Reincarnation: The Past Lives of 12 Celebrities

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After employing past life regression techniques for our own benefit and others for over 20 years, we frequently perceive spontaneous flashes of insight related to past lives without having to do a formal regression.

How do we know the insight is authentic? We cannot bring forth related physical evidence, of course, but what we perceive to be authentic past life recall tends to be accompanied by strong emotion and seems very fitting after giving it some thought.

Below are what we have perceived to be select past lives of celebrities.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were black singers and entertainers in the 1940s and 1950s. They worked hard and were very talented, but were overlooked in part, due to their skin color. This life is a reward for them in terms of career success.

Madonna actually was Eva Peron, the woman she portrayed in Evita. Actors are drawn to roles they’ve lived in past lives. Also, in a different lifetime, Madonna was likely the opposite of her current persona: in a position of religious power, she condemned those who expressed their sexuality. Part of her dharma in this lifetime was to help reverse the damage that she inflicted upon society with her narrow-minded views.

Leonardo DiCaprio was a noble who was unjustly imprisoned to solitary confinement, and had other related lifetimes where he wasn’t allowed to live or enjoy life. All he could do was daydream away the pain, about what could be, which helped lead him to where he is in this life.

Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones had many, many incarnations as a laboring musician who always worked hard, developing his iron will and thirst for success, which finally earned the good karma involving this lifetime. Our impression is that there was also a recurring theme of being incarcerated or otherwise restricted, and this lifetime involves over-balancing in the other direction–abuse of freedom, sensual gratification, and excess.

Brad Pitt was a wild west gun-slinger and bank robber.

Robert Downy Jr was a 1920s silent film star. Early death due to over-indulgence.

Drew Barrymore was also a star in silent films.

Shirley MacLaine worked against the belief of reincarnation in a past life as Empress Theodora (or someone a lot like her), who in 451 A.D., influenced the removal of all references to reincarnation from the Bible. Fortunately, in this life she has made up for that by going public, “Out on a Limb,” with her spiritual experiences and beliefs.

Tina Turner has had many, many lifetimes where she developed her personal power to a tremendous degree almost like a sorceress, wielding magic. We sense very strong spiritual power like that of an adept, well beyond the typical entertainer.

Any outspoken, ill-informed, biased celebrity (take your pick) who mainly complains and attacks rather than offering any solid, rational solutions or using their position of power for good. Projection is their game and the targets of their wrath are mirrors for how they were in past lives. The louder someone complains about something, the more likely it is they were a trouble-maker on the opposing side in past lives.

Donald Trump and President Clinton were French Royalty, possibly during the Renaissance. President Clinton was extravagant, as was common in those times for royalty, and Mr. Trump was a successful merchant.

How are your past lives influencing your present life? Even if you interpret them as subconscious metaphors, past life exploration can go a long way toward self-discovery.

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