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Scott Petullo:

Scott helps his clients gain precious insight about character, compatibility, and the approximations of specific future events and circumstances by using a complex system of multiple checks and balances based on handwriting analysis, and comprehensive astrology and numerology.

You don’t believe in astrology and numerology? Scott doesn’t believe in the astrology and numerology you’ve been exposed to either. His work goes infinitely beyond the astrology and numerology trivialities (e.g., “horoscopes”) most people are familiar with; Over 500 key, time-tested indicators exist in his systems of analysis to give you assessments with excellent accuracy rates.

Scott’s Specialties: personality and compatibility assessment; delineation of your life purpose, the phases of your career, and the particulars and stages of your love life; the timing of transitions, new launches, business negotiations and acquisitions; the duration prospects involving events and partnerships, and much more.

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Stephen Petullo:

Stephen is a natural medium and channel and possesses the ability to simply “know” and discern truth as it relates to spirituality and people’s lives. He uses a brief summary of a situation by email or voice, and a person’s birthday, a picture, or tarot as a trigger for his clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient abilities and often “sees” or simply “knows” relevant information. He has been doing intuitive readings professionally since 1996.

His experience as a matchmaker during the 1990s of directly observing the successes and trials of countless singles and couples greatly expanded his awareness about human character and love life realities.

Stephen’s specialty: Stephen mostly gets insight in short and concise flashes. His readings are direct and to the point.

Intuitive Reading: Get insight about a question or issue. What will be with a certain person, a specific situation, or other pressing issues? When will (fill in the blank) happen for you?

Love Life Analysis and Makeover: Transform your love life with the help of Stephen’s matchmaking experience and intuitive insight.

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