Modern Astrology Folly, part III

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Imagine, an astrologer (who is widely known and seen as an “authority” in modern astrology circles) tells you, “You have potential to be a famous actor. But if you don’t strive to become one in the right ways, you’ll wallow in obscurity.”

Translation: that astrologer is hedging his bets and making his refusal or inability to do accurate assessment of personal fate your problem, unfortunately.

No legitimate professional in this field boasts 100% accuracy. The best an analyst or reader can do is offer their perspective and if they happen to be wrong once in a while, that’s acceptable. But to shroud one’s advice in New Age political correctness to the point of making it impossible for anyone to get direct answers to their questions is irresponsible.

Our empirical studies tell us that if someone is destined to become a famous actor they are fated to become a famous actor and will become a famous actor. Also, if someone is destined to serve in a modest support role in the play of life, that’s what they will do, this time.

We’re all for using modern-focused methods such as transits, secondary progressions, solar and lunar returns, and the more funky, creative, newer techniques (even though we’ve found many of those to be pure nonsense), as a means to firm up an existing comprehensive analysis based on tried and true ancient methods. However, to put the bulk of the emphasis on the modern methods and philosophies only invites vast inaccuracies, our research has consistently shown us.

You Only live 100,000 Times or More

If you look at your life as the result of multitudes of lifetimes and not just one (“You only live once”), it makes more sense why some seem to “have all the luck” and some don’t. It’s how you view and handle your circumstances that really matters.

Don’t worry about missing that one right “choice” that could potentially make all your dreams come true. Fate doesn’t work that way. You can relax, because if it’s meant to be, it will be. Keep forging ahead, make informed decisions, follow your heart, do what you need to do, and you’ll get to where you’re fated to be.

Psychology, Consciousness, & Modern Whimsy

Modern astrologers say they are excited about the astrological developments during the last century or so. They name Jungian psychology (being mixed into the science of astrology) as “groundbreaking,” yet we’re convinced it’s largely a way to sidestep real issues, like personal adversity, including poverty, and other life concerns connected to personal fate. Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate psychology when it’s approached constructively, but not the way many modern astrologers abuse it. You can’t interpret the charts through fuzzy psychological thinking and expect valid results.

“Progression of consciousness…” is a way of claiming that times have changed to the point where “…multi-dimensionality alters our realities beyond stoic fatalism…” We feel that this view is completely false and a poor excuse to deny that predicting personal fate is possible. It’s pure subterfuge and typical of the sort of skewed creativity modern astrology promotes to mask the original purpose of astrology (prediction of personal fate), which isn’t as marketable and profitable in the New Age.

Herd Mentality and Modern Methods

Furthermore, having 1000s of practitioners of modern methods, some of whom periodically gather for conferences through the organizations to which they belong, means very little as far as credibility goes. They may all pay $50 or more each year to belong, but it only means that they all share similar beliefs (e.g., denial of personal fate), and that they all largely go along with one another’s radical astrological creativity.

There is an abundance of people who favor modern methods, just like there is an abundance of modern astrological entertainment, excuse us, literature, on the shelves of book stores (next to the trashy tabloid magazines). Why? Because they’re taking the easy way out, at your cost. What sells well doesn’t have to be valid, it only has to be appealing and poetic or sexy, according to the whims of modern demand. No wonder the New Age has a bad reputation.

In conclusion, we recommend you maintain a sharp sense of discernment in dealing with modern, New Age methods and have the courage to go against the grain of conventional thinking. In doing so, you’ll have a huge advantage in your quest for spiritual awareness.

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