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canstockphoto8000735Removing ghosts from homes and clearing people of negative energy for over 20 years has taught us that these problems are much more common than most people realize.

A ghost is a spiritual fragment or soul of someone whose body has died. For various reasons, it remained earthbound instead of going to the “Light.”

10 Signs There May be a Ghost in Your Home:

  1. A feeling of being watched
  2. Young children seeing people that you can’t
  3. Unexplained sounds or voices
  4. Things disappearing
  5. Flickering lights or electronics turning on or off by themseleves
  6. Unexplained shadows
  7. Nightmares
  8. Pets acting oddly
  9. Unexplained cold or hot spots or smells
  10. An unexplained urge to drink, do drugs, smoke, or overeat

Sometimes a ghost or spirit can attach to your energy field and negatively influence your thoughts and feelings.

The good news is that there’s no reason to be fearful when you know what to do to remove a ghost.

You can remove a ghost, help it go to the Light, and help yourself with these seven steps.

Another option is our Spiritual Detox™ MP3 MP3 or free Spiritual Detox™ Script which will help you clear yourself and your space.

If you’re feeling depressed, angry, fearful, or having a tough time quitting bad habits and addictions,
Spiritual Detox™ can help.

We’ve created this special audio recording so you can clear and protect yourself, your home, your office, and your loved ones whenever you feel the need.

Please note:
The Spiritual Detox™ MP3, the free Spiritual Detox™ Script, and, or the steps above will help tremendously in most situations. However, intense demonic energy or demonic possession is more complicated and may require the assistance of a spirit releasement or depossession specialist.

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Share your story about a ghost, lost soul, spirit attachment, or dark energy below.

One thought on “Remove a Ghost

  1. Mary Jayne Herfurth

    I have many ghost stories, but I will talk about two of them. One occurred after my husband and I moved into our present home. It was a real fixer-upper at the time, and one of many problems was the timer on the oven was broken. One evening we had some dinner guests, and one of them asked if I had encountered any spirits. I said that I did, but she stayed outside. Later on, as we got ready for bed, I heard a funny buzzing sound. I got to the kitchen and went to the stove, where the timer was buzzing away! I think it was the female spirit letting me know she could come in if she wanted to.

    Several years ago, my niece and I spent two nights at The Myrtles in St. Francisville, Louisiana. It is reported to be an extremely haunted house. It did not disappoint! When I first walked into our room, I asked out loud if it would be okay if we stayed for a couple of days and that we would respect the house and grounds. I also asked if “they” would make sure that we had a good night’s sleep. We slept well with no disturbances. In the morning, I was in the bathroom which was down the hall from our room. I heard the door knob jiggle and thought it was my niece. When I opened the door and saw no one, I called out to her. She popped her head out from our room way AT THE FAR END OF THE HALL. No way to have hidden that quickly. That evening, we explored outside and then went to bed about 11:30. I forgot to ask again for a restful night. At 12:00, a loud pop sounded from inside the wall by our bed. It sounded like a large roman candle had exploded inside the wall. Then we heard rustling from where our shopping bags were, because they all had tissue paper in them. But every time I raised up to look, I didn’t see anything. That went on most of the night. Our suitcases were on the floor because there was nowhere to put them. We both slept fitfully. My semi-asleep states that came and went felt weird. Below me I could hear what sounded to be a dinner party, with lots of different voices murmuring along with the usual dinner sounds. In my mind I could see a hazy picture of what might have been going on. In the morning, I got up, and the first thing I saw was our suitcases, which had been pilfered in, and our clothes were all messed up! Someone seemed particularly interested in our bras. We were never frightened but felt we were on high alert at night, whereas in the daytime, things felt calmer. I would go again!


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