worry, our findings also indicate that a lot of the rewarding stuff in your life is destined too.

The Important Choices You Make Are Fated

The modern astrologers talk about “facing crossroads,” and deny that important “choices” a person makes in their life are also part of personal fate. If, for example, you like your job and employer a lot and they offer you a major promotion and more money with a relocation to New England from the Midwest, this isn’t “facing crossroads” as if you’re somehow redefining your personal fate by “choosing which way to go” since your choice is destined too. Even the tougher “choices” are predetermined, we’ve found.

How do we arrive at this conclusion? We see it over and over through our work; the specific “choices” people select ultimately involve circumstances down the road that show up in their comprehensive numerology and astrology charts or an intuitive reading that wouldn’t have been connected to the other “choice.”

Take it in stride when faced with a choice in life. The more you accept that you will make the right choice at the right time, the easier the process will be. Also accept that tough bouts of indecision, for example, are fated too. If everything in your life were a breeze, you wouldn’t evolve. Our findings tell us that if you follow such advice, you will be fulfilling your personal fate along with using your free will.

The Advantage of Accepting Predestination

Why are we so passionate about helping people understand personal fate and karma? Many may find the concepts unappealing at first, but once you comprehend the nature of life clearly, you’ll avoid wandering aimlessly down the foggy “anything is possible” New Age path and instead open up to aligning yourself with your unique life purpose. Also, besides knowing when to capitalize on your good karma (through comprehensive astrology and numerology or intuitive readings), you’ll be better prepared for future challenges to make the most of your life.

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