Four Frequently Asked Questions of Psychics

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“Who was I in my past life?”

Which past life? Most people alive today, in our findings, have had many past lives (we’ve perceived 100s of our own). It would help to narrow down which past life you want to know about, such as one in relation to how you knew a certain person or why you have a specific interest or conflict.

Incidentally, human civilization goes back much further than recorded history on this planet, as evidenced by numerous artifacts (not to mention human remains from over a million years ago) found over the past several hundred years that don’t belong to any known historical cultures. There is also the possibility of lifetimes on other planets and in other dimensions. In all, your experiences incarnating into physical form could feasibly have spanned millions of years thus far.

Even if you don’t choose to believe in past lives, you can still benefit from the insight if you perceive it as subconscious metaphors to help advance your understanding, healing, and love.

You can perceive your past lives, with practice and discipline, through meditation and dreams. Past life self-regression is also an option, which can be done safely and privately with an effective audio.

It’s almost as if your higher-self is constantly noting every iota of your behavior, trailing behind you with video camera, audio, and even thought impression tracking. That record stays with you permanently and you’ll be forced to balance it, but often not until future lifetimes.

No matter who you were before or what you did or didn’t do, don’t fret. Everyone has been the bad guy, multiple times. What matters most, since you can’t alter your existing karma without balancing it directly, is to conduct yourself the right way now, in this life, all the time.

By the way, our work has shown us that everyone has had lifetimes as other races, nationalities, with varied economic backgrounds, etc. Everyone has a lot more in common with each other on this planet than it may seem, and your current life mirrors your past lives more than you may realize.

As far as who you’ve known in past lives, it’s likely you’ve known most of the people in your life today. If you are close to someone now, whether it be family, friends, or lovers, the connection was likely similar in past lives. For example, if you have a good relationship with your sister, she could have been a good friend in a past life. Or your neighbor now may have been your neighbor in Paris in the 1700s.

Note: Not all “unfortunate” current life situations are the result of negative karma from prior lives. Your soul chose the major themes and situations in your life in order for you to learn and understand, thus spiritually progress. Life’s rough patches, the trials and tests you regularly endure, offer perfect opportunities to “get it right” and advance.

“When will I get pregnant?”

We’ve heard this question from many women, usually after they’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while. Some mention how they’ve spent a fortune on medical assistance.

The wisdom of the book “The Cure For All Diseases” by Dr. Hulda Clark involves cleansing and healing the body naturally, without drugs or surgery, which can enhance fertility and increase the likelihood of becoming pregnant. It’s a great source to help you heal various health problems.

Caution: Dr Clark’s methods (which have no side effects) are controversial because they are holistic-based and if your doctor isn’t familiar with non-traditional healing modalities, he’s likely to reject them.

Our delineation and predictive work allow us to perceive when someone is more likely to have or adopt children. But it’s important to realize that the right souls come to mothers and, or fathers whether the baby is conceived by them or adopted. In other words, spiritually speaking, how the child arrives is less important and people will be parents or caretakers to the kids with whom they are meant to interact no matter what path they take.

“How can I develop my (psychic abilities)?”

The most effective ways to develop your psychic abilities involve practice and meditation. Regular meditation will increase your psychic ability, as will asking for clear, obvious insight in your dreams (and to remember it when you wake up) before you go to sleep. Writing down your questions before sleep and then what you remember of your dreams as soon as you wake up each morning will also help.

“What should I do for a career?”

Sometimes it’s a necessary part of one’s path to go through the (sometimes very lengthy) process of considering all options and arriving at a conclusion, or stepping stone, on one’s own.

One way to start narrowing down your options for the most fitting career is to write a detailed list of your fantasy job including tasks, skills, hours, days, responsibilities, what your coworkers are like, what your boss is like, etc. Be creative, yet realistic, and focus on your strengths. Think about your favorite areas of interest and hobbies and go from there. What makes your heart sing? What are you happiest doing? What is your passion and what can you do that’s related to it that would serve yourself and others?

Keep asking yourself, “Where and what is my next place in the world?” until you receive clues or guidance. Meditation will also help you a lot with your new career path every step of the way.

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