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Numerology Decoder Software

Ideal for novices and experts, personality analysis and prediction

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$44.95 Numerology Decoder Software and Time Cycle Decoder Software Download
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a.numbanner2We’ve created this helpful numerology software that will allow you to benefit from our years of numerology study.

We understand if you’re skeptical of numerology. We were very skeptical that numerology could forecast probabilities, future trends and even “sure things.” It took us many years to be convinced of the validity of the science of numerology. Scott was so intrigued with numerology that he made it his life’s work, combining it with his astrology and graphology skills in his consultancy practice. Learn some of his secrets with this easy to use software.

As identical twins born minutes apart, numerology along with graphology and comprehensive astrology are the only occult or metaphysical sciences we’ve found that can offer pages and pages of differences between us. We have studied twins through in-depth numerology and astrology and have found numerology to be superior in more readily defining many distinct personality differences without having to examine the depths of the comprehensive astrology charts.

Although this software isn’t as complex as Scott’s proprietary systems of analysis, we guarantee you’ll gain great insight about anyone’s personality and timing using this program, especially in conjunction with meditation and other spiritual disciplines. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

We’ve been studying number mysticism and comprehensive numerology since 1992, and it has given us tremendous clarity about ourselves, others, and the world we live in.

Benefits of Numerology Decoder Software:

  • The simplified, yet wide ranging collection of numerology personality and timing aspects in Numerology Decoder software gives you a fantastic understanding of character and time cycles through the science of numerology.
  • Numerology Decoder software is easy to use, even if you have no experience with numerology.
  • You’ve heard that “timing is everything.” Work WITH instead of AGAINST your personal time cycles (we all have our own unique numerological cycles that represent the themes, conditions, probable events and fated circumstances of our lives). You’ll learn how to figure out your time cycles and tap into favorable time periods. Just as you know to plant your garden in spring, you’ll know when to initiate the right action at the right time for the most success.
  • Numerology Decoder Software is not a generalized “report-generator” that drowns you in endless pages of general narrative, but precise “calculation” software enabling you to develop your intuitive knowledge of anyone by skimming and briefly analyzing the charts that you effortlessly bring up on your computer simply by entering someone’s full name and birth data. With Numerology Decoder Software, you can get relevant, timeless numerology calculations in an organized, easy to read and understand format.
  • You’ll get a good understanding of anyone’s core personality, including strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and desires.
  • 90-Day 100% money-back guarantee.

This is the only numerology software that gives you as many as three different calculation methods for each aspect, all at once, without having to switch the program into a different mode, enabling you to read on more than one level.

Additionally, this software correctly calculates Karmic Debt and Master Numbers, allowing you to know for sure who has them and who does not (information about these numbers is included with purchase).

With Numerology Decoder Software you’ll be able to easily identify and follow many of your important personal time cycles. In learning the esoteric science of numerology, you will be able to, in time, get an idea of when…

  • You will be more likely to fall in love and when you won’t.
  • You will get attention and when you will not.
  • Your focus will be pulled toward work and when it will be directed towards your social life.
  • You will feel more emotional and when you will open your heart.
  • Your personal power will be at a peak and when you will feel the most vulnerable.
  • Your money-making potential will be high and when it will instead be a time for more a more cautious approach.
  • Things will happen fast, or when they will take forever to unfold.
  • No matter what you try will result in delays, unexpected endings, or even failure.
  • The best times to push forward to make things happen.
  • You will have the most opportune time to begin important projects and endeavors and when you are in a “nothing started now lasts” type of timing.
  • You will encounter endings, rewarding and challenging, and much more.

$44.95 Numerology Decoder Software and Time Cycle Decoder Software Download This software is instant access and easily downloaded. We do not sell CDs of this software, but you may download it onto a blank CD. With proof of purchase you may also request a free replacement of the download in the future.

System Requirements for Numerology Software Operating System: PC with Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 10, or above. Processor: Pentium 200 MHz or faster, or equivalent. Disk Space: at least 10MB free space on system drive. Macs, with modifications, are capable of running Windows files, but we recommend Mac software that will enable you to more easily run Windows software, such as ($23.95), Parallels, or Virtual PC.

What is needed for a good numerology software program:

  1. Reliability of chart calculations, and ease and speed of use for novices and experts.
  2. Accurate calculation of Karmic Debt and Master Numbers, using the most time-honored, precise methods. It’s important to employ the most dependable methods if you’re striving for higher precision in your analyses.
  3. An easy to use adjunct program (such as the Time Cycle Decoder software–free with purchase of Numerology Decoder software), which gives you an easy to examine collection of both Universal and Personal time cycles.
  4. Ability to quickly become acquainted with the chart format and significance of the meaning of each position of the basic chart.
  5. Ability to easily and conveniently create and save notes on any given chart, and later effortlessly access them as you review the chart.
  6. Up to three different calculation methods, giving you more than one level from which to read for greater insight and accuracy.
  7. Affordability.

We wanted to offer a tool that would allow others to benefit from our years of numerology study, and our Numerology Decoder Software is the result.

Numerology is the scientific and philosophical study of numbers and their connection to human personality and time cycles.

Most who have objectively and consistently used comprehensive astrology, numerology, and other esoteric sciences over time come to understand that numerology is the most accurate “ology” for prediction and forecasting.

At similar levels of comprehensiveness/depth, numerology is more personable and offers higher levels of accuracy than astrology.

Click here to see a sample Numerology Decoder Software profile/chart. Don’t worry if it looks complicated; you’ll receive complete instructions that explain how easy it is to use and understand. (Sample profile/chart opens with Adobe Reader. Download a free copy of Adobe Reader here:

Click here for a list of other advantages of the Numerology Decoder Software.

“I was skeptical of your products, but something told me to go ahead and purchase the package anyway. I’m glad I did. I really like how easy the numerology decoders are to use and that they give me so much information about each person I plug into them.” -S.D., Phoenix, AZ
“I’m certainly not psychic, yet have amazed my boyfriend and myself with what I can find out about my (and his!) future with these tools! It’s money well spent. Blessings.” -A.C., NYC

Also included with your purchase of Numerology Decoder Software at NO EXTRA COST:
Time Cycle Decoder Software

“What’s the difference between Time Cycle Decoder Software and Numerology Decoder Software?” Time Cycle Decoder Software does not feature numerological personality aspects and as many timing aspects as the Numerology Decoder Software, but it does feature some very important personalized short-term timing aspects in a convenient calendar format; perfect to assist with short-range scheduling and planning. Just glance at the timing aspects in the calendar format to see if the timing for the day/week/month/year is ideal (in your favor) for what you’re planning!

Time Cycle Decoder Software Features:

  • Fast, accurate calculations.
  • Calendar format allows you to see all relevant time cycles for any day of the year.
  • Personal Year, Personal Month, Personal Day, 6-hour Cycles and Universal Year and Month are all shown for any person’s chart at the click of a button (these important time cycles are all explained in the information you’ll receive).
  • An entire month’s aspects are displayed on one page in a calendar format allowing you to take it all in at once.
  • Charts can be printed or saved to disk/your computer.
  • Arrow keys on the toolbar allow you to jump ahead or behind as many months as you want, enabling you to know the exact timing of any month or day for anyone.
  • “Info. Record” allows you to make notes on each chart and then save them to disk/your computer.
  • Print only the page you are viewing at once.
  • Print as many months of calculations as you want for any one person.

The issue of accuracy with psychics: Even the best psychics do not have 100% accurate predictions. Good psychics often get the types of events and circumstances right, but their predictions are frequently off by months or years. They often get the “what” right, but not the “when.” Seasoned numerologists, on the other hand, offer more exact timing with their empirical scientifically proven charting systems. Time and time again, respected analysts correctly forecast when a desired event will and won’t happen.

More details about Numerology Decoder Software and Time Cycle-Decoder Software

$44.95 Numerology Decoder Software and Time Cycle Decoder Software Download This software is instant access and easily downloaded. We do not sell CDs of this software, but you may download it onto a blank CD. With proof of purchase you may also request a free replacement of the download in the future.

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