Numerology–Everyone Has Master Numbers Part I

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Master Numbers originated due to pattern recognition; these numbers, time and time again, are directly associated with patterns relating to extraordinary circumstances.

The modern numerology Day of Birth and Life Path are but two factors where Master Numbers show up. Dig deep enough in the comprehensive patterns, and you find that everyone has at least some Master Numbers, and typically several.

Some people have a much higher than average amount of Master Numbers and are frequently seen as unique, or downright freakish, relative to societal norms.

Master Numbers show up in personality patterns, timing patterns, or both. They are always active in some way, but are symbolically strengthened by related collective, personal timing. Collective timing is comprised of hundreds of indicators forming patterns; corroborating patterns intensify the related energy, making it a symbolically dominant force.

Below we outline typical energies associated with each Master Number 11 through 44.


In the highest form, the number 11 represents channeling divine messages from the other side. Fortunate is the audience of the individual with potent and balanced 11 for she will relay truths to you without hesitation. But you must be ready to accept the blatant honesty; it’s very common for those with 11 to be shunned due to others refusing to acknowledge the truth. The number 11 in its highest form symbolizes prophetic talent, vision, and unusual spiritual awareness that can make others who are firmly rooted in mundane matters very uncomfortable.

Those with heavy 11 may endure nagging physical ailments and are frequently sensitive to negative astral influences, electromagnetic interference, and psychic attacks. 11 is far from mundane and always half on the other side. Thus, those with lots of 11 tend to be very idealistic. It’s not their fault; imagine visiting the most beautiful enchanted forest filled with exotic flowers and foliage. Then imagine being stuck in a dreadfully hot, lifeless desert, in a sandstorm. This is the contrast those with heavy 11 must face. The enchanted forest is the other side, or higher planes—being half on the other side they sense this—and the lifeless desert are the mundane dimensions on planet Earth. Of course, there are beautiful forests on planet Earth, but the beauty of the higher, other-dimensional planes are exponentially more exquisite.

“From hence, no question, has sprung an observation… confirmed now into a settled opinion, that some long experienced souls in the world, before their dislodging, arrive to the height of prophetic spirits.” –Desiderius Erasmus


22 is an unusual number because it’s half on the other side, but it’s also very stable in the mundane world; it offers the best of both worlds.

As with all numbers, there is a balanced, under-balanced, and over-balanced side to the number 22. The negative side of the 22 includes working in conjunction with demons, international crime, and neurosis.

Anything that took an enormous amount of talent to create and is masterfully built, for example, is symbolic of the number 22. Examples include a super-highway, a skyscraper, a successful international business like Apple, a masterfully written and performed song or a masterfully written book (though both can also be representative of the number 11), the Roman Empire, Stonehenge, and the Great Pyramid. 22 is far-reaching, materially rewarding, and it endures.

“’The Christmas Song,’ by Nat King Cole, is not only a masterful performance; to me it just sounds like the holidays. I’ve never sung it, because Nat’s version is so perfect. I gotta leave it alone.” –Harry Connick, Jr.


Those with strong 33 energy are unparalleled teachers and healers. 33 is the power of love, and the Christ vibration, in that it embodies the highest forms of compassion and unconditional love. It’s also a wonderful vibration for finances and tangible, non-spiritual matters.

If you happen to have 33 firmly represented in your collective timing patterns (with corroborating factors), and are looking for a new love relationship, you will likely experience an exceedingly rewarding relationship.

However, the downside of 33 is excessive idealism, great sacrifice, and the inability to accept things as they are, which ushers in lasting disappointment.

“I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.” –Lao Tzu


Similar to 22, 44 is a fantastic material vibration. Those with strong 44 are masters of empowering, commanding, and directing others, making the most of their resources, and accumulating abundance. Typically, the 44 also relates to unmatched physical strength and stamina.

The downside of the 44 is linked to tyranny, organized crime, abuse of power, and extreme passive-aggressive behavior.

Blessed are those who benefit from the wide-reaching, masterfully applied use of power symbolized by the 44.

“The power of choosing good and evil is within the reach of all.” –Origen

Everyone has at least some Master Numbers. Thus, you have at least some non-mundane energy and a connection to the other side, which you can use to your advantage to make the most of your life.

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