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Prepare For a Great Relationship subliminal MP3 suggestions

I am becoming ready for a compatible relationship.

I am now choosing to learn and grow through joy.

Every day my discipline is increasing.

I am preparing myself, on all levels, for a loving and compatible relationship.

I have time for the right person.

I am becoming aware of and dissolving any relationship blocks.

I  am in the right place at the right time to meet compatible love relationship possibilities.

When I see someone I want to meet, I relax, make eye contact, smile, and talk casually.

I easily dismiss rejection and let it go.

I am flexible in love matters.

I have the self-discipline to listen to this recording every day.

My heart now opens to accept love.

I am discerning in love matters.

I am now letting go of the past and anyone who ever hurt me.

I accept the past is over.

I am letting go of any exes.

I now forgive myself and everyone else.

I am now ready to love another unconditionally.

I take action to meet the people I want to meet.

I am drawn towards those who are compatible, and I avoid those who are not.

I am friendly and people are drawn to me.

I am self-confident and self-assured.

Each day I improve what I can and accept what I can’t change.

I love and accept myself.

I now accept love.

I am learning to enjoy being single.

I am finding the hidden joys of being single.

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