Explanations For Psychic Visions

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We received this inquiry recently:

“Just what is a psychic looking at? How do they ‘see’ the future? What in the world are they looking at? Where do they get their information about things 30 years in the future about people who were not even born yet?”

As professional mystics, we readily spot psychic talent and have met many excellent psychics over the past 25+ years. We’ve also encountered some sham psychics. There are frauds in every industry, so it’s wise to do your own objective research about the topic before you form a strong opinion.

The concept of supernaturally perceiving hidden details about your or someone’s past, present, and future takes some getting used to. But once you’re comfortable with it, either doing it yourself or consulting with a pro, the insight you gain can be indispensable, saving you time, money, and heartache.

But just where does the psychic insight come from? Below we list three possible explanations of prophetic perceptions, whether by visions, hearing, tasting, or simply knowing.

1) The person having the psychic impressions is tapping into the other side, an other-dimensional source.

For instance, the person is tapping into the subject’s super-conscious (or higher-self, soul-self), or the Akashic Records, where all information about the past, present, and future is stored. It comes in very handy to automatically perceive the true meaning and sometimes intention and back-story behind people’s words. Another source is spiritual guides who serve as fact-check auditors. These methods work well for us both, but being “on” and sometimes “elsewhere” for most of our waking hours tends to undermine our everyday lives.

We’ve known many psychics who are very skilled at psychically reading individuals, but very few, if any, who are consistently accurate with mundane predictions, such as earthquakes and terrorist attacks. Why? In part, because cities or states don’t have higher-selves to tune into.

Psychic perception of the future isn’t about knowing everything. Instead, it’s similar to remembering an event from your past like a holiday dinner or vacation; you won’t recall every single detail, but do remember the basics and the overall feeling.

Our belief is that at least 75% of the core events and conditions in your life are fated (or destined, predetermined, predestined–these words all have the same meaning). The 25% category includes information the psychic may pick up that never transpires.

The difficulty with accessing the future is that it’s often a challenge to frame the timing. To the person having the extrasensory vision, it may appear to be a circumstance only two years in the future, yet may not really take place until ten or more years from now. Comprehensive astrology and numerology greatly assist to define the timing of the life occurrence.

2. The psychic is reading your mind. It’s possible you have a belief about how your future is going to go, the psychic perceives that, and mistakes your mental impressions for prophesy. However, we believe this is not nearly as common as option number one above.

Keep in mind that many psychics are extremely sensitive to their environments. Thus, if you are anxious, unsettled and, or very skeptical, for example, they are going to pick up on that and it could have a detrimental effect on the session.

3. The reader makes a wild guess, and miraculously hits the mark. Seriously though, the odds of accurately foretelling your path in life, including specific years you’ll encounter key events, and even some of the distinct details are slim to none. In our experience, the skeptics who claim that psychics are guessing, making it up, or otherwise bluffing, have never experienced authentic psychic readings.

Ultimately, our view is that discerning personal fate is a matter of having access to hidden information, the truth of the matter, whether it’s by pure extrasensory talent, astrological and numerological charting and, or through other means. We believe psychic talent is largely inborn, yet you can cultivate and fine-tune what you innately possess.

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