The Truth About Money and Karma

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The truth about money and karma is buried in mountains of misinformation.

Those who reject and, or ridicule the concepts of karma and reincarnation will probably criticize some of what we write below. Regardless, we believe it is important to contrast some of the more popular misconceptions with what we perceive as the truth about money and karma based on our empirical research.

Myth #1: “Positive thinking and gratitude can make anything possible and change your money karma.”

Many New Agers believe this, thanks in part to the myths perpetuated in the best-selling book The Secret.

Unfortunately, our findings show that this is patently false. The truth about money and karma is that you can’t change karma, but you have free will to react to it.

Money karma is the result of your actions regarding money partly in this life, but mostly in past lives. Most people neglect to consider past lives in relation to karma or even at all, but we’ve found they are absolutely linked and you can’t have one without the other. Don’t believe in past lives? We recommend experiencing past life regression before tossing aside the theory. Otherwise, you’re basing your opinion on a limited understanding of the subject.

The good news is that a positive attitude, taking action assertively, efficiently, and wisely, and expressing a feeling of gratitude for what you have rather than dwelling on lack can somewhat influence your level of abundance and help you make the most of your karma and fated situations.

Myth #2: “It’s okay to steal from the rich to help the poor.”

The truth about money and karma is that stealing from someone will always cause you negative karma, no matter how rich that person is.

Myth #3: “If you’re born poor you’re being punished for past life actions.”

Karmic circumstances are never a punishment from a judgmental God or anyone else. Being born into a poor family may be related to negative past life actions having to do with money, but it’s usually not. Instead, the soul’s intention might be, in this particular lifetime, to learn more about discipline, scarcity, self-reliance or other matters, for example.

Myth #4: “Rich people are creating negative money karma for not sharing the wealth.”

The truth about money and karma is that being wealthy does not create negative karma, nor does not sharing your money with every person who is less fortunate.

Donating money to those truly in need and helping when you can, however, will create positive karma.

Myth #5: “Some people are just lucky to be born into a wealthy family because they did nothing to deserve it.

It may appear that way, but the truth about money and karma is that your life circumstances, even being born wealthy, are no accident.

A soul born into a rich family may not have done so to avoid having to experience scarcity, just like a soul born into a poor family may not have done so to experience scarcity. They may have chosen the situation mainly for other reasons, though he or she has likely earned it. For example, he lived through many lifetimes of sacrifice and hard work for little or no pay and has incarnated this time around to work on other karmic issues. Or, over several lifetimes, she finally worked out all her karma having to do with money, including the reprehensible lifetime in Asia as a thief, way back in history, ripping off everyone she could.

The truth about money and karma is that those who are complaining the loudest about “rich brats,” for instance, were very likely rich brats in past lives and abused their privilege. The scarcity they feel now was earned from irresponsibility in previous lives and they are creating even more negative karma now by condemning the rich.

We understand the frustration over not having enough money. Many people work very hard and don’t overspend, yet they still can’t get ahead due to unplanned expenses.

Instead of comparing yourself to people who have more, you’re better off focusing on feeling grateful for what you do have. If you have a place to sleep and never go hungry, you are richer than many people in the world.

The truth about money and karma is that everyone is on a different path, each person’s spiritual back-story isn’t always obvious, and it’s best to express compassion and acceptance rather than judgment since everyone has their own unique set of challenges to deal with.

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5 thoughts on “The Truth About Money and Karma

  1. Daniel Corbett

    The problem is that people will never truly relate to each other unless they have ALL (without exception) experienced being both poor AND rich. Knowing how to use wealth wisely !! Even within families so World will never know TRUE peace until there is fairness. Sadly I never hear any leaders inc Dalai Lama say this ! Its 2014. Wake up

    1. admin Post author

      Daniel, our findings show that there will never be absolute peace on this planet due to the fact that polar opposites will always exist in this dimension (e.g., hot/cold, love/hate, positive/negative, and so on) and because tyrants will always exist. “Fairness” already exists. Life is perfectly fair, according to the theories of reincarnation, karma, and predestination.

  2. Jonathan Thomas

    We reap what we sow. We choose what to sow (give) God chooses how much of it we will reap and when.

    Example 1: You give someone $100 and God later blesses you with a job that brings in $10,000

    Example 2: You show one small act of Love to a man/woman and end up getting married and falling deep deep in Love together

    The same goes for the negative but I like to focus on the positive.

  3. Jesus Christ

    Compete bullshit Karma. One life has enough wisdom to teach anyone the world is an unfair place. There is not a cat in hells chance many would want to relive a life less fortune than others. One life, one death and earth is gone for good with your lifes experiences. One thing is for sure I wont be returning to earth even for a golden pig or any amount of anything.

    1. admin Post author

      The world does seem unfair, until you understand how reincarnation works. It’s important to realize that your personality doesn’t choose difficult circumstances, your soul does, before “you” incarnate, in order to learn and grow.


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